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Journal Journal: What is up with Sony? 2

Wow. So Sony just decided to price themselves out of the next console generation? $600 per console + probably $60 per game. Insane. And all so they can shove Blue Ray on people. Do that many people really have HDTV yet? The upgrade required is way too steep for me, I think I'll sit this one out for a while. There's still plenty of great PS2, PS1 and XBox games I havent' finished anyway.

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Journal Journal: Leave it to Apple....

To create an overpriced flash MP3 player and sell the fact that it doesn't have LCD as a feature.

Seriosuly. iPod shuffle. Spiffy looking. I laughed when I read the web page, it says "Do not eat iPod shuffle" at the bottom. But what is it? It's a USB flash memory card with simple back/forward, shuffle buttons. You don't know what is playing. There doesn't seem to be a playlist (am I wrong? tell me). And they have the nerve (read: marketting) to sell that as a feature.

I haven't used one, but I understand that the iPod is a good machine and has wonderful usability. I don't see any point in the iPod shuffle, except to TRY to cater to people who can't afford a mini. You are better off just buying a Muvo or something.

OTOH, I think the new mac mini looks sexy, and I'd consider buying one if I ever felt the need to actually BUY a full computer again. I haven't bought a full system in probably 10 years. The last system I bought was a 486 dx2/66.


Journal Journal: All Hail the Chief

He's the one who says "There are rumors on the.... INTERNETS, about a draft".

Yes, he really said internets at the Friday night debate. I about fell out of my chair. It's just more of the same for him; out of touch, absent minded.

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Journal Journal: More Bush stupidity

Bush is now trying to push through the following: (from Msnbc)

1) Allow law enforcement authorities to bypass a judge or grand jury and issue "administrative subpoenas" in terrorism investigations where "time is of the essence."
2) Expand the ability to presumptively deny bail for terrorism suspects. McClellan said this was essential to preventing suspects from fleeing.
3) Expand the death penalty for terror related crimes.

This reeks(sp?) of stupidity. Lets see, 1) & 2) have obvious oversight issues, and 3) is just plain retarded. The death penalty against people who are not only willing to die, but willing to KILL THEMSELVES to attack this country? Isn't the death penalty supposed to be a deterrant against further crimes? In what way does this make us safer?

Morons. It's about time they kick this administration out of office.

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Journal Journal: The village idiot

Is it just me? or is king George II a HUGE idiot? Isn't Tenet of the CIA taking the hit on this whole niger-Iraq-uranium connection? Now Bush is out there saying he has full confidence in the intelligence? Am I missing something

Tenet: "George you idiot! Sit down, I'm taking the hit on this one! it's already been proven false, why are you saying you have full confidence in bad intelligence?"

Bush: "duh....... monkies. I am cowboy, go play now."

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Journal Journal: A modest proposal

I had an idea for a product that might make the world a better place. A sort of big-brother for the masses to get back at corporate irresponsibility and government blindness/deaf/stupidness. Someone needs to make a low cost, small, energy efficient MP3 voice recorder. I think the whistle blower population would explode if you could have a very small & concealable recorder that could hold maybe 12 hours worth of compressed audio. MP3/OGG compresses voice pretty well at low bitrates, so the storage isn't much of a problem. Everything could be solid state, so battery power should be reasonable. We jsut need it all in a small package, with a decent mic and an encoder/decoder (for review purposes).

Big brother is already with us. The low cost aspect of this is more for a way for the average citizen to fight back. Cop harrassment? Record them. Employer lied to you? Record them. Corporation screwing people over? Record them and post it on the net. I thank Jello Biafra's "Become the Media" for the inspiration.



Journal Journal: Ramblings

I'm tired of hearing these war mongerers saying "Support our troops, you unpatriotic bastards!"

If you really want to support our troops, you should be out there PROTESTING to get them home as soon as possible. Protesting has NOTHING to do with being unsupportive of the troops. Protesting has everything to do with not supporting WAR PLANS. Hating the president is not unpatriotic either, especially if he is a blithering drooling fool.

We could win this war an hour from now and it wouldn't change anything. We still declared war on a country that had done nothing to us. We still went against the UN's wishes. Bush couldn't even GO to the security council once he knew he didn't have enough votes.

You do not have to support the president just because we are at war. I keep hearing "I support the president in this time of war" from the hawkish side, and then I hear valid and logical reasoning from (most) of the dove side. "This is an illegal war, started without the international communiy's support", "I can't belive the doublespeak of this administration, with their pre-emptive strike and self defense"

It truly is 1984.

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