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Comment Re:really like my Brother Printer but they play ga (Score 1) 387

The fact that it will continue to print is a huge improvement over the other brands. In the other brands, if the 'replace now' message pops up, you are unable to print until you replace the part in question. The fact that they remind you is nothing compared with forcing your hand when you still have ink left.

Comment Office Depot is no different (Score 1) 110

I used to work in retail. The sales goals had both positive and negative reinforcement; [meager] commissions for selling extended warranties, and stiff reprimands for not meeting 'accessory sales' goals. One store in the district custom created their own signs for all of their furniture, marking the prices up by $20 or so, and selling everyone extended warranties with every piece sold, without ever asking the customer. I noticed this while visiting the store, and reported it to my manager.
Guess who got in trouble (Hint: it wasn't them.)

Comment Re:No different than recording a call (Score 1) 99

Same where I am, but you can't record someone else's conversation; you have to be a party in the conversation to get the right to record it. As websites are concerned, that's already the case (after all, that's how most websites make their money), but when you use a desktop application, who is the second party? I would think that recording that would be similar to recording a person talking to himself, which is illegal without notification everywhere in the USA.

Comment No different than recording a call (Score 1) 99

This sort of software should be no different from recorded phone calls. As long as the user is notified in a significant, reasonable way, this type of software should be allowed (i.e. just like most large business networks notify when you log in.) If the user is not notified that they are being recorded or monitored, it should be illegal under wiretap laws.

Comment Not gonna happen. (Score 1) 114

Skype won because it had clients for every OS under the Sun, then MS merged it with MSN Messenger, its largest competitor. Sure, it's a little buggy (although substantially less than Hangouts or Facebook Video Chat), but everyone has it.
The encryption issue is a non-starter for two reasons: First, there isn't a viable competitor that does adequately encrypt and open the source code so that you know it really did. Second, 90%+ of the userbase don't care.
Sorry Google, but you're not going to win the war with MS on this front; at least not with this.

Comment Lipstick on a pig (Score 1) 351

I'm sorry, but this is straight-up nonsense. I've worked as many as 3 jobs at a time to make both ends meet in the middle, and no -- it's not a positive thing. At this point, I'm self- employed, and finally able to spend time with my family, which is actually what I want to be doing.
Just because you dress up your poverty as a plus (e.g. "Being unable to afford food has helped me lose 90 lbs!" or "I'm in the best shape of my life, because I walk 10 miles a day. How did I find the motivation to exercise this much? I got my car repo'd!"), does not mean that you should advise others to try it. I'm happy that I can afford food and a car. I'm also happy that I can do that with only 40-ish hours of work each week.

Comment Reminds me of a guy I talked to... (Score 3, Funny) 65

There was a customer who walked into my shop to get his iPhone 4s fixed a month or so ago. While he was waiting, we made small talk, and he bragged about his pickup truck. He told me that it has a 'chip' that makes it produce 900HP. He used to have a 1000HP chip, but his grandfather saw him spinning his tires, so he told him to take it out.
The truck was a rusty, 20-year-old Dodge, with a V8 that produces about 240HP from the factory.

Did I smile and nod, occasionally saying 'Wow'? Of course. Did I believe him? Not in the least.

This also reminds me of a story from one of the Gawker blogs, where a writer interviewed taxi drivers. The question she asked was: "Have you ever been propositioned by a passenger?" Most said "No", a couple said "Once", and one guy claimed that it happened every night, and that he had women falling all over him.
The part of this story that makes it a little unbelievable is the range of customers he claimed to have. 'Husbands and wives'; do they have a website where we can go and order some hacking? If not, how are these average citizens finding them? 'Governments'? I should expect that most interested governments would instead invest into their own cyber-military, rather than hiring a 2-bit scammer. This just doesn't smell right.

Comment Amazon has a good thing going (Score 1) 129

They've created enough artificial hype, that people are genuinely excited about it. At this point, people are talking about it without getting paid, because they want to.
What I don't understand is why people want to talk about it. I checked it out multiple times yesterday, and the only notable thing I saw was that the Amazon website was painfully slow. Absolutely nothing on sale looked like a good enough deal to entice me to impulse buy.

Comment Something's not quite right here. (Score 1) 205

Something's not quite right here. I've been using this sort of product since 2010, when I purchased a set at Walmart for under $10. I know for a fact that it was earlier than May 2010, because I distinctly remember a conversation I had with a co-worker about them; I left that job in May 2010, and the co-worker passed away shortly thereafter.
While patent-infringing cheap merchandise may be a problem on Amazon, the particular item highlighted in this article seems to be a little misleading.

Comment Wait, because you can. (Score 1) 110

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 will continue to be a free upgrade for people with accessibility options turned on, even after the deadline for everyone else. As long as they don't rescind that, I'd personally wait until Win10 is fully compatible, rather than jumping the gun.
And, for reference, I'm someone who highly recommends the upgrade for standard users.

Comment Re:Wow the car knowledge here is bad (Score 1) 238

On older cars, the distributor cap would get damaged by submersion. Not a big deal, but it would definitely leave you stranded. Most modern cars do not float level, if at all, which leads to the classic nose-down 'duck pose' you see cars take in a flood. Aside from the beetle (which had different weight distribution due to the small rear engine), I'm not aware of any common production vehicle that will float level. Front wheel drives are simply too nose-heavy.
And Jeeps actually have terrible door seals. After all, serious off-roaders take the doors off; why bother making them water-tight?

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