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Comment Re:Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 1) 142

That doesn't necessarily matter. Mac Minis often sell to people who have other Macs.

The Mac mini is supposed to be the "gateway Mac", i.e. a low-cost Mac to get people away from Windows.

But their last update in 2014 was pathetic, it probably drove people away from Macs. If you make a weak, overpriced computer that can't even be upgraded, of course people won't buy it. And I'm sure Apple will go with the typical accounting thinking of "well, the Mac mini is not selling so we might as well stop making them".

Comment Re: Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 2) 142

Correction: swapping RAM was pretty easy. The latest Mac minis have on-board RAM and cannot be upgraded, ever. So if you do any serious work with your computer, you absolutely have to pay for the overpriced RAM upgrade directly from Apple when you buy the computer. You can no longer offset the cost of the computer on a few years by doing upgrades by yourself.

Also, the presentation slide from 2014 said "SSD" as if all the minis now had that feature, but only the top model does. Totally misleading advertisting.

So yes, I'm looking forward to see if the Mac mini will finally be "updated" next week but I'm really not holding my breath. Like a lot of people, I may need to go with the hackintosh option.

Comment Re:Keeping an eye on the Mini. (Score 1) 142

As far as I know, iTunes music files are in AAC and the non-DRM'ed ones can be played on a lot of non-Apple devices. Copy them to an SD card and you can play them on a Nintendo DSi from 2009. So if you still have players that aren't compatible with AAC in 2016, it may be time to get something new.

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