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Comment Re:The Wright brothers would have loved you! (Score 1) 44

> This is huge news - this is first aerial circumnavigation of the globe that hasn't involved fossil fuels.


* There's a 28-person Mission Control Centre in Monaco (60 people to provide round-the-clock coverage)

* It needs a Russian Ilyushin IL-76 strategic airlifter, a four-engine jet originally designed to carry machinery and military supplies into remote parts of the USSR. Yes, a fossil-fuel-burning 4-engine jet.

* The Ilyushin IL-76 carries a ground crew. You see, the Solar Impulse needs people on the runway to grab its wings when it lands. This results in shutting down a regular airport for 20 minutes, and regular passenger flights being delayed for these special snowflakes.

* Oh yeah, the wingspan is so honking big that it won't fit in a regular hangar. And it's rather fragile, so you don't want it sitting out in the open. So the Ilyushin IL-76 also carries around an inflatable hangar.

* The plane *MUST AVOID CLOUDS*. That includes cirrus overcast above it, because then its solar cells don't work.

In short, it's an expensive publicity stunt. And since they needed an Ilyushin IL-76 jet to circumnavigate the globe with them, I repeat... the bit about "fossil fuel free" is absolute bullshit.

Comment Does Cygwin run on Win 10? (Score 2) 310

> What is it?
> Cygwin is:
> a large collection of GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows.
> a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which provides substantial POSIX API functionality.

No need to accept Microsoft's half-assed implementation. With Cygwin, you get the whole kit+kaboodle. bash and various other shells. X Window client and server, Firefox, mutt, sendmail, whatever. Even gcc, so you can build from source. And it's free. If the PHBs at work insist, you can buy support from Redhat, who publishes it.

Comment US MSM + left-wing elite fear the internet too (Score 1) 66

This was about the Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky scandal...

The scandal was two-sided...
* Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky (did she inhale?)
* Newsweek spiked a well-researched story about Clinton/Lewinsky

Hillary is quoted as saying...

> As exciting as these new developments are.... there are a number of serious
> issues without any kind of editing function or gate-keeping function. What does it mean
> to have the right to defend your reputation, or to respond to what someone says?

From the other side of the political spectrum...

> During a 2012 speech to online activists and citizen journalists, former
> Alaska Governor Sarah Palin reminded them that "the new media rose up
> precisely because the old media failed to tell the truth." And she also
> discussed how much Drudge, who was fast becoming a de facto assignment
> editor, upset the legacy press that ridiculed him and tried to diminish his
> influence even though they were obsessively refreshing his home page.
> "That very first new media breakthrough was about 15 years ago when this
> lowly little store clerk in a lowly little apartment equipped with his computer
> and a modem broke one of the biggest stories of the decade. His name was
> Matt Drudge and the rest is history," Palin said in 2012. "And in hindsight, we
> see that the story he broke was more than just a president having an affair.
> To me it was much, much more than that. It was about a major
> old media publication that had spiked the story eleven times."
> She reminded today's citizen journalists that the mainstream press did not
> spike the Lewinsky story to "check their facts" but "because as charter
> members of that Democrat Media Complex they were protecting their guy."

I'm old enough to remember the JFK "Camelot era". Back then the public didn't know, but Kennedy was screwing everything in a skirt. Bill Clinton was a choir boy in comparison. But the MSM suppressed the story, and JFK was the "all-American boy".

The American lib-left love the MSM, because they control most of it, with the notable exception of Fox. Back in the JFK era, a president could do all sorts of wrongs, and get it hushed up, because the elite controlled the MSM. Today, not so much. Give me a wide-open internet, with different people pushing their different interpretations. I'll sort it out for myself. No thanks, I don't want Hillary editing/gatekeeping the news.

Comment Bluetooth == Wifi-like channel congestion. (Score 2) 517

Yeah, out in the boonies, it works. But wait a few years, until you take a bus with a bunch of kids with iToys. You know how difficult it is to get a clear WiFi channel in a crowded environment? Well, the same thing will happen with Bluetooth. Your device will be fighting it out with a whole bunch of other devices over limited radio spectrum. The resulting fiasco is completely predictable.

