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Comment Re:Why do people keep doing this? (Score 1) 140

A trademark usage by someone other than the owner is legally and monetarily injurious. This has been demonstrated time and time again in court.

You do not have a right to use someone's art or likeness thereof for your own designs, if it infringes on an actively used trademark.

Pokemon is an actively defended and pursued and most importantly monetized trademark. If nintendo does not sue, the trademark could be voided. They are obligated to protect their investment.

Comment IDGI (Score 1) 385

Ok, I have over a decade of experience working in archival, and another as professional sysadmin.

Day to day I don't use optical anymore, except for throwaway install support of older systems without useful usb drives.

That said, how does someone lose that much data as in summary after 4 years? BY ARCHIVING LIKE AN IDIOT.
It's okay to use optical as a straight up filesystem backup, but as soon as you introduce a depenency on the next disk to recover, you are fucked. NO ONE in backups does this. Each tape is a straight up HW compressed archive of the files, raw. No spanning. EVER. We will actually change a tape (well the robot will) and not fill the tape if a file is too big.

Last year I recovered 90% of data from a 10 year old 100 disk spindle provided by my old roommate. He lived in squalor, treated them like crap, exposed to all manner of temperatures. He used regular quality DVD-Rs and the failure rate was about 5% all told. Most disks were good. Many had a failure on a single file or two, which did not completely prevent me from recovering (think, a few frames of a Dragonball episode or something). Probably 2-3% of disks could not be read at all.

So my case basically is if you lose everything backing up to optical, you did it wrong.

That said, optical is trash and I'm glad its dead. It was good for its time, but now I think it TB, and 50 doesn't cut it.

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