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Comment Re:Damn. Too many words. (Score 2) 478

I suppose it is a solution to their (perhaps contrived) example:

"...the 'what3words' for the famous Peter Pan statue in London's Hyde Park is 'union.prop.enjoy'."

If your friend wants to meet you in Hyde Park (it's a big place) and you don't know where the statue of Peter Pan is, he can say "union.prop.enjoy" and w3w can guide you there...

Of course, since both of you would have to have smartphones for this to work, quite why a long/lat wouldn't also work is beyond me...especially given the prospect of missed encounters between young lovers: "Sorry, I thought you said 'onion.pope.enjoy'!!"

Comment Re:Here's the good. (Score 2) 317

That was you?! You arsehole! I finally wrestled it to the top of the escalator, went to get a trolley and when I got back my bag was gone and I was escorted to a small room for a prostate exam administered by a stern-faced gentleman who could have picked up two watermelons with one-hand.

I grew up in the same country as you, at the same time. On multiple occasions I left my rugby kit/tenor-horn on a crowded station platform and the worst that happened was having to collect it from lost property. I shudder to think how many unexploded devices there probably still are in BR lost-property offices.

Comment Re:The solution to all this ... (Score 1) 398

On how democratic "charging" to stand is, I always thought that if someone seriously thought they'd be able to get 5% of the vote then raising £500 for the deposit should be easy, if not outright trivial. The average constituency is ~60k, so 5% of the vote is 3000. If you can get a quarter of those to give you 70p, that's your deposit with some money left over to photocopy more leaflets.

Comment Re:Easy to Read, not sure easy to change (Score 4, Insightful) 157

Reading that information might be all they need to do. If you have a bunch of co-conspirators on the same plane, you only need one to go through the lighter-screening channel smuggling the box-cutters/drugs/microfilm or whatever; whoever has the magic barcode gets to wear the shoes with the false heels. Alternately, if you know you're not going to be waved through the less-intensive security channel you could cancel your flight or take the flight and just postpone your nefarious deeds for another day.

Comment The Divine Invasion by Philip K Dick (Score 1) 1365

Not necessarily the whole thing, just the picture painted of Herb Asher living in an isolated dome on a remote planet, detached from the world and reality, obsessing over a female singer and resenting the terminally ill woman who lives in the dome next to his when she reaches out to him for help. Everything that follows is unsettling/detestable, but that image stayed with me.

Comment Re:I blame (Score 1) 576

Not sure if this is trolling or not, but I grew up hearing this:

"Someone once asked Paul McCartney if he thought Ringo Starr was the best drummer in the world. McCartney replied: 'He's not even the best drummer in The Beatles'"

So..yeah...nah...I never thought Ringo was that good a drummer. Overrated?

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