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Comment Re: Hello Wine (Score 2) 585

I've done native code on Windows in industrial safety and automation. You'd think that's an oxymoron, but it can be made sufficiently robust.

I've dealt with bugs in Microsoft's SDKs, and dealt with multiple generations of drawing APIs. Played WoW and other games on WINE on Gentoo. Watched the incessant scrolling of FIXMEs on the console.

I'd love it if I could get paid to hack on WINE...

Comment Doubtful (Score 5, Insightful) 230

There are two things I find unlikely about this story.

1. That Second Life is still a thing.
2. That these are actual Trump supporters.

It's just trolls getting a two-for-one deal. They get to disrupt the Bernie supporters while at the same time painting Trump supporters in a bad(worse?) light.

Comment Windows No Longer King at MS (Score 5, Interesting) 314

On mobile Microsoft has pretty much given up and support Android and iOS as well or better than Windows Mobile now now on the Server side we've already seen .Net moving fast to Linux and now the third biggest lock in application on Windows Server(AD and Exchange being bigger) is coming to Linux. With AD and Exchange being pushed more towards hosted services in the cloud, Windows' future doesn't look too bright there.

Comment No. It won't be (Score 1) 182

Chromebooks will stay with Atom. They're cheap, efficient enough for laptops, and perform well. Plus manufacturers can use the same base hardware for Chromebooks and cheap Windows laptops if they stick with Atom. The closest thing to "Year of ARM Laptop" will be the Surface clones running android Android.

Comment Might be worth cost over RPi (Score 1) 92

I've been really impressed with my Baytrail powered Windows tablet, and this might not be a bad option to turn an old monitor into an all in one PC(it looks like Windows 8 is doable as well as Linux in general) for most tasks that aren't too intensive like gaming. Though if my tablet is any indication, the dual core version with 2GB of RAM should be able to hand Civ V to an extent.

Comment Ecosystem advantage (Score 1) 9

I've run into this before, too. Eventually, the performance advantages I gained as an individual by having a much better setup (software, hardware or both) got completely offset by the lack of interoperability with everyone else.

Comment Then vs. now (Score 1) 6

I visited Moscow in 1985, at the height of the cold war. It was Reagan vs. (I think) Andropov, the USSR was the Evil Empire, and Moscow was the sluggish heart of a gray, shopworn police state.

Today, the BRIC nations are still the big economic wave, even post-2008. A friend went to Russia a few years ago on an adoption trip. From his pictures, Moscow was a brightly painted, active city. At least in the parts tourists went, the brass was polished, the streets were clean and the streetlights all worked.

Strange how the world changes.

Comment Re:Sweet (Score 1) 8

After how I crashed mid-day in Bucharest AND made you miss your train, I was afraid to ask!

Yeah, this will be a romantic getaway for us. It's the first trip we've taken without kids in... in... actually, I can't remember the last one. Austin, TX for a wedding, maybe? 8 years ago?

If they keep inviting me over, I'll keep bouncing around all the European cities I never thought I'd get a chance to see. Who knows... maybe Budapest will be one of them! 8-)

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