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Comment Re:Now is the time to sue them (Score 1) 409

No.. the reason I would suspect that could not win is not because Microsoft is so rich, but because they would not be able to show that Microsoft was contriving to break their application in the first place. This isn't because that's not what Microsoft is doing, but because it is doing so at such a pace that to suggest that they are at this juncture is naught but speculation (even if it does turn out to be true, which I expect it will). The advantage of bringing this up in court now is that Microsoft would have to make formal arguments that they are not currently being abusive, and these arguments would limit their options to do so later, whereas waiting until they actually are will be simply too late, and the damage done will be utterly irrecoverable. The disadvantage is that with absolutely no sustainable case at the present time (even though I believe that it is almost certainly true, I know of no objectively valid basis to suggest that it would be), I fear that doing this could be inferred as a deliberate attempt to manipulate the court system into furthering a company's agenda for its own profit, rather than using the court system to achieve a just ruling (because justice does not generally consider events which have not yet happened), and Valve could end paying punitive damages for wasting the court's time.

Comment EXACT location? (Score 1) 107

Like, including what floor you happen to be on in an apartment building?

... uses your Wi-Fi, GPS and cell tower information to pinpoint exactly where you are

None of that contains any information about altitude. While it is technically possible to measure altitude as well and relay that, you cannot do so with enough anywhere close enough precision to get the exact floor of a building that you happen to be on if you live in an apartment building.

Land lines still rule for emergency services immediately knowing exactly where you are.

Comment Re:If the message is intercepted and not delivered (Score 1) 147

If you are expecting a message, and do not receive, it, then how would your VOIP being hacked stop you from noticing? You might not realize that your VOIP has been hacked, but how could you not notice that you didn't receive the message?

If the message is intercepted while it is being delivered, but is still otherwise delivered normally while a copy is saved elsewhere, I can see that being a problem, because the recipient gets no cues that interception is occurring. But that's not what I was talking about... the article talked about the problem of messages being intercepted and then *NOT* being delivered, which I would imagine is not going to be a serious problem.

Comment Re:Try again. (Score 1) 93

No... just law enforcement.

I had once thought that this was because of a provincial court ruling that ordered them to do so, but I've been told since that this was not the case, so I can't say I'm entirely sure what would have happened if they had made any real attempt to argue against it. Perhaps they didn't feel it was worth the fight, particularly if they thought they would only lose anyways.

I fully agree with your main point, however.

Comment Re:Now is the time to sue them (Score 1) 409

While I like this idea in general, the biggest problem with it is that Valve would need to knowingly invoke the courts in a case that they do not expect to win. This could be seen as a deliberate manipulation of the court system and a waste of its time, and Valve could pay end up paying punitive damages.

Comment Its not wearing glasses that causes headaches (Score 4, Interesting) 98

It's the forced stereoscopy.... when you project different images into each eye, unless you are sitting only at certain spots in the movie theater, the angle that your eyes will have to converge to fuse the two images into a single 3d image in your visual cortex is unnatural with respect the distance that the visual differences between the two objects conveys to your brain about the apparently distance of what you are seeing.

Holograms would not have this effect, since where you are focusing on when you view a hologram is consistent with where the 3d image actually is supposed to be. The image appears as fully 3 dimensional as would looking at real physical objects on the other side of a pane of clear glass, or looking at things in a mirror.

But I imagine we're still some years away from real holographic movies being a thing.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 532

Many jacks wear out because the standard audio jack has a moving part - a mechanical switch that allows the device to detect that a jack is plugged in so that the device can "know" to use the headphones for audio output instead of the speakers. This mechanical switch easily could be replaced with an optical sensor that detects when something is plugged into the jack without getting rid of the jack entirely.

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