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Submission + - God isn't going away soon (

Yetihehe writes: Looks like religions are here to stay for now. Recent article at New Scientists suggests that religion and superstitions are hardwired in brain. From article:

Much of that evidence comes from experiments carried out on children, who are seen as revealing a "default state" of the mind that persists, albeit in modified form, into adulthood. Children the world over have a strong natural receptivity to believing in gods because of the way their minds work, and this early developing receptivity continues to anchor our intuitive thinking throughout life.
So how does the brain conjure up gods? One of the key factors is the fact that our brains have separate cognitive systems for dealing with living things — things with minds, or at least volition — and inanimate objects.


Submission + - New site promises legal films without DRM (

Yetihehe writes: New Swedish site promises to deliver DRM free (but with watermarking) full feature films with p2p. Users will be allowed to watch and burn films to DVD as they like. Films will be delivered as DVD files with full quality. For uploading there will be credits which users can use for buying new films. Planned start: this autumn. They will support Windows, Linux and Mac. For start there will be about 500 films available.
Input Devices

Submission + - Clue to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Found

Yetihehe writes: Researchers at Mayo Clinic used powerful microscopes to look inside the carpal tunnels of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome and suggest that violently or repeatedly moving adjacent fingers in different directions may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. From article:
In all of the carpal tunnel syndrome patients, the researchers found, the connective tissues appeared to be damaged, causing bulky fibers and scar tissue. As might be expected if the damage were the result of injury, the worst damage occurs nearest to the tendon.
If these findings are confirmed, this may lead to new treatments for CTS

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