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Comment Re: He wanted to make sure he wouldn't be let go.. (Score 1) 192

I get that, but then he reasonably should have already been looking for other work already, and it rightly wouldn't have mattered if there were actually plans to let him go or not that he otherwise didn't know about since he would be intent on leaving as soon as he finds something else anyways.

Comment Re: He wanted to make sure he wouldn't be let go.. (Score 1) 192

There's countless reasons why you don't tell people ahead of time,

Sure, but there's fewer reasons to not tell them if they actually ask. Again, if you cannot trust the employer to be honest with you about the security of your position when directly asked about the matter, then you probably should not be working for them in the first place

Comment Re:Easy math (Score 1) 458

How os that supposed to game anything? If you share a bedroom with someone, then that person is considered your SO for purposes of welfare. You can't game that because it's not remotely advantageous for collecting welfare when your SO is expected to support you before you can collect welfare.

Comment Re: He wanted to make sure he wouldn't be let go.. (Score 1) 192

If you are giving your two week notice, then you should already have another job lined up anyways... so that's not a problem. You would be available to start the job as soon as you tell your employer, and you could collect two weeks of extra pay while you work for someone else earning money there as well.

Comment Re:Easy math (Score 1) 458

I'm not sure how that games anything.... when it comes to welfare, you aren't eligible if your SO makes more than a certain amount, and if you share a bedroom with a person, then welfare considers that person your SO. Regardless of their gender, regardless of yours, and regardless of any claims that you might make that you are not married.

Also, you can't collect welfare while you are going to school. There's student loans for that.

Comment Re: Robots are good (Score 1) 276

Supply is one variable. Delivered cost is another

Only if the provider is interested in passing along savings to the consumer. With essential goods like food and housing, the provider has no incentive to do this since the demand is going to be there regardless of how much they charge, and improved technology that cuts the provider's costs only results in higher profit margins for them rather than reduced costs for the consumer. At best, it only slows down the rate of inflation for those goods, but does not decrease their cost.

Comment Re:Easy math (Score 1) 458

It doesn't matter if the person is actually your SO or not, welfare automatically treats them as such if you share a bedroom with a person. Anything you may say to contradict this with regards to your sexuality or even the gender of the person with whom you share a bedroom is irrelevant. I knew someone that this happened to.

Comment Re:Easy math (Score 1) 458

NIce try... but you'd have to live apart for that to fly. Provincial welfare here considers you "married" the instant you move in with anyone with whom you share a bedroom. Any claims you try to make that you are not married, regardless of any claims about your sexuality, gender or that of the person with whom you share a bedroom, will fall on deaf ears

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 1) 458

In nature noone owns anything

False, in nature, you own whatever you possess as long as nobody has the ability to take it from you at the time. If both criteria are not present, then you do not own it... the second point can sometimes be hard to meet, but it is definitely not impossible in many cases. It is entirely possible to own something in nature at one time and not at another if circumstances surrounding either possession or the ability to take it from you ever change.

Comment Re: Robots are good (Score 1) 276

No... supply exceeding demand makes things cheaper. Self-checkouts, for instance do not offer any savings to consumers that use them over using a checkout with a human teller, for instance.

Automation only comes into play at possibly making things more affordable because it may make large enough supplies possible in certain industries, particularly in the area of luxury items, but the possibility of such an increase in supply does not translate to every industry.

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