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Comment If true at all, this is the user type and casing. (Score 1) 174

The results of this may be true, but if so, the results are quite sure to be solely based on average type of user and perhaps casing material.

Also iPhones are more likely to be used by people who couldn't be bothered to make a big decision out of their smartphone purchase, they just get what everybody else has and what they constantly hear about in the news and leave it at that. Hence many iPhones in the hands of people who aren't really thinking twice or being aware of the basics of treating hardware in a way that is less risky for it to break.
That many Androids have plastic as an enclosure helps mitigate the effects of a lot of drops, due to the flexibility. That alone could account for the difference, as all iPhones are built out of aluminum.

Points in case:
I've moved to Android with my last Smartphone and have the habit of getting my protection case and my protective glass *before* I purchase a new model.
In fact, the availability of a good/usable protective case and proctective glass is one of the criteria for me choosing a phone, a criteria and a purchasing order I recommend to anybody who asks me for advice when getting a new smartphone. ... But, as you may guess, I'm a computer expert to the utmost extent. Hence I use a neat Moto G2 that costs about a fifth the price of an iPhone, yet I can do way more with it than some regular person with his iPhone. And also it will last longer, as I am aware how to treat hardware, from back in the day when hardware like this was expensive and a device such as todays smartphones would've been handled and treated like the holy grail.

My girlfriend had a little red symbian Nokia touchscreen smartphone that looked like it had been run over by a tank. Twice. Cracked screen, parts of it not reacting, needing to remove sim and reboot at times - the works. I bought her a cheap current-day android 5 smartphone - red casing, ... important detail(!) :-) - and got protective casings and protective glass, SD card and stuff and gave it to her as a present all in a bundle. She would've never purchased her phone that way.
Her demografic for large parts is an intersection with todays classic iPhone user - not really interested in the details.

I'm sure this plays into the breakage quota aswell. You can say what you want about Apple, but saying that they build bad hardware is just being silly.

My 2 cents.

Comment Shitty autocorrect in shitty programm ... (Score 1) 348

.. fucks up data handled in program. Film at eleven.

Honestly, this isn't really news. I consider quite a few pieces of contemporary software on the brink of unusable.
That also includes modern Word processors, Excel and the Facebook UI. (I use facebook sporadically with a spoof account)

A software that tries to think for me without communicating this, that tries to babysit me (remember Clippy?) is bound to be somewhere between extremely annoying and dangerous, depending on the situation you want to use it in.

The first thing you do in Excel is turn off autocorrect entirely. I don't know if that works, but it should, otherwise Excel is more than worthless.
And, of course, in a spreadsheet autocorrect should be disabled by default. In fact, autocorrect should only run when users specifically tell it to, wether in a word processor, spreadsheet or whatnot - that's my opinion anyway.

This is not the first time that a modern Spreadsheet - or shall we just call it by it's name? - Excel has screwed up scientific data or other more-or-less critical data big time.

Excel is a powerful tool often used incorrectly or in situations where it simply doesn't fit. It's a highly complex tool and if it's got rounding errors or similar problems and doesn't tell you how to handle them when they arise with big numbers then somebody has built a shit product. Which with MS would not really a surprise to be honest.
I'd say a modern spreadsheet should warn you if you're using numbers that are to large for the programms math engine to handle without rounding errors or such. And you probably agree.

I do see fault in the scientists. After all, they should know the tools that they are using and not mess around like some n00b. Although it was probably some unpaid and overworked doctorate who entered the data and there's little to blaim those. ... But I do also see the fault with MS and their mediocre software that has only been banking on it's quasi-monopoly for the last 18 years.

Comment Re:Bad Idea #1 (Score 1) 674

Call it whatever you want. Apprentice/Master --- but there needs to be a way to differentiate - and thereby focus the work efforts. Master developers/designers need to be building a cohesive set of tools and a design that the Apprentice uses to get the job done.

An apprentice programmer should never be allowed to lead the design or implementation of a project - I don't care how many years they have with the company. Years of service does not equal quality of skill set. I've seen too many projects destroyed because the wrong people were in key positions in the team - and should not have been. The idea that every programmer is an interchangeable widget is a lie. If you are peddling that 'happy joy and rainbow land' view of the world - then you are part of the problem that I am talking about.