Comment Re:Wassenaar disaster... targetting Open Source (Score 1) 20

This may sound like tinfoil-hat territory, but consider the following possibility. Software is allowed to cross borders... if a $100,000 annual licence fee is paid for "inspection". The big outfits like Microsoft and the big anti-virus companies like Symantec/Norton would have no problems finding $100,000 between the cushions of their sofas. It's loose change for them. But consider iptables, pfsense, tripwire, openssl, openssh etc, etc.

This would be impossible for a few volunteers to do for their pet projects. Patches are submitted by developers from all over the planet... export. Mailing list archives are accessable from all over the planet.. export. Github and Sourceforge are accessable from all over the planet...export. A strict interpretation could shut down any open source effort that peripherally touches security. A *REALLY* strict interpretation could include any security fixes to Firefox or Pale Mooon or any other Open Source program.

Comment Cyanogen != CyanogenMod (Score 4, Informative) 122

* People were fed up with carrier-crap on their phones
* People were fed up with Google-crap on their phones
* CyanogenMod offered a crap-free phone OS

The "Cyanogen Inc" outfit tried to cash on the popularity of CyanogenMod. But they turned around, sold out, and baked their own crap into the OS. Yes, MS Cortana. If I wanted a smartphone run by MS, I'd buy an MS smartphone already. This was a major betrayal of why people use CyanogenMod. And "Cyanogen Inc" is paying the price.

Comment I fear a big fiasco (Score 4, Interesting) 38

GM can shut down any Onstar-equipped vehicle anywhere. Currently, it's being heralded as a good thing

But, as Aldredge Ames and Jonathon Pollard proved, there will always be turncoats willing to sell extremely sensitive info. So you're Al Qaeda or ISIS, with connections to Saudi oil money. Or China or Russia or whoever. You need to buy, or blackmail, the info on how it's done. Here's a doomsday scenario...

The date is a December or January in the next few years. The forecast calls for major snowstorm in the US Northeast, followed by a brutal cold front. 6-to-10 hours before the storm is due to hit, the bad guys throw the switch in the middle of afternoon rush hour. The roads are clogged with stalled cars. There are so many stalled cars, that any "immune" vehicles wouldn't be able to get anywhere anyways. The smart drivers get out and try to find shelter in stores/hotels/wherever. The slower thinkers freeze to death in their cars.

Because the roads are clogged with dead cars, and the US is heavily into JIT (Just-In-Time) supply chains, grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc, are soon running out of goods. Minor issues in the power grid go unfixed, because utility workers can't get from home to the dispatch site to the problem area. More and more of the US Northeast loses electricity, and people start freezing and starving to death. The president declares martial law, but thousands, if not millions, of people die in the ensuing chaos before order is restored.

Similar scenarios apply to anything that can be shut down "from the cloud". Imagine if Microsoft's authentication systems suddenly decided that your copy of Windows, and everybody else's, was bogus. The US shuts down. Taking over Nest thermostats durning a cold spell or a heat wave could also cause many thousands of casualties, and major chaos. It's eff-ing stupid to allow any one authority that much power, because they *WILL* get hacked, and the power *WILL* be used for evil. It's only a matter of time.

Comment Re:And this is why my primary browser isn't Firefo (Score 1) 156

> They even decided to break compatibility
> with regular Firefox addons... all for you!

Correction... Mozilla broke compatibility with regular Firefox addons, i.e. XUL in order to switch to the same model used by Chrome If I wanted effing Chrome, I'd use effing Chrome already. Firefox's problem is that it's a Chrome wannabee.

Comment Why ATT really wants this (Score 1) 42

Today's situation... ATT has to pay through the nose to Cisco/Juniper etal for network switches, and beg and plead for the specs ATT wants.

