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Comment Can't be that bad. (Score 1) 98

You can deduct a *lot* from tracking a user these days. Especially with all the data smartphone apps offer up to their suppliers. You basically have a more complete and trustworthy personal profile of a person than the person could probably even willingly give themselves. Sleeping habits, areas of interest, modes of transport, typing speed, wording/education, interests, income, temper, sexual preferences, political affiliation, religious beliefs ... the data hog megacorps of today know *everything* about you.

Having a large set of algorithms chose your partner for you based on such data is most likely to be a better choice than most humans could ever hope to make. The computer already knows much more about both mates than each could know about each other in years. And bring people together who would've never come together under regular circumstances.

Finding a fitting mate would actually be one of the better reasons for me to offer my data up to some app.

My 2 cents.

Comment No one cares about 'inequality' ... (Score 1) 403

... whatever that may be in specific cases.
Every person needs to feel loved and needs to feel competent, preferably by doing useful work they can handle and is thankfully recieved by their community while being and feeling mentally and physically healthy. With food, shelter, security, fulfilment and good regular sex at the foundation. Aside from that, hardly anyone really cares how rich the next guys is vis-a-vis himself.

If I can have all that, I seriously couldn't care less if everyone else was a billionaire but me. And I suspect it's like that for most people.

Bottom line:
Equality != Quality of life inside a society.

Comment Gotta love PHP ... (Score 3, Funny) 186

I'm smiling while I read this.

Every single bit of this news is sooo PHP and one of the reasons this awkward mess of a PL is so successful.

They find something new or something they need and bolt it on. Just like that. End of story. A vote on the core team, a little coding and *BAM* PHP has a new inner API function with what has to be the most over-the-top all-out-PHP-style name for an inner API function ever - sodium_crypto_box_keypair_from_secretkey_and_publickey($ecdh_secret, $ecdh_public); (seriously, this is no joke).

Totally LOL. Takes the cake for inner function names ten times over, even by PHP standards, which is quite a stunt. And right away PHP has up-to-date hard crypto that even a simpleton can use.

You have to hand it to the PHP crew - they actually get shit done, no matter what. :-)

Comment Errrm, ... because they're freakin' Astronauts? (Score 1) 152

What kind of a question is that?

They are ASTRONAUTS. Flying and operating insanely expensive equipment on massive insanely expensive missions where just about every move has critical consequences. It's the same reason you can't have angry outbursts on the Spaceshuttle. These people a cool. Like, seriously and certified cool.

Of *course* they're not allowed to get drunk.

Yes, russian cosmonauts were/are allowed to have a shot of Vodka after long tricky EVAs and similar big events. They're russians, what do you expect?
The closest to getting drunk in space was when the crew on the Mir decided to access their Vodka supplies of schedule. Vodka supplies being two or three smaller flasks. There are reports of some smaller "parties" on the Mir towards its EOL. But that's about it.

Comment The *only* good thing about abrahamic cults (Score 1) 891

No fucking way. This has got to be some kind of alt-right/4chan/cuck joke parody, right? Woman convinces beta male to have "open relationship" so she can fuck alphas on the side, SHOCKING beta with no game can't score, harasses actually capable women and helps ruin otherwise successful company.

"Sluts and cucks ruin everything for everyone." This has to be a joke, right?

No, it's reality.

And right here you have the *only* good or at least moderately useful thing about abrahamic revelation cults (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) as a primitive operating system of society: Executed well, they keep the sexual imbalance in check with sexual moral codes, see that every pot has a lid and prevent an all-out anarchic fight over women in which a few men get most of the women. A circumstance hat usually eventually gives rise to fanatism and degeneration/destruction.

"Girls, kiss the fascists where ever you find them!" - Kurt Tucholsky
Smart man.

Comment How is this sexism? (Score 0) 891

So this guy is harassing someone as to have sex with her. How is this sexism? Apart from the word being similar that is? Did he claim she is a lesser person because she is a woman? Or should spread her legs on demand because she is a woman and he is a man?

What really annoys me that all over the world in this debate people confuse inappropriate behavior with sexism.
This implies that it would be less of an inappropriate behavior if the was bugging me (a man) for sex. And I seriously beg to differ. If the man would be bugging another man for sex in the same manner it would be just as annoying.

I really wish people and especially the press wouldn't constantly mix this up, so we'd have a chance to actually solve true sexism.

Comment Re:Does this mean... (Score 1) 90

I have an optimus laptop (Dell L502x) and run Ubuntu 14.04 on it. No issues. Installed just fine with the intel driver (Duh!). I do have the proprietary drivers installed now, but it works fine. Switching from Intel to NVidia and inversely does require a login/logout. Not very practical, but good enough if you really really really need that NVidia card for a game.

Comment Good decision. HTCs linup is a mess these days. (Score 1) 40

The HTC Desire was my first touchscreen smartphone, and for more than a year it was the best device on the planet and way ahead of anything else, including the iPhones of that time. The Flyer Tablet was a seriously impressive device, topping the iPad of the day in every aspect.

Now roughly 6 years later HTC is barely recognizable. A bloated and jumbled lineup of smartphones with nothing clearly sticking out. I'd cut 80% of the devices offered and focus on building the best smarrtphones available again.

Comment Re:It's about time (Score 1) 62

Yeah, Google sells there phones everywhere. (Hint: they don't. I can't get a Google phone if I wanted). Google may support their phones a longer time, but other manufacturers don't. Even in the premium segment.

Besides, you talk about 2 years for a Pixel... I talk about over 4 years supported. So, liar? More like realistic vision on longevity of devices.

Comment Re:It's about time (Score 1) 62

cheaper premium smartphones

It's not a premium smartphone, if you don't get updates... So, let me fix that for you: cheaper smartphones. That's it, explains it all...

Even Google and Samsung suck at keeping updates going for longer than six months, which is why the user who expects longevity and supports shells out for Apple. Sad to say, but I expect my smartphones to last four years. Two, new as my wifes phone on a subsidized contract (with flat everything), and then two more years as a hand-me-down for me with a much cheaper plan.

Comment No. IoT is a fad. ... (Score 4, Insightful) 374

... Embedded is a reason to learn C though. And embedded and IoT do have some intersection/overlap. But I IoT itself is mostly a fad involving the slapping together of unsafe preconfection microlinuxes with unsafe overkill websevers/port 80 stuff and adding that to toasters and stuff that really don't need it and won't be used more than ~3 times unless by some bored teenagers wgo wants to screw up your homes heating or AC by surfing on shodan for some lonb forgotten default access to said IoT trinkets.

Bottom line:
You shouldn't do anything because of IoT unless it,s avoiding it like the plague (unless you're a hacker that is). OTOH If you want to learn embedded, C with assembler for the basics is the way to go.

Good luck.

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