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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 113

It definitely is. Gedit has been cited already, but what pissed me off more is gnome-terminal: the double click selection behaviour cannot be configured in the GUI any more. You need a CLI command reminiscent of registry manipulations on Windows. Insanity for a terminal. The definition of a tool used by power users...

Comment Re:Microsoft disables Windows on AMD Ryzen process (Score 1) 173

Task Manager -> Right click on the offending "svchost.exe" -> Select "Show Services"

(This is from memory, so, might vary a bit)

It now switches to the processes tab, and all services associated with that svchost.exe will be highlighted. You can bet that "wuasrv.exe" (Windows Update Service) will be amongst the ones selected.

Another way to see whether it's Windows Update, is go to the services control panel and stop the Windows Update service. If the CPU usage goes to normal, your Windows Update is messed up. I have given up trying to fix it, and just set the Windows Update service to "disabled" now.

My main OS is Linux any way, so for the really occasional use of Windows, I can live with an unpatched version. This is -of course- unacceptable for people who use it as a main OS.

Comment No. But it destroys old cultural hegemonies. (Score 2) 110

What the internet and the modern world definitely do is level the playing field. Big time. Basically everybody can have professional tools at their hand. For free.
You can grap a guitar and spend the next three years flat, 8 hours a day, surfing youtube and learning how to play it and become an expert without ever setting foot into a classic music school.

Same goes for digital fine art. There is an abundance of digital painters out there that are at the level of the grand masters of old and perhaps even beyond. Because they have an abundance of paint and canvas. And many of them are still students and do art in their spare time.

You can go online and find videos of dancers no one has ever heard of and yet they belong to the best in the world because they've spend the last 4 years practicing in their parents garage in their spare time.

You find films that would've cashed an arthouse award on the spot 30 years ago but today barely get a few thousand views - because equipment is basically free and the entire world is making films.

What the internet does is take away the cultural hegemony of the academic field. It's not that the academic field is yelled at it's more like it's simply ignored and completely steamrolled without academic smart-alecs ever knowing what hit them. A university professor of music that merely focuses on classic and maybe two pieces of John Cage today would either have to admit that he doesn't really know that much about the world of music world today or risk being called out as being silly, stupid and ignorant. Old-school media critics know zilch about videogames and are so disconnected from what's actually happening they couldn't even form a useful opinion - allthough they sometimes do try.

An academic definition of science-fiction literarture I found in a school book two years ago is so stupid, you wouldn't even believe it.

Another very good example of this is the demo scene. They've been doing the worlds best multimedia artpieces for decades but are basically completely ignored by the academic world. Yet no one in their right mind would say that what the demoscene does does not constitute fine art in its highest form.

Bottom line:
Art is doing great. Better than ever. The concept of what constitutes 'real' art and who gets to decide about it gets shattered to bits and pieces every day though. And that is a good thing.

Comment Re:Microsoft disables Windows on AMD Ryzen process (Score 1) 173

Interestingly, I have two virtual machines where I did exactly that (This is documented on a few Windows fora, but Windows fora are so low in quality compared to Linux fora that they are very frustrating). Still ended up with a wuaserv.exe hogging a CPU. A Win7 without update is fine, in most use-cases for virtual machines.

Comment Re:Ryzen = A Flop. Not Megaflops. (Score 1) 173

as long as the motherboard manufacturer has Win 7 drivers

Often the generic stuff works just fine. In the case of Ryzen on 7 (or XP), I'd just expect to see a few warnings in the device manager. Sure, some stuff might not work (integrated USB 3.x controllers, and stuff like that)... Obviously I'd need to try, but I doubt it won't "work at all".

Comment Re:Microsoft disables Windows on AMD Ryzen process (Score 1) 173

On the other hand, Windows 7 automatic update has become a clusterfuck any way. So many machines aren't getting updates any more, because one core is pegged by wuauserv.exe. Granted, it's much less likely on bare metal installations, but I have seen it. On single or dual core Virtual Machines, it's neigh impossible to get them fully updated. Especially, when they are low usage VMs just spinned up occasionally for small tasks. I just turned Windows Update off on those.

... but I doubt Microsoft is going to change that anytime soon... or ever.

Comment Re:Ryzen = A Flop. Not Megaflops. (Score 2, Insightful) 173

Do you really think they are in a position to be picky? You can bet that Microsoft is behind this, in some way. Probably like "how would you like your Windows 10 drivers be delayed in certification if you produce Windows 7 drivers?". AMD needs the Windows 10 for the OEMs to even consider the chips, because -like it or not- Windows 10 is here to stay. The OEMs might want to produce Windows 7 machines, but Microsoft is going to bully them as much as they can. Look at Vista or Windows 8. Even if sales were bad with those operating systems, OEMs had to deliver them. Downgrading was just for select business machines.

Regardless... It is not clear whether those chips won't work at all or just will not deliver all functionality (power management, automatic overclocking, etc...). Newer Intel chips also are only supported on Windows 10, but they're still x86-64 chips, so it should run x86-64 code. I doubt Windows 7 will plainly refuse to run on any of these chips.

Windows 7 is EOL in three years. While I personally think it's one of the best systems made by Microsoft (and I'm a full time Linux user), it's doomed, just like XP was doomed. (Oh, and Vista is EOL next month.... Nobody is sad to see that bastard die, except of course for those people who will now be forced to buy a new machine. Like my neighbours: their machine did what it needed to do, but I expect them to come ring at my door somewhere during April.)

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