The truth is in the deliverables. Most of those deliverables are nowhere close to being right.

Comment They shouldn't change much, just iterate. (Score 4, Interesting) 226

Disclaimer: I've got a design diploma (with accolades).

The letter-logo is just fine. They should just iterate their branding a little.

Here are my quick points for the website (German layout version) alone (a new style-tile incorporating these would also be a neat base for a brand overhaul) ... The current englisch version looks boooooring btw. - it's an example of a bad iteration. Just current trendy stuff quickly ripped and remixed without a clear concept, once again half finished. ... Why don't these people just iterate an ok design to make it perfect? Why always a complete overhaul? This is non-sense.

My list:
- Letter Logo off to the side a bit, more breathing room (hero image/video backdrop maybe?)
- Letter Logo bolder (is there an extrabold version of the font? They should move to that.)
- less clutter on the screen
- limit the palette and have it follow color theory (looks like an unfinished MS Metro rippoff - not nice)
- one radius for rounded corners and not 5 or so that I'm seeing.
- Justify left, better images, perhaps some hippster hero images (yes I know, we have enough of those already, but well done they *do* work ... get an expert on this)
- 2 to 3 font sizes, not the 6 or 7 I'm seeing (bad layout design!! Together with the various radi on rounded corners the layout is a mess - a little tweaking alone would be a huge improvement)
- Flowtext font thinner.
- Flowtext fontsize smaller
- Double your whitespace. No, really, double your whitespace.
- layout backdrop coloring is so 2010 - should get a redo, limit colorset or remove it all-together and stick to base-color-palette
- We'res the Firefox Ad or the Moz equivalent? ... Mozilla needs a presentation video of its own. Hero size, professionally done. People want Moooovieezzz! nowadays.
- Nice to have: They should check with some world class webdesigners and see if they can remove or limit the "bootstrappiness" of the entire layout. People are bored of that. Perhaps limiting the use of Icons would already help a bit. Fontawesome and Co. make sense, but they're often overused and out of place. Like postmodern architecture with no sense or meaning... Maybe more to the polymer icons - those are hip, classic and work well with fresh minimalistic designs.

My 2 designer cents.

Comment Simple question to those knowlegable of SystemD (Score 2) 538

Simple honest question to those knowlegable of SystemD

Ok, to I want to do this (I'll try using generic laymans terms so I dear not insult anybody using the *wrong* technical term):

I'm using Linux (Ubuntu 16 LTS to be precise) and this computer of mine boots up as wanted. So far so good.
Now, when the computer has finished booting, I want to launch a script or a set of scripts that in turn launch some programms I want to launch upon boot. I'm talking non-pointy-click-user autolaunch here, like maintainance stuff, developer servers & databases, special tools running in the background etc.

And here's the question:
How do I do this on/with SystemD? What do I need for it and what should I know / what concept do I have do grasp to achieve this?

To give an impression of what I'm used to:
There used to be this thing called "init process" on Linux that had another thing called "runlevels". A runlevel basically was a set of incrementally named scripts in a directory with basically the runlevels number as a name. You would edit the scripts in that directory to do what you wanted (or add your own script with an incremental number) and then launch said runlevel typing "init [RunlevelNumber]" in the cli.

I wonder how this goes in SystemD and how complicated it may be. Is there a GUI Tool for this? I heard that these scripts are basically binaries in SystemD and I have to compile them? Is that true?

Please help me add my on "launch-stuff" to SystemD, and please give me the easyest way that is still in the area of the "SystemD" philosophy.

Thanks for your help.

Comment FOSS needs discipline. And consistent branding, (Score 1) 512

And some sort of marketing strategy. Especially finished FOSS.
KDE was matured, by just about all metrics. Konqueror was one of the most brilliant pieces of software, unmatched in utility and power, both as a filemanager and as a browser. They had to fiddle with it and take 5 steps back with dolphin.

Same goes for quite a few other components. Instead of constantly rehawling everything, they should iterate and replace dated but working components only when the new thing is truly finished and a worthy replacement. Branding and marketing is also all over the place. There's this new shiny flat design with plasma and Kubuntu and simular project, but the logos, icons and websites of some appstacks and toolkits go back to the year 2000.

