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Submission + - Slashdot for Sale (again) 4

Defenestrar writes: DHI Group (formerly known as Dice Holdings) will auction off Slashdot and Sourceforge. The stated reason for the sale is that DHI has not successfully leveraged the Slashdot user base.

The future is uncertain, but at least it doesn't have Beta

Submission + - Slashdots stops sucking effective immediately!!

GrabbaTheButt writes: In a complete 180 degree turn of events, the overlords at Dice have decided to end all Slashvertisments, kill Beta and end all stories that have no place on this site.

When asked why such a radical change? Management said "we have decided to start listening to our user community and stop thinking straight out of our asses".

Submission + - Meet the White House's new open source-happy IT director (

alphadogg writes: The White House has plucked 28-year-old David Recordon, engineering director at Facebook, as its first IT Director. A strong open source advocate (OpenID, Open Web Foundation, etc.) with a decidedly non-button-down appearance, Recordon will be charged with modernizing the White House’s technology. Here’s a closer look at one of our newest public servants

Submission + - High-skill immigration and the new Senate leadership (

Jim_Austin writes: The first hearing on high-skill immigration under the new Senate leadership had a very different tone from what we've gotten used to. Instead of focusing on the "skills gap" and corporations' need for an expanded labor pool, last week's hearing "focused largely on the practice of replacing existing, often longstanding, employees with cheaper guest workers and preferentially hiring guest workers over Americans under the H-1B visa program and the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, which permits work on extended student visas."

Submission + - The Next Great IT Job Killer May Already Be Here

snydeq writes: A quiet revolution with a potential impact on the IT workforce reminiscent of outsourcing may be under way in the form of robotic process automation, InfoWorld reports. 'Geared toward automating a variety of business and computing processes typically handled by humans, RPA will stir passions at organizations that deploy the technology, with its potential to slash jobs, shake up the relevant skills mix, and if implemented strategically, stave off the specter of outsourcing.' BPOs and enterprises alike are implementing the technology and seeing positive results in slashing labor costs. 'I would say most IT infrastructure support jobs will be eliminated over the next three years,' says Frank Casale, founder of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation. That sentiment may be a bit bullish on the tech, but early results suggest that a shakeup of the IT workforce could be near, as RPA puts higher-value IT tasks in automation's cross-hairs.

Comment Re: I never thought I'd say this... (Score 1) 353

We can push over 100Mb/s over 5,000' of copper _today_ using the latest, already shipping DSL technology.

Your other points aside. It still requires that the copper plant is in decent shape, which for many areas out there it is not. Water penetrated, corroded, rotted insulation, undocumented bridge taps, squirrel chewed on, aging, weather beaten, copper line that can barely sustain a 1.5Mb/s connection isn't going to handle a 100Mb/s connection very well.

Comment Re:Hell Yes! (Score 1) 251

If you were able to pry a game port card from an AT format PC, it would likely be an ISA board, which no newer computer has had in awhile. A lot of computers/motherboards these days don't even come with even a PCI slot, just all PCI-X.

Which doesn't even mention that Windows 7 and up don't support the game port interface anyways.

USB to Game port adapters are your best bet if you have an old game port based controller. Or just buy a new USB based controller.

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