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Comment Re:MS's role? (Score 1) 89

The virus writers went elsewhere and people forgot. The CIA didn't forget.

But the 'feature' is useless if it's so easy to detect. Bet they never let it into the wide of their own secure networks, for fear of their politicians getting 'caught' and embarrassed.

Embarrassed? They don't embarrass politicians they catch. They secure funding from politicians they catch.

Comment Re:MS's role? (Score 1) 89

No? All it has to be is an external image URL.

hxxp://CIAFRONTWEBSITE .GOV/username=X&IP=Y&OSversion=Z&....

Obfuscate that enough and put it someplace that Microsoft Office auto-loads and bammo. Instant tracking, no software needed. This is Spam Email 101 tactics here.

Hell, it's the same trick they used (via a broken flash plugin) in Operation Pacifier to figure out who was connecting to the FBI's child porn server on TOR. You know, the operation that caused them to repeal the 4th Amendment for anyone using a computer that has TCP/IP installed?

Submission + - Libreboot under new management; Issues apology for slander, abuse, damage (

An anonymous reader writes: Libreboot, the Open Source BIOS / UEFI replacement, whose departure from GNU was so dramatic, is now under new management, with Alyssa Rosenzweig joining as System administrator and opening up the project's website and it's repository to the rest of the team. (Previously, these two were only accessible by a single team member who was "struggling with gender dysphoria and substance abuse.")

The new system admin announced the new openness today alongside a formal apology from Leah Rowe included. In it Rowe apologies for slandering John Sullivan (Executive Director) and Ruben Rodriguez (Senior Systems Admin) of the FSF, among other things.

Comment Re:now we know why tech is protected (Score 1) 457

No need to. The CIA created an entire new NSA inside the CIA. Called CCI (Center for Cyber Intelligence) it was technically under the CIA so it's not subject to the disclosure rules the NSA was... and they just didn't tell anyone that they were doing it so the disclosure rules the CIA was under didn't matter, either.

Submission + - Wikileaks Vault7 release reveals VLC, WinRAR, Notepad++ and Truecrypt exploits (

_KiTA_ writes: Following up from a story in 2014, Truecrypt, popular disk encryption system, was revealed to be one of the ones exploited in the CIA's "Fight Club" rootkit installer exploit bundle. This appears to validate the concerns many had in 2014 when TrueCrypt appeared to have seen oddities in sourcecode and website management, as well as confirm the cryptic warning placed on the TrueCrypt website at that time.

Fight Club is an exploit entrypoint used to install Ricky Bobby, a rootkit which gives CIA operatives full remote access to any Windows devices, bypassing all known security software. Other programs used as entrypoints for Fight Club include VLC Player, WinRAR, Notepad++, and of course, Adobe Reader. All these exploits were leaked into the wild by CIA contractors sharing them among themselves and others but concealed from the companies involved.

The full Wikileaks dump on Vault 7, part 1, is available online. A reddit user has created several infographics of the various projects discovered so far here.

Comment Re:What happens if the package falls off the moon? (Score 1) 76

Possibly. What would the kinetic force be of something -- lets say 2 tons of something -- being launched from the Moon to Earth at Moon Escape velocity? How about using conventional rocketry but starting from the moon?

Given that histrionic nutjob's past, she probably got it from Gundam or the later Mega Man X / Zero games, although it's possible it came from "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" or maybe the lensman series. Or maybe Honor Harrington, which refers to Harsh Mistress when mentioning the trope...

Comment Re:Perhaps a better method... (Score 1) 1001

And obviously watch HOW they get to their solution, ie. not by connecting to a chatroom where they have a bunch of friends waiting to help out. Looking up snippets, checking parameters and syntax etc. would obviously be fine, that's what you'll be doing in daily work anyway.

What do you have against Stack Overflow?

Comment Re:oh no my hugbox (Score 5, Interesting) 183

I'd like to see the business that identifies "problematic accounts". In fact, if I were them I'd be very open about it. Otherwise it's censorship.

They can't be transparent, because they're targeting the political opponents of the twitter admins. The second they admit that -- openly or accidentally -- shit is going to hit the fan.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 5, Interesting) 224

But, it's a direct admission that they were basically gouging for want of competition.

Absolutely. My big question is... I have a PC Build coming up. I went Intel 5 years ago due to lack of a realistic AMD alternative. How good is AMD Ryzen? Is it merely competitive with Intel, or are we back to the golden days of "Buy Intel for brand name, buy AMD if you want to save a few hundred bucks for something just as good?"

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 5, Insightful) 920

Quite different points though. Sarah Silverman's point being about the grotesquery of Trump, and PewDiePie's being about "it's fine to be an antisemitic little shithead"

No, his point for the clip that was taken out of context was:

* "Youtube Heroes is an Authoritarian nightmare that is going to attract the worst kinds of people."
* "The media likes to take things out of context to slander people."
* "Hey, there's a thing over here that I'm pointing at."
* "This fiverr website is a great example of how surreal the modern world is."

Depending on which of the clips they took out of context you're talking about, of course.

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