ATT's goal... ATT gets to slap the code with the specs they want, into a glorified Raspberry Pi or Nvidia GPU, maybe as firmware. And Cisco/Juniper/etal stocks are going to collapse. ATT is not in the network switch/router business. But it is a major capital cost for them. If they can roll-their-own, or get Foxconn to build to their specs, ATT stands to save a bundle of money. Imagine you're a taxi company. You're not in the car manufacturing business. But if you could get Foxconn to custom-build taxis for you at a fraction of the cost of what Ford or GM charges, you'd jump on the deal right away.

Comment Re:Racism or availability? (Score 1) 200

Are you proud of being a "citizen" and do you "brown bag" your lunch to avoid unhealthy fast-food joints? According to the City of Seattle, you're racist.

And if your "brown bag lunch" contains a peanut-butter-sandwich, you're potentially in trouble in Portland. So yeah, I agree with parent post. If I wwere a white guy in the vicinity of a minority employee, I'd STFU and keep ineteraction to a minimum to minimize my risk of being hauled before some "Civil Rights Tribunal" for an off-the-cuff remark.

Comment Backup your contacts; Facebook does similar shit (Score 1) 465

See Facebook is the ultimate "cloud service", and it too can delete your account and data... just because.

tldr; backup all your Facebook friends' (OK, maybe just the real friends) contact info offline. Ditto for calendars. Beware of syncing any device with facebook.

> Editorâ(TM)s note: This is a guest post by Chris Leydon, a freelance videographer
> and former startup founder. He organises the Tomorrow's Web series of
> meetups and documents London's tech community with his video production
> company Keyone Productions.

The "reason" he got for his Facebook account being disabled was...

> Upon investigation, we have determined that you are ineligible to use Facebook.
> Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we cannot provide additional
> information as to why your account was disabled. This decision is final.

He got onto Twiiter and actually managed to get the attention of a live person at Facebook UK, not some script-reader in Mumbai...

> I got a reply within an hour, saying that my query was being looked into,
> but no guarantees on finding out why my account has been disabled or
> reinstating it. The following day I received a further reply saying that
> unfortunately, due to a shared personal connection, he was unable to
> help or assist me in my situation because of a "user protection policy".

The consequences...

> Earlier on that day there had been an update to the Facebook page for the event
> I was attending, a change of location. Instinctively I logged into Facebook and
> saw that "Your account has been disabled message" again. I didn't know
> where I was supposed to go and I couldn't check Facebook to find out either.

> No worries, I have the event stored in a calendar on my Windows Phone.
> I flicked open to my calendar and looked for the appointment and it wasn't
> there. The calendar was syncing with Facebook and when my account
> became disabled, for security reasons, all of my Facebook events were
> removed from my calendar. Shit.

> Not a problem, I'll phone Russell, he was organising the event so could tell
> me where to go. I searched for Russell's number in my contacts andâ¦
> no results, he'd vanished. James? He was there as an email address and a
> Twitter handle but no phone number. Sean? Same again. My phone's contacts
> had been syncing with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but not actually
> saving any data to the phone or Exchange. All of the numbers were being
> pulled in from Facebook and without a Facebook account, I didn't have
> any Facebook friends and no numbers to pull in. Fuck.

> Luckily my text messages were still safe, I wasn't completely lost. I found
> an old text thread with Russell, phoned him and added the number as a
> new contact to my phone. I was saved for the evening and it turned out
> not to be quite the disaster I feared, but it started to dawn on me just how
> much Iâ(TM)d grown to rely on one platform.

Comment Backup... do it right (Score 1) 118

1) Share out the Windows drive to a BSD/Linux/Mac server, or allow the backup server to ssh or rsync into the Windows machine. Do *NOT* give the Windows machine write access to the backup server. If it's infected, it's not trustable. It might overwrite previous good good backups.

2) Use a *VERSIONING* backup system, so that you don't over-write January's good backup with February's encrypted backup.

3) Put in a few innocent-looking "canary" files that never change. If they do change or disappear, alarm bells go off. Start looking for ransomware *NOW*.

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