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Submission + - A Whale of a Ship going to the Gulf? (hamptonroads.com)

ColdWetDog writes: The "A Whale" a VLOO (Very Large Oil / Ore) Carrier refitted to be the world's largest oil skimmer with the capacity to at least partially clean 500,000 barrels of contaminated seawater may be headed to the Gulf of Mexico's Deepwater Horizon blowout to help with the cleanup. The vessel has never been fully tested and has a number of administrative and governmental hoops to clear. According to the CEO of the Taiwanese shipping company that designed a built the thing the concept behind the craft is "totally not common sense and totally against the rules."

I for one, welcome our totally not common sense oil sucking Taiwanese overlords. A bit more here. but I couldn't find a whole lot of really technical stuff on the seagoing monster.

Submission + - Facebook Founder Called Users "Dumb F***s" (thinq.co.uk)

Stoobalou writes: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called the social network’s earliest users at Harvard "dumb f***s" for trusting him with their data.

The revelation comes in the form of an instant messenger transcript published at Business Insider. The social networking giant hasn't disputed the transcript's authenticity.


Submission + - 10 Signs Your Software Project is Going Down (codeanthem.com)

AmberShah writes: The process for adding a single line of code requires multiple lines of commentary. There are more business or domain people on a team than actual technical folk. Fixing a bug always exposes another bug. The phrase “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” applies to most of the “features” in the product. (and more)

Submission + - North Korea reports nuclear fusion success (bbc.co.uk)

Singlefin writes: The BBC report that North Korea has "made significant progress towards the development of thermo-nuclear power" by building what they refer to as a "unique thermo-nuclear reaction device".

The BBC also note that "[this] is a claim that is likely to be met with some scepticism."


Comcast Awarded the Golden Poo Award 286

ISoldat53 writes "The Consumerist has awarded Comcast the Golden Poo award for the worst company in America. From the article: 'After four rounds of bloody battle against some of the most publicly reviled businesses in America, Comcast can now run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and hold its hands high in victory — it has bested everyone else to earn the title of Worst Company In America for 2010.'"

Comment Re:here's where we get to hear someone spew (Score 1) 932

I did this for an older relative, got her a Mac Mini. It was relatively cheap, as she could keep using her old monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer.

Yes, her incidence of problems has gone way, way down, and her experience of "things are fine" has gone way, way up.

But the best part?

When she does have a problem and calls me? I can say, "Sorry, I don't know anything about Macs. Can't help."


Comment Re:mice? (Score 1) 224

I've also been berated for leaving the toilet seat in the wrong configuration.

I've never understood why women want the seat left down. If you think about it, it's in their best interest to put the seat down when they go into the toilet and put it back up when they're done. That way, they don't run the risk of falling in due to sitting while the seat is up and they don't have to worry about us guys getting the seat wet since it won't get wet in the raised position.

Unfortunately, I've found that even the most logical female will refuse to follow this logic...

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