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Comment Re: Equal amounts? (Score 1) 334

Do I think attacking the Hillary campaign is wrong? Not particularly. Especially if the information is being dropped right in their lap. I do expect them to release whatever damning information they receive. What I don't expect is for them to pick favorites. They can't even be bothered to make a token effort to find something on Trump.

It's not Wikileaks' responsibility to find the stuff; it's their responsibility (as far as they've taken it on) to publish what they're given. Do you have evidence that they have a bunch of dirt on Trump that they're refusing to publish? If it would just take a "token effort" to find it, then don't you think that the Democrats would have it by now?

Comment Re:This answer is total BS (Score 3, Insightful) 51

The new one checks to make sure you control the new address before spamming your poor victim.
Yahoo sucks, but they got this one right.

While that sort of a check might be reasonable, it absolutely was not "right" to roll out a new system without having e-mail forwarding in place. To get it "right", they should have had their new system ready to go before rolling it out.

Comment Re:deep effects (Score 1) 251

I'd guess Samsung isn't exiting the phablet market but has some serious design flaw in this particular phablet that requires an engineering overhaul greater than can be accomplished with just tweaks.

Even if it just required "tweaks", they probably wouldn't want to re-release the phone under the Note 7 name because of all the bad press. I would expect a new phone with suspiciously-similar features but a new name before too long.

Comment Re:What's wrong with a McDonald's Free lunch? (Score 1) 164

So you would see no problem in feeding people in homeless shelters bowls of boiled sawdust? There is no responsibility to feed people properly when you accept the responsibility to feed them?

What other things do you think you can do improperly after you've promised to do them?

In the context of this discussion, you said that McDonald's is "accepting responsibility to feed people" by offering free lunches.

If you opened a homeless shelter, and tried to feed people sawdust, that would not be morally wrong. It would be stupid, because nobody would eat it, but it wouldn't be wrong. There is no responsibility for you to "feed people properly" (whatever that means) just because you offered to feed them something.

Do you really not remember that this entire discussion is about McD giving free lunches to people who qualify for free lunches?

No, this discussion stemmed from a comment that if McDonald's offered free lunches, other restaurants would have to do the same or shut down; and I pointed out that we already have evidence that people are willing to pay a price premium for quality. Whether or not people who cannot afford to eat at McDonald's today would start eating the free lunches is really not relevant to that discussion.

Comment Re:What's wrong with a McDonald's Free lunch? (Score 1) 164

I would be willing to agree that the McDonald's analogy is not a particularly good one, partly there's an awful lot more competition and choices in the restaurant space than in ISP coverage -- and people are already used to paying a premium for better-quality food.

Comment Re:What's wrong with a McDonald's Free lunch? (Score 1) 164

Because when you are accepting responsibility for feeding people who cannot afford to feed themselves, you must also accept responsibility for feeding them properly.

False, of course.

Note also that "people who cannot afford to feed themselves" already do not eat at McDonald's.

Comment Re:What's wrong with a McDonald's Free lunch? (Score 1) 164

But they do go to other places than McD that they can afford -- which they won't do when McD is free.

So your claim is that McD's will get 100% of the "don't care about food quality" market? They might -- but why should anyone care? The claim that there is no substantial market for quality food is obviously false, and there is no reason to think that all other restaurants, even those in the same price bracket, would disappear.

Other restaurants that specialize in crap food might go out of business. BFD.

Comment Re:What's wrong with a McDonald's Free lunch? (Score 1) 164

...because there is simply not enough of a market for quality.

You do realize that in any major city, there are literally hundreds of restaurants that are much more expensive than McDonald's, and they stay in business because in reality there is a market for quality, right?

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