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Comment Re:Moral Lecturing by Hipster Douchebags (Score 1) 229

First, there are only two genders. Male. Female. Sorry, but it's true. No amount of Tumblr post-modernist claptrap will ever change that.

Second, yes, SRS is blatantly a downvote / harassment group. Even the CEO admits this. You can try and crybully all you want, but you just flat out stated it: SRS is a place people can attract attention to posts they disagree with so people can (wink wink) be mad and (nudge nudge) nothing else. So it's obviously just a cooooincidence when SRS or one of it's sub-groups links to a post and suddenly the thread is filled with shitheels from SRS harassing people and downvoting things into oblivion.

But it's OK, because they had the wrong opinions, and after all, SRS and the Regressive Left trolls that inhabit it have truly golden morality that we all must accept as perfect truth. Or else.

And that's not getting into some of the other shitty things SRS has done - the doxing, the taking over of other subs just to destroy them (like the attempted coup of meirl a few months back, heck I just checked and one of them has over 60 subs under his control, and another has several hundred), the use of bots to auto-downvote and harass people...

Lets be frank. If The_Donald did half of what SRS does every single day they would be shut down and absolutely no one would be able to defend them. But Regressive Leftist subs like SRS, Drama, etc get a pass because they share some of the same politics as the admins. It's an open joke that a group of no life losers can hang out in IRC and brigade on reddit all day and never, EVER face consequences.

Comment Re:IMPORTANT EXCEPTION (Score 1) 1054

Ah, the old Intersectionality claptrap, which is a brain dropping from the Post-Modernist ("We can use logic to disprove logic! Feels before reals!") bullshit that has infested American Academia and, through them, the American Left.

(Fun fact: Intersectionality is designed to make sure every other minority group eventually surrenders it's oppression to Women -- and especially White Women. Say something racist to a Latino? Insinuate you might not like to discover your girlfriend has a penis? Be worried at Radical Islamists moving into your neighborhood and harassing young women in the area? Somehow, the White Women on Twitter will use that to justify their delusions of being oppressed.)

Sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but we don't live in a patriarchy. There is no such thing as "white privilege" -- only class privilege, which most third wave feminists (being upper-middle class hipster douchebags living off daddy's trust fund) NEVER speak of.

We're actually in a gynocentric society, which is why Women can rape young boys and get away with 15 days of community service, and if the young boy happens to be 18, well then that's not even rape in most states --because rape is SPECIFICALLY written to be something only men can be guilty of in most states.

And also, sorry, but no matter how much you defend the great Feminist overlords, they ain't going to give you a happy ending.

(Also note that the Intersectionality Marxists NEVER speak of "Asian Privilege," despite Asian Americans generally doing better socio-economically in the US in nearly every metric.)

Comment Re:Moral Lecturing by Hipster Douchebags (Score 1) 229

"The So tell for cognitive dissonance."

Also, Strawman.

No, if the Regressives were using their free speech, we wouldn't be in this mess. Instead, the Regressives decided they had perfect morality and anyone not part of their tribe was a racist / sexist / islamophobe / homophobe / etc, and more importantly, they decided shouting names at people and silencing their political opponents (and even moderates) was an appropriate substitute for debate and a good argument.

Which led to 4 -- well, lets be honest, 8 -- years of Trump.

Comment Re:IMPORTANT EXCEPTION (Score 1) 1054

So please clarify your argument. Clearly Trump fits into all of those categories with spades. You can add rich if you want.

"According to the American Bar Association, hate speech is "speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or other traits.""

Important Exception: Please be aware the following groups are exempt from this:

* Men
* Straight People
* White people
* Conservatives

So, to spoon feed the argument: If you used the Hashtag "Kill All Men" on Twitter or elsewhere, you won't get punished.

But if I created the hashtag "Rape the Sluts?" How fast do you think I'd be thrown off Twitter?

