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Comment Re:Ability does not imply intent, nor should it (Score 1) 488

The intent is the most troubling part for me as well. As a member of my local hackerspace (, I find it very unsettling that this judge now feels that I have intent to do anything that I'm capable BECAUSE is choose the label hacker. I like to take things (and sometimes code) and re-purpose it to do what I want it to do. Some people call this creativity, or innovation, or you guessed it - hacking. I'm not breaking the law, sometimes I'm not even voiding my warranty. Just because I like to hack stuff, and I don't ever want to stop... and I even want to help others learn to hack to (I'm the president of the hackespace after all, and we do mini hacking sessions at the local children's museum and the children's library on a regular basis), none of this means that I have the _intent_ to commit any crime. To think that anyone could use my my label as a hacker to show _intent_ is appalling. It is equally disturbing that a judge does not know the difference.

Comment Why seal? (Score 1) 282

I understand now why Samsung tried to seal it.

I don't. Why would you want to seal that? It seams significant and a pretty cut and dried fact (according to the transcript). So why not be out loud about it? Are they trying to not hurt the feelings of the guy that lied, and potentially cost them $1B? Samsung has hurt my feelings in the past when I tried to get some tech support from them for the device I paid them money for.

Comment Why pay for certification? (Score 1) 172

Isn't it good enough to have an energy efficient, low waste building near public transportation, and all the other things that do (and don't) come with being LEED certified? Why pay for a certification? Does that somehow make it more efficient? Sure if you've got money to burn and like shiny stickers, or if you thing that shiny sticker will help you make more money (or recoup your cost) or whatever reason you want to spend your money on the certification - go for it. But don't use my money. Build a good building yes, but there is no need for a sticker. NASA is for now, funded by my tax dollars, and this is how they want to use my money? Shame on them.

Comment Re:If I were to find one... (Score 1) 222

The term "stealing" sure has changed a lot lately.

...actually stealing is still stealing. Hasn't changed a bit. YOU may think less of it now than you did in the past, or how you perceive others to have thought of it in the past. But taking what is not rightfully yours... yep that stealing.

Taking it by forces does not make it rightfully yours.
Taking it when no one is looking does not make it rightfully yours.
Copying it and leaving the original does not make it rightfully yours.
Declaring it "discarded" (in your humble opinion) does not make it rightfully yours either.


Submission + - MS Research Invent "Almost" Still Photos (

mikejuk writes: Microsoft Research has just invented "almost" still photography and you can try it out for yourself with a free to download app that converts video clips into photos with just a hint of movement. You simply drop your video clip onto the app and mark out the areas that you want to move or stay still. The result is sometimes slightly spooky and sometimes amusing. Could this be a future art form?

Submission + - Dragon's Lair getting documented (

An anonymous reader writes: Created in 1983, Dragon's Lair was an arcade game like none other. It boasted over 20 minutes of hand drawn animation by ex-Disney animators Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy and was the first laserdisc based arcade game released in the United States. Sleepyeyed Films is currently in production of a feature length documentary film that will explore the efforts of the creators, the loyal fan base it has created, and why the game has endured in a constantly shifting video game market, despite gameplay criticisms. A video teaser is on youtube and a fanpage is on facebook. The documentary is rumored to be released in 2013 to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the legendary game.

Comment Cookies next? How about TSA Body Scanners? (Score 1) 354

Really? He thinks about cookies next.
So a government agency looking at where my car goes is not allowed (protected). But nakid pictures of my junk is fair game? WTF?

Back on topic thought... the 4th amendment doesn't really restrict itself to government agencies. It is a right of the people - one that is explicitly not ceded to the government. Simply the the government isn't allowed to infringe on your privacy doesn't mean that it's not still yours.

In any event, cookies are a choice, and most people choose to share them for their own benefit.

Comment Re:At the risk of my nerd card... (Score 1) 655

and the movie version of "Starship Troopers" was much better than the book.

Didn't /. have a friends AND an Enemies option at one point. It's been years since I've even look, but this post motivated me to look for that Enemies button. All I see is how to friend someone... and I'm sorry elrous0, that aint happenin'.

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