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Submission + - H.264 now free of royalties (

Anonymous Cowardus writes: "MPEG LA announced today that its AVC Patent Portfolio License will continue not to charge royalties for Internet Video that is free to end users (known as "Internet Broadcast AVC Video") during the entire life of this License. MPEG LA previously announced it would not charge royalties for such video through December 31, 2015, and today'(TM)s announcement makes clear that royalties will continue not to be charged for such video beyond that time. Products and services other than Internet Broadcast AVC Video continue to be royalty-bearing."

I hope that now FireFox and Opera will both support H.264 and that Microsoft will add direct support to Internet Explorer. Google may have tipped the balance with their WebM project, but now we can all agree to use H.264 since almost all new and most of current hardware supports it and we already have the encoding tools for that format.

Let's also hope the W3 will also specify H.264 as the standard format for the HTML5 video tag so that we can finally stop using Flash, at least for video.

Submission + - Poll

An anonymous reader writes: Which company makes the best micro-controllers?
- Atmel
- Freescale
- Microchip
- Motorola
- Zilog

Submission + - Have you seen this soundcard?

Yvan256 writes: "I've been looking for over 15 years for the Innovation SSI 2001 soundcard. It's a very old and extremely rare ISA card, based on the SID 6581 chip of the Commodore 64. Yes, I am aware of the HardSID (I've got one), but it's not hardware compatible with the SSI 2001 (different method of accessing the SID registers).

The SSI 2001 is about the only card missing from my soundcards collection. I am aware of the IBM Music Feature, I have one. It's just not on the webpage yet. Please note, this collection is about the different technologies that came out at the beginning of the soundcards era, not the thousands of SoundBlaster clones that were available (including the Pro Audio Spectrum series).

So, if anyone has an Innovation SSI 2001, or know where I could get one, please tell me."

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