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Comment Re:WikiPedia - where truth goes to die... (Score 1) 153

It's sited, but is It *cited*? It shouldn't be because Wikipedia is a secondary source but I think we can agree wikipedia is cited far too often and possibly not sited enough (since they always ask for more money, presumably to expand the number of sites to deal with all the citations. None of which has anything to do with articles occasionally having of its own citations.

To be clear I'm not mocking you but could not resist the play of words

Comment Re: Slashdot is now... (Score 1) 123

I've been converted into a developer only I still spend my time doing operations and challenging developers to work securely. I rescue them regularly and explain their errata with your code is bad, your toolbelt is weak or this kernel bug hates you.

You're right about everything but it can be a miserably rewarding existence as if something like that is possible.

DevOps is dead and people like me dragged it out into the street and shot it. Here's a firewalled sandbox go nuts devs. To quote Martha: It's a good thing

Comment Re: Security? (Score 1) 20

>I don't know how it turned out, but I also was in the early stages of a very large customer datacenter revamp. They had thousands of systems largely running vmware. Their executive said 'we will move to 100% openstack within the year'. Turned out they had made this decision based solely on write ups and never actually used the software

I am AC. I am experiencing this right now...... this doesn't change the fact that we can mostly do it, but requires a complete change from how business is used to doing things. Management Groking what openstack actually means for the business is the first step to peace, and frankly we will prevail in that regard.

That said the OP i replied to ought to stop whining and look at all the solutions there are for these new sets of 'problems'

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