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Comment Re:Here we go again (SCO) (Score 1) 675

So things like Environment.PathSeperatorCharacter are just added for the lulz?

MonoDevelop, on *nix, with QT bindings or whatever the hell you want to use is completely seperated from Windows. Not to mention that OP was referring to C# the ECMA and ISO platform agnostic language, which runs on top of the equally platform agnostic CLI.

Yeah, Microsoft also provides some Windows specific runtime libraries. Just like they do for their C++ compiler (MFC). Does this make GCCs C++ any less viable for cross platform development? Of course not, you stupid, trolling, bearded, hippy git.

Comment Re:Well, duh (Score 1) 457

I found most of the link fairly easy to understand. There was some complex blather about N and P - but the bits about whether I saw a rabbit or a duck, and counting triangles I found quite easy.

Also I almost won an iPad.

Comment Re:May I be the first to say: (Score 1) 268

Sony isn't preventing anyone from publishing "Stupid Badgers" which is identical to lemmings in all aspects except for a white stripe on their ass.

Some pretty seriously odd logic goes into claiming that you need a right to republish someone elses ideas, because you can't come up with your own. Stagnating? Recreating someone elses shit over and over is stagnating. Go come up with something new.

Shit, next you'll be arguing that people should have a right to rape other peoples ideas with shitty fandom scripts.... Harry Potter and The Fourteen Inch Furry - now coming to a cinema near you to enrich our culture with the drivel of some entitled bastard who can't come up with his own characters.

And false pretences? Go fuck yourself. They paid good money for Psygnosis. They bought the entire damn thing in a private business deal, which did not consider your butthurt fanboy emotions.

Comment Re:People still bank at Chase? (Score 1) 398

Yeah but are you seriously likely to change banks over a bloody browser?

My bank handles a couple of mortgages, physical assets in boxes, and a bunch of accounts and credit cards. Its going to be a lot easier to shove IE6 in a VM than to move all of that shit to a different bank. (Plus any break costs and stamp duties with changing the more serious shit around).

Maybe for people with no money and a passion for web standards (which I think describes most artists).

Comment Businessy Crap tends to = WinMo (Score 1) 289

If you can stand WinMo the built in Internet Calling works fairly* well.

Its meant to be deployed as a whole-of-enterprisey customization, but you can do it with a bit of DIY (works on my HTC Diamond). You set up the config file with your SIP provider details and then flick on "Use Internet Calling: When Available". This works pretty much transparently, you dial using the normal phone shit and it goes out over SIP if in range.

If you want to receive calls you'll have to configure your phone to be connected to WiFi on standby, which will kill your battery. You may also want to install a better (or stock) wifi management utility if your branded one is a bit shit.

Not sure on complex dial plans, mine was just "everything via voip if available".

Comment Re:more importantly (Score 1) 366

saying "flash sucks" because it makes your browser crash

Is absolutely correct. Flash is supposed to provide a sandbox to insulate me from content written by morons.

When (not if) flash sucks and makes your browser crash, your OS will not crash. This is because your OS doesn't suck.

The JavaScript interpreter in my browser does a similar job, but it doesn't suck. Bad JS doesn't crash my browser, and if it starts whoring CPU then I get a little box saying "This shit has been suspended for whoring CPU, but you can let it continue if you really want".

Flash sucks. If you want flashy sandboxed apps all up in your browser go with Silverlight/Moonlight.

Comment Re:I Uninstalled Adobe Reader (Score 1) 82

I did this. I also uninstalled Java after getting pwned by that crap that breaks out the sandbox and manages to set your proxy to loopback before crapping on about all the "viruses" you are infected with.

Seriously only going to use addins that run in-process now - at least I slightly trust the CreateRestrictedToken API that IE8/Chrome use for tab processes.

Submission + - Sth Australia Bans Anonymous Election Comment (

ozphx writes: South Australia has become one of the few states in the world to restrict the internet under laws created by conservative Attorney-General Michael Atkinson. The law requires internet bloggers, and anyone making a comment on next month's state election, to publish their real name and postcode when commenting on the poll, or face penalties of $5000 AUD. Atkinson is also responsible for Australia banning all video games unsuitable for 15 year olds, and requiring any videos rated for those 18+ to be displayed in "title only" cases.

Comment Re:If it's within the rules, it's within the rules (Score 1) 895

Yes you can. There were bunches of CS mods which, if you 'camped' an area, would do anything from shining a bright light on you / make you emit a beeping noise, to physically launching you through the air.

Team Fortress 2 is an excellent example of coding the douchyness out of a game. Makes it less fun to be douchebag though :(

Comment Re:It's not an alternative to BigTable (Score 1) 163

Google doesn't sell/license BigTable in any way. It's used internally. I fail to see how it's possible to release an alternative to something which can't be acquired in any form.

I don't sell or licence my dick to other men in any way. It's also used internally.

However if you are looking for an alternative to my dick, you could consider buying a dildo.

Then you could put my surrogate dick in your mouth and shut the hell up. Seriously... think before you post?

Comment Re:Some, not all... (Score 1) 731

Not at all. Its like a builder not understanding the chemical composition of concrete.

You are incredibly naieve if you think that by being able to implement your own hashtable or parser that you should even consider implementing it yourself. It is appropriate to understand roughly how a structure/algorithm works, and the rough complexity of various interactions.

If you really expect that you will nail a hashtable from scratch by pulling out some simple btree-and-buckets implementation, then you need a reality check. Give it a go, and then compare your nubbish attempt against the berkelydb or sqlite index implementation. Then put a naive xml parser up against a "real" one with heuristics and all that jazz.

You'll quickly find out that memorising simple implementations of trivial algorithms is a waste of your brain-space.

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