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Submission + - Samsung Could Soon Start to Twist Google's Arm

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "For the past three years, Android has experienced a kind of free space expansion but as we enter 2012, it seems the game may be changing. Instead of the old “there’s more than enough room for every Android handset maker to be a winner”, we have a three-horse’s-length leader, Samsung shipping close to 55% of all Android phones, while Motorola and HTC lag behind. "[Samsung] could be in a position to twist Google’s arm," writes Jean-Louis Gassée."If last quarter’s trend continues — if Motorola and HTC lose even more ground — Samsung’s bargaining position will become even stronger." But what is Samsung’s ‘‘bargaining position’’? What could they want? Perhaps more search referral money, earlier access to Android releases, or a share of advertising revenue. Will Google let Samsung gain the upper hand? It's not likely because Motorola is about to become a fully-owned but “independent” Google subsidiary that with 16% of the android market could counterbalance Samsung’s influence to some extent. So what could Samsung do? "Consider the Kindle Fire example: Just like Amazon picked the Android lock, Samsung could grab the Android Open Source code and create its own unlicensed but fully legal smartphone OS and still benefit from a portion of Android apps, or it could build its own app store the way Amazon did," writes Gassée. "Samsung is a tough, determined fighter and won’t let Google dictate its future. The same can be said of Google. This is going to be interesting.""

Submission + - 2012: The end of the world of Web as we know it (

An anonymous reader writes: Today we may confidently declare that Web (or namely hyperreference) potential is already exhausted, Web applications still cannot reach the level of desktop ones, multimedia progress is not specific to the Web, search does not advance because cannot handle complex queries, XML did not fulfill expectations of its designers, Semantic Web is too expensive and awkward to influence the Web. Is it the time for changes?

Submission + - Apple's 'store within a store' concept coming to T (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple products at Best Buy are often, if not universally, located at “store within a store” kiosks. The store-within-a-store concept not only helps differentiate and isolate Apple’s products from a saturated marketplace, but also helps Apple influence the manner in which they’re displayed – that’s to say, more elegantly than the competition.

Now in an effort to expand the reach of its retail arm, Apple will reportedly be bringing the “store within a store” approach it pioneered at BestBuy to another nationwide retailer – Target.

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Submission + - Why Lamar Smith Won't Hear SOPA Critics (

itwbennett writes: "House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, who has unapologetically excluded tech experts from testifying about SOPA, now explains why: 'The criticism of this bill is completely hypothetical; none of it is based in reality. Not one of the critics was able to point to any language in the bill that would in any way harm the Internet. Their accusations are simply not supported by any facts,' Smith said in a statement."

Submission + - Global Warming is Already Melting the Next Ice Age (

An anonymous reader writes: The Earth has natural cycles of glaciation that we can pin down by looking at the planet's orbital patterns around the sun. The ice goes in, the ice goes out, as the Earth heats and cools naturally. When it comes in, we have an ice age. We've been in a warm period for about 11,000 years now and we should've been due for an ice age in about 1,500 years. We're not because we've trapped too much heat already in our atmosphere for things to cool properly. According to a just-out paper in Nature Geoscience, that next ice age is going to be delayed by tens of thousands of years. This is not actually good news.

Submission + - Free open source alternatives to Adobe CS ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Comparison of Adobe CS software with open source alternatives. Photoshop vs. GIMP, InDesign vs. Scribus and Illustrator vs. Inkscape

For web designers, developers and amateur creative types that work with a lot of graphics and image manipulation, the decision of which software to use is an important one.


Submission + - Intel Dual-Core Pineview Atom Bumped To 1.8GHz (

MojoKid writes: "Although they typically offer excellent battery life, overall performance has been a common complaint among many current netbook users, due in large part to the prevalence of Intel's low-power Atom processor in the space. And that's regardless of whether users are running standard desktop, multimedia or gaming applications. Technology marches on though, especially with the endless resources of Intel's monstrous fabrication technologies, and as such, Intel's netbook processor has been evolving. This article take a breaking look at an evolution of Intel's new Pinetrail Atom platform and the integrated Pineview Atom processor architecture Intel first unveiled last December. However, in the iteration tested—the Pineview-D Aton D525—it has taken on not only another processor core, but also ramped up clock speed to a speedier 1.8GHz. As a result, performance of the platform is increased significantly."

Submission + - h264 permanent royalty moratorium announced. ( 1

vistapwns writes: MPEG LA has announced that free h264 content (vs. paid h264 content which will still have royalties) will be royalty free forever. With ubiquitous h264 support on mobile devices, personal computers and all other types of media devices, this assures that h264 will remain the de facto standard for video playback for the foreseeable future.

Submission + - Diamonds Don't Form From Coal ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Many people believe that diamonds form from coal. That is one of the greatest misconceptions in Earth science. Most natural diamonds that occur near Earth's surface did not form from coal. These diamonds formed deeper in the mantle than any coal seam has ever been buried or were deposited on Earth's surface in asteroid or meteorite impacts. The most convincing evidence that diamonds were not formed from coal is their age — nearly all of the diamonds that have ever been dated formed at least 100 million years before Earth's oldest land plants. Although some diamonds may have formed as plate tectonics carried coal to great depths, most diamonds were at least a billion years old when the first coal seam was deposited.

Submission + - Google's Future 'Searching Without Searching' (

itwbennett writes: Google's Amit Singhal, recently characterized the future of search as 'searching without searching.' The idea is that Google will have so much data on you that it will know what you want before you do. Specifically, Google search would know about your preferences, hobbies, favorite activities and more. And Search would make decisions based on its constant review of all your stuff. For example, if there's slow traffic on the way to a meeting on your calendar, it might alert you to leave early. Google search of the future will suggest things to you out of the blue, presenting you with search results for things you never searched for, hence 'searching without searching.'

Submission + - DMCA amendment proposed for UK (

rimberg writes: The awful UK Digital Economy Bill is being debated in the House of Lords today, and">it might just get more awful.

An amendment that would open the door to nationally censoring entire websites by getting an injunction on claims of copyright infringement — so YouTube or might disappear from the British Internet if someone makes a accusation of copyright infringement against them.

The bill it self contains the disastrous three strikes law where accusations of copy right infringement can get you disconnected from the internet, but if the lords vote this amendment through it will also allow the shutting down of web sites. Please could you spare a few minutes to write to the lords so this amendment does not not get moved.

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