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Comment Re:Obligatory IBM Mouse Ball Memo (Score 1) 361

[i]It is recommended that each replacer have a pair of spare balls for maintaining optimum customer satisfaction, and that any customer missing his balls should suspect local personnel of removing these necessary items.[/i] So what the memo is saying is, women shouldn't service mice, because they don't have the balls for it.

Comment Re:its not learning (Score 1) 152

Thank you for reminding me of that. I was also blown away by Watson winning on Jeopardy but obviously not enough.

The problem is that computers seem so advanced a lot of people with basic understanding of them see them as magical things that can do anything if you pay enough for them. However getting them from being glorified calculators to understanding machines that can contemplate like humans is the big step that is going to change the whole game forever. Once computers get intelligent enough to outsmart us they would be able to overcome the barriers of our mental capacity and start by improving themselves and then improving everything else we tell them to, if they will keep listening to us that is, better not call it Skynet then.

Comment Re:The U.S. government is EXTREMELY corrupt. (Score 2) 264

That's great that many US citiziens are glad. Meanwhile, Snowden himself can't travel because every country is scared shitless what your government will do to them if they protect the whistleblower from the corrupt government who wants to lock him up for good.

You do live in a democracy right? That means YOU the American people are responsible for your government. Stop being pussies and blaming it on the other 99% of the population and do something about it please. Protest, riot, petition, whatever you need to do... the rest of the world is counting on you.

Comment Re:Snowden is a hero! (Score 2) 276

Why must americans keep confusing socialism and communism? Most western countries including the United States have been moderately socialist for almost a century now and it has made us happier and more prosperous but it still is a scary word to many. Don't they teach any form of politics at school there?

Comment Re:Missing the reality of what kids do to insects (Score 1) 512

I think that post is more insightful than funny. Probably most/a lot of children are not innocent of harming animals, but will sooner or later develope a sense of moral responsibility and shame about their actions. However if you think it is something to boast about that you tortured helpless creatures it probably is a good idea to have your head examined.

Comment Re:Cockroach rights? (Score 1) 512

The reason parts of an insect keep moving after they die is because they have independant nervous systems controlling their movement, if you ever saw a spiders legs move after they had been removed from the body you would understand.

What would you consider a less inhumane treatment, somebody smashing you to death in an instant or mutilating your body to make you some kind of gadget controlled android? I know which I one would choose.

Comment Re:In the next 12 months... (Score 1) 633

Actually no. If you look now the stock price is stable at almost the same level it was before the XBOX One announcement fiasco. So perhaps the market is thinking that these kinds of mistakes could be less likely in the future without Ballmer on board. *ducks*

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