Just compare these four websites to see what I mean. In my opinion that says everthing about the state of KDE and quite a few other software projects. Look at the Gnome disaster a few years back. A little marketing and brand management and all would have loved the new strategy. Gnome did a half-assed thing - at least that was the perception and perception is everything - and all hell broke lose and the Gnome project fragmented beyond repair. Mate, Cinamon, Evolution, Whatnot. ... That's a shame.

People are fed up of fussing about with new totally redone software packages that break existing workflows and intoduce new ones that are only half finished. Especially the FOSS experts.

KDE isn't dead, but if they are interested in gaining traction, they need to offer a compelling system and present it consistently. That doesn't even mean they need to develop much - a brand strategy and a working consistent and complete distro and the will to keep it easy to install and up and running would be enough. KDE is good enough to take it from there.

Bottom line: It's like I've said before - "It's called marketing." FOSS projects need to learn the neccessity of that, or else they will die of lack of attention, users and finally maintainers.

My 2 cents.

Comment Society is a sham ... (Score 3, Interesting) 332

... the poor proles masses pay for the few rich whilst fighting each other rather than revolutionising society. Especially the "American Dream" has gone down the drain. ... All this is nothing new.

there is a new force in the mix, and wether it's HB1 or whatever pushing your sob-story right now, we should prepare for what's coming, because HB1 and the likes will be a joke compared to those overturnings ahead of us.

You have been warned.

Comment Re:Microsoft broke my scanner once... (Score 1) 220

More people need to be made aware of VueScan. Cross platform, acceptable price, unbeatable scanner support. My father has a SCSI Minolta Dimage with APS support. Drivers up to Windows 2000, XP worked with a bit of hacking. SANE doesn't want to know about it.

VueScan? Just works.

I have no stake in this. I am just a happy customer.

Comment What heterosexual men need to learn ... (Score 1, Interesting) 201

... is that one of the biggest taboos in our first-world societies is that there is a nigh rampant sexual frustration in women.

In that regard I really don't "get" sex dolls.

Honestly, if you absolutely, positively need to f*ck, there is just about an abundance of decent women around who would be glad to indulge.

Women are promiscous - very often even more so than men. The problem is that in our 1st world society women are very keen on not getting a reputation of being a slut. The evolutionary and old-testament concept of the blemished women is deeply rooted in men, which also makes it difficult for men to shed some over-inflated romantic vision of a perfect 10 that f*cks like a porn-star but at the same time for some outworldly unrealistic reason only has eyes "for me". Sort of like the patendly absurd expectations of women vis-a-vis men when it comes to a male mates income and status.

To this day only the strongest and truly independant women have raised being an "ethical slut" to something that is a virtue (those types are rare, gorgeous and a bit scary at the same time :-) ), whilst most women public still speak of sex as a bad thing, even though most women secretly think otherwise. Which is one of the big problems in our society that has decoupled sex from reproduction but outside of 60ies hippie counter-culture hasn't yet quite grasped what that actually means.

But back to the topic: It's not for a lack of decent/usable women that would have sex.
Even simpler yet: The money that buys you such a doll will buy you enough hookers to give you sex you'll never forget your entire life.

The lesson is this: If you're a man that needs to have sex, there are plenty women around who need the same thing, you just have to follow a few basic rules:

1) Don't expect Thandie Newton to stand in line for you if you're an overweight, overworked and underpaid IT guy - go hunting in your own territory and you won't run dry.

2) Don't expect that colleague from accounting that fucked your brains out two weeks ago to look up to you as her future husband and sex-demigod for the rest of your life. If she enjoyed being a pr0n-slut with you, she will enjoy it with others too. You can't have it both ways. Women have desires too. It's that simple.

3) Don't speak too loud of your adventure, if at all. Women can smell a guy that won't protect their reputation from 20 miles away - evolution has made it so.

Good hunting. ;-)

Comment Just to put this into perspective ... (Score 1) 124

I remember buying my first tower PC, a 4000$ Cyrix P200+ with 150Mhz Clock on a Tomato Board with astonishing 75Mhz clock and 32 MB of memory, including a Matrox Mystique GFX Card with 2 MB of memory back in 1996. At the time it was the most powerful standard PC available, and the first to sport a CPU that needed fan cooling.

Looking at this with that in mind and seeing how far we've come amazes me.

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