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Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 1) 164

no its really not short sighted. If we ever want to move forward, or progress if you will, we cannot keep hanging on to the historical discrimination as an excuse.

I dont disagree that different people with different viewpoints are good, but the point remains that if they DONT have good points of view but are hired specifically to fill a quota, that is almost invariably BAD for the same company

Comment Re:Scottish independence (Score 2) 537

Without England, Scotland has nothing to offer the EU except liability.

Scotland is small ,but it has a higher per capita GDP than England, or the entire UK for that matter -- if you count North Sea energy. Scotland as an independent country would be the twelfth largest economy in Europe and almost exactly in the middle of the pack for size in the EU.

Now logically speaking Scottish independence from an independent UK does not necessarily equate to EU membership. Scots could choose independence from the UK on the basis that union with a UK that is not in the EU is not as attractive as union with a UK that is in the EU.

Comment Re:Skepticism and denial (Score 1) 373

i do??? not really. I believe that the climate is changing and that humans may even have a slight play into it.

what I do have a problem with is laws being written to "fight" the "war on climate change" because as we all know, anytime there is a "war on..." it isnt meant to be won, its a pork project. war on drugs war on poverty. none of them have any end goal. I see the same thing happening here

there is a huge difference between denial and what i feel we should do about things (or not do)

Comment Re:"video game category was weak" (Score 1) 119

maybe its difference in the states vs where you are? we dont have a VAT so i cant speak on that. i can assure you that the cex is reasonably priced in my local store for those impulse buys, sure i can save a few ordering online, but when they sell a used game for 20 that new is 65 and used at gamestop is 55, its reasonable for an impulse buy. plus they still have vintage carts.

Comment Re:Just the start (Score 1) 119

I found my CEX paid more out than gamestop (and charged less for the used games)

also i am more of a collector than a gamer. I play but im not the target demographic for the gamestop type. I buy a game, generally i keep the game and i want it new not used (or at least if i buy used i want the original case not just a sleeve)

Comment Re:Just the start (Score 2) 119

just 2 days ago i went out to find a used PS3 (brother in law gave me a few dozen games but his system broke) went to the 2 game stops in my area (only about 1 mile apart, one in the mall other in a strip mall) they wanted 180 bucks for a 160 gig slim model. went to this place called CEX in my mall which seems pretty much like what funcoland used to be, and got the 250 gig slim model for 90 bucks.

gamestop will never survive on its model, they give you pennies on a trade in and keep the resale way to high on used games.

another time i remember trading a used AAA game in and got maybe 10 bucks for it, only to see them selling it used for 56.99, new 64.99. The place is horrible for gamers

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