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Comment Re:Who wrote that headline? (Score 1) 80

(company name) launches (product name) [missing "a"] Windows 10 laptop featuring [missing "a"] 1080p display, starts at $520.

So, two missing "a" and you can't parse a title? I've seen much worst right here on Slashdot, especially because of the english-style "word case" where common words with an uppercase first letter just confuses things even more.

Comment Re:Apple's on the wrong road (Score 1) 134

I cannot imagine Apple creating an affordable car for the masses like for example the iPhone.

Affordable, like the iPhone? You're kidding, right?

Without carrier-subsidized cell phone payment plans, "the masses" would not be using iPhones as much as they are right now and most people would be using low-end Android phones instead.

Comment Re:Leader at the top is probably clueless (Score 1) 57

Potential PS4 buyers may have Xbox One and/or PC friends and still want to play with their friends.

Let's say you have four friends with Xbox One and twelve friends with PCs. Right now, with Sony's decision, buying a PS4 means you're not being to play your friends. To do that you must buy either Xbox One or PC. You're not going to force your 16 friends to buy a PS4.

And that's how it benefits Sony: staying a valid buying option.

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