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Comment Renegade BBS (Score 1) 611

I am a Renegade expert. And I don't mean setup a BBS and called it a day, I have hacked the OVR (data file) 6 ways till sunday.

What always amazed me about Regegade is how well coded it was. It allowed for us to extend a whole bunch of things by merely changing ANSI logic in the OVR.

For instance Renegade was always limited to 5 line File_id.diz (filename desciption files) but was well enough architected that I was able to use ANSI escapes to exploit how it rendered the lines, and make it support an unlimited length of File_ID.diz

There were a few "mod releases" to accomplish this, but none of them actually work and in fact went about it the wrong way. To my knowledge no one has ever accomplished this hack of the OVR except for me. The day I made it work in Renegade by Hex editing a file was my "neo moment", long before the Matrix was a thing. It also made me pretty leet in my circle.

Comment Re:Hint: It ain't the guy called in all the time (Score 1) 228

I worked with a fella like this when I was still pretty junior, who was a trainwreck, but played the IT game brilliantly. He brought positive influence to our team and taught me a lot in a short time. I do not idolize him but I respect him greatly.

He also showed me I could do just about anything I set my mind to, including moving a 250lb drunk man to a better spot, after he fixed it.

Comment Ding dong (Score 1) 127

I've been administering since Solaris was a we babe.

It used to be rock solid, but somewhere shortly after Java, it truly died and went in a direction of differentiating itself from the competition by layering trashpile over trashpile, over POSIX.

Every time I get asked to fix or deal with a Solaris 10/11 server these days, I cringe and immediately start avoiding it. Mainly because basic tasks still aren't efficient, or even make sense in approach. It's like Oracle is determined to be stable, but different for no reason other than to sell the next version and call it an enhancement. Solaris has not seen a true enhancement since 9 and that was 10 years ago.
So glad to see that witch dead.

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