Both are offensive. Both are hateful. But the regressive left makes coffee cups with one on it, and will ban you from twitter for the other.

Comment Moral Lecturing by Hipster Douchebags (Score 4, Informative) 229

So let me get this straight.

The site that proudly hosted the fappening's pics.

The site that let a group called "coontown" run for years without any issues or concerns.

The site that runs "Shit Reddit Says," a doxing, harassment, and bullying network that the admins openly support.

The site that, to this day, has gigabytes of pirated music, porn, art, and software indexed on it.

NOW has a problem with free speech, because a conservative candidate's followers organized on it and beat the political candidate their admins supported?

All at the same time the faux-liberal, progressive news sites and other social media networks are making a push to censor any and all conservative new media outlets by calling them "fake news" and taking measures to do the same thing to conservatives using their sites?

Forgive me if I'm a bit suspicious.

Comment IMPORTANT EXCEPTION (Score 4, Insightful) 1054

According to the American Bar Association, hate speech is "speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or other traits." Quartz reports:

Please be aware the following groups are exempt from this:

* Men
* Straight People
* White people
* Conservatives

Comment Re:I think he just got scammed . (Score 3, Interesting) 236

Blizzard demands your Driver's license if you make the mistake of installing their 2 stage auth app on a mobile device and need to remove it without access to the device.

I hear trying to get your Guild Wars 2 account back if you lose access to the original email involves a copy of your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, 2 Photo IDs, the original box + receipt, and a phone call to India.

Comment Epistemic closure is not a good thing. (Score 1) 427

I'm torn. On the one side, harassment has been redefined on the Regressive Left to mean "disagreed with a Radical Regressive Leftist." So when I hear there's people harassing people on social media, I'm reminded that some of the professional victims crying about this harass themselves for victim credentials, while others dox and harass others while running an industry blacklist of their enemies. Both of which are allowed to continue unopposed due to them sharing the politics of the people running the site.

Oh, and that's not even getting into the fact that the biggest Radical Regressive Leftist "anti-Harassment" campaign, "Crash Override Network," is actually a fake organization dedicated to organized harassment and doxing of people. (Yes, the abbreviation for this fake organization is "CON," and yes, the founder is an old SomethingAwful forum troll, why do you ask?)

So yeah, giving these sociopaths more tools to create a hugbox isn't good. We just saw an entire election be decided because one side refused to step outside of their bubble for 6+ months at a time.

On the other hand, this will let me block certain stupid shit like "problematic," "mansplain," and "KillAllMen." And I suppose letting people block racist hate groups like Black Lives Matter can only be a good thing.

Comment Re:The other campaign (Score 1) 445

While I think Hillary's career is effectively over, and I think Sanders would have ran a different campaign and won, I am actually talking about how they've spent the last few days rioting in the streets and calling half the country stupid racists for disagreeing with them. That won't work to win hearts and minds, no matter how it plays in the bubble.

Comment Re: Political reality (Score 1) 445

Yes, accurate as in the email existed.

Accurate as in some people had dinner with an "eccentric performance artist."

But also...

Accurate as in Spirit Cooking DOES involve all those things per the woman's own video.

Accurate as in the "performance artist" said during her Reddit AMA that it's only "art" when it's done in public for artistic reasons, when it's done in private she considers it something else entirely.

Comment Re:Political reality (Score 0) 445

Clinton lost by a landslide in the only race that mattered -- the electoral college. She tied President Trump in the popular vote so far, but the count is still coming in, and it literally doesn't matter either way.

Trump won by a landslide.

The sooner the left accepts this fact the faster they can start trying to rebuild their party. Until they can at least accept the fact that half the country was at least accepting of the idea of a Republican administration they won't even begin to recover.

You have to admit you have a problem before you can fix it. I hope they can admit it before 2020, but so far I'm not impressed with the introspection.

(Before you rev up your ad hominems, I pinched my nose and voted for her despite the fact that she's further to the right than Trump on many issues.)

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