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Submission + - Wikileaks Vault7 release reveals VLC, WinRAR, Notepad++ and Truecrypt exploits (

_KiTA_ writes: Following up from a story in 2014, Truecrypt, popular disk encryption system, was revealed to be one of the ones exploited in the CIA's "Fight Club" rootkit installer exploit bundle. This appears to validate the concerns many had in 2014 when TrueCrypt appeared to have seen oddities in sourcecode and website management, as well as confirm the cryptic warning placed on the TrueCrypt website at that time.

Fight Club is an exploit entrypoint used to install Ricky Bobby, a rootkit which gives CIA operatives full remote access to any Windows devices, bypassing all known security software. Other programs used as entrypoints for Fight Club include VLC Player, WinRAR, Notepad++, and of course, Adobe Reader. All these exploits were leaked into the wild by CIA contractors sharing them among themselves and others but concealed from the companies involved.

The full Wikileaks dump on Vault 7, part 1, is available online. A reddit user has created several infographics of the various projects discovered so far here.

Submission + - ESR: Radical Feminists Are Attempting to Frame Linus, Others for Sexual Assault (

_KiTA_ writes: Open Source Pioneer Eric S. Raymond has revealed explosive allegations on his blog, claiming that he has a source with evidence that the Ada Initiative, a tech initiative designed to support women in open source, has been attempting to frame Linus Torvalds and other high profile members of the Linux and Open Source community for sexual assault. Linus has been noted for never being alone at conferences as of late, apparently this is a defensive move due to repeated attempts to "scalp" him — getting him alone and then immediately pushing a fake claim of sexual harassment or assault to either have him arrested or pulled off Linux development.

Possibily related to October's Linux Kernel Dev Sarah Sharp Quits, Citing 'Brutal' Communications Style story on how feminist Sarah Sharp took words out of context to try and suggest Linus and Greg were being aggressive monsters on the Kernel Mailing List — something she equates with physical violence on her blog.

Sarah Sharp is a member of the Ada Initiative's Advisory Board, the group that is apparently behind the attempt to frame Linus, among others, for sexual misconduct.

Submission + - Asheron's Call to end active development, Turbine to release server software (

_KiTA_ writes: Asheron's Call, one of the longest running modern era MMOs at 15 years, will have one final monthly update on March 4th, whereupon the game (alongside Asheron's Call 2) will be placed in Mothball — going free to play for existing accounts, with only bugfix and balance updates to be expected.

However, at the same time, Turbine's going out with a bang — adding a Disgaea-like character reincarnation system, LOTRO style evolving weapons, and a fanservice-filled bonus dungeon for the remaining (and returning) faithful players.

Oh, and they're planning on releasing the game's servers, client, utilities, and art assets for free. Similar to how Ultima Online spawned a host of unofficial and technically illegal 3rd party servers, Turbine is going to officially allow 3rd party servers now that the game is being retired. There are also increasing rumors that Turbine might be working on an Asheron's Call 3 or AC Reboot, as well.


Submission + - Google using AdSense to Enforce Censorship (

_KiTA_ writes: Popular Wiki TVTropes recently underwent a purge after a troll complained to Google about content on the wiki. Any works that may possibly discuss risque content, including the recent hit anime Astarotte's Toy and Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita were part of the purge of works that had "pedophile overtones." Most worryingly, the site made a special effort to prevent Google AdSense ads from being displayed on those particular pages, which means that Google is now claiming that even pages that do not have Google Ads directly on them are fair game for blocking your entire domain from advertisement hosting and Google Indexing. Interestingly, this is not the first time Google has forced TVTropes (and others) to purge their website of unpalatable material, it is actually the latest in a in people using Google AdSense to harass websites they do not agree with, with an apparent focus on websites discussing Japanese media.

Submission + - iPad Bait and Switch: No more Unlimited Data Plan ( 1

_KiTA_ writes: AT&T announced today that the iPhone will gain tethering, finally, at an extra $20 a month, but only for people on a new 2gb a month plan. They also quietly announced at the same time the real news — that the $30 Unlimited Data plan on the iPad 3G will be axed in lieu of the same data plan. Yes, this would be the same "revolutionary data plan" that Steve Jobs was so proud of during the iPad unveiling — it lasted exactly 1 month after the 3G model was delayed to May 7th. People feeling vibes of previous Apple iDevice releases are not alone. Existing accounts will be allowed to grandfather in, although Apple has removed the ability to purchase the iPad from the online store at this time, and AT&T has a history of changing their plans without warning. Finally, there is no word on what happens if you ever let your Unlimited plan lapse for a month at this time.

Submission + - 1 Step Closer to Ray Kurzweil's Future

KiTA writes: Gizmondo is reporting that Sirtris, a think-tank that has been researching anti-aging, for $720 million USD. Sirtris's founder, David Sinclair, discovered a molecule called Resveratrol, which seems to seriously help the aging process (and makes fat mice skinny, to boot!). This time-lapse video of a mouse under the effects of Resveratrol simply has to be seen to be believed. Human testing of high-dose Resveratrol is about to begin. What do you think — One step closer to Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey's future as described in their books, or one step towards a nightmare future of 1000 year old overlords?

Submission + - MS: Yahoo/Google deal Bad, Yahoo/MS deal Good

_KiTA_ writes: According to Microsoft's head lawyer, the possibility of a deal between Yahoo and Google would "would make the market for Web search less competitive", and that "Microsoft was assessing all of its options." This statement comes shortly after Yahoo rejected Microsoft's current offer to buy them out as being "insufficient", and Microsoft announced they'd just force them to accept it anyway. Seems Microsoft is just a tiny bit scared that Google might keep Yahoo out of their clutches.

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