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Journal Zeriel's Journal: Random: Shrinkage, Religion, Slashdot friends 50

ASZP Day 22: 231.3lbs Go me.

Damn cheese fries at the bowling alley last night, but for you I mighta hit 231 today.

Oh willpower, why do you desert me when Ryan and Jeff order fries?
I left a comment on religion on Sol's journal here, and there are a lot of other interesting responses from other people.

Gets one to think about their beliefs a bit, seeing the answers a cross-section of relatively smart and creative people have.

I can never shake the feeling that no one ever sees the whole picture, and there are so many different ways to approach the divine.
Yeah, so I hear a lot about people chatting on IM and exchanging e-mails and such. And y'all are pretty cool people, so I want in. *grins* You can see my e-mail address, and my IM name is JYRamius (registered it for an online RPG in 1995 and it stuck. Hard.)

There's at least one or two of you that I need to give my phone number to, one because I told you you could call me if you needed someone to talk to, and one because I live in the same town and we need to go grab a beer or something.

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Random: Shrinkage, Religion, Slashdot friends

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  • i'm solemndragon on yahoo and pilgrimdragon on MSN.

    i don't leave my machine on when i'm not home, but i'm frequently logged in but ignoring everything when i'm resting. So if i don't respond immediately, don't panic- assume i'm busy or tired.
  • Is that MSN, Yahoo, AIM?
    • I keep forgetting there are heathens out there who use services other than AIM. =P
      • Well, AIM doesn't function at work, so I can't use it. But I'll add you when I get home. If you have MSN or Yahoo, I can talk to you during work (a little bit).
      • I only use services other than AIM because there are heathens out there using services other than AIM. And that's why i don't use AIM. Not because there's noone using AIM, but because there's someone out there still not using AIM. If it wasn't for the fact that not everyone uses AIM, i would use it. Unfortunately for the AIM users, theirs is not the only IM anymore. So i don't use it. I would use it, but there's no reason for me to use it. Were it that i did use it, i would use it, but i don't. In conclusio
  • Abmoraz was my RPG name way back in the day and it stuck.

    um, beer good! Beer GOOD!

    my weekly drinking schedule:
    Thur: Skeller ($3 pitchers, $2/doz wings). 9:30ish till I get bored)
    Fri: Skeller Katsu ($3 pitchers, all of my friends. It's nice going into a 200+ person bar and knowing 75 or more of them) 10:30ish till close
    Sat: Lion's Den. Katsu plays again, but I go cause I know the owner and most of the employees and get good drink discounts. I'll also be working there in the spring.

    Also, if

Philosophy: A route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing. -- Ambrose Bierce