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Submission + - God isn't going away soon (

Yetihehe writes: Looks like religions are here to stay for now. Recent article at New Scientists suggests that religion and superstitions are hardwired in brain. From article:

Much of that evidence comes from experiments carried out on children, who are seen as revealing a "default state" of the mind that persists, albeit in modified form, into adulthood. Children the world over have a strong natural receptivity to believing in gods because of the way their minds work, and this early developing receptivity continues to anchor our intuitive thinking throughout life.
So how does the brain conjure up gods? One of the key factors is the fact that our brains have separate cognitive systems for dealing with living things — things with minds, or at least volition — and inanimate objects.

Feed Engadget: Danish wind turbine eats itself (

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets

You know how we love wind turbines around here, but we love carnage even more -- so we can't get enough of this 200-foot tall Danish wind turbine shearing itself to bits after its brakes failed during a recent storm. The 10-year old windmill is the one of two different Vestas windmills to fail in Denmark in the past week -- the company is launching an investigation, but might we suggest selling tickets instead?

[Via BoingBoing]

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Submission + - Machine quizzes man about love (

holy_calamity writes: "The creator of an AI system that answers natural language questions using a database of facts from which it can deduce new knowledge has taught it the concept of love, just in time for Valentine's day. To do that the puny human had to answer the machine's questions, including whether love is permanent, what kind of entities can love, and whether it is possible to love more than one person at once."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Nerds make better lovers 3

davidwr writes: LiveScience reports that the socially awkward make better husbands than the debonair studs that grace the covers of Gentleman's Quarterly. On the downside they tend to miss out on promotions and the other socially desirable benefits of being a "social chameleon." So, all of you Rodney McKays out there, there is hope. You just have to get past the first date. Just don't go asking for "me time" until after you tie the knot.

Feed Science Daily: A Sense Of Scarcity: Why It Seems Like All The Good Ones Are Taken (

Singles' bars, classified personals and dating websites are a reflection, not only of the common human desire to find a mate, but of the sense of scarcity that seems to surround the hunt. Many people participate in dating activities in the hopes of finding that special someone, yet feel as though it is an impossible task. However, thanks to an international team of psychologists, the solution may be closer than we think -- within ourselves, to be exact.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Duke Nuken confirmed for 2008.

An anonymous reader writes: What else is there to say: Cross your fingers, hold your breath the latest press release states that Duke Nukem will be resleased sometimes in 2008: "we may miss the mark by a month or two, but I feel very confident that we're on target this time." wrote 3D Realms President Scott Miller in an e-mail exchange. Search your favorite game news source for more on your soon to no longer be favorite vaporware.

Feed Engadget: Zune user files suit against Microsoft over alleged ear damage (

Filed under: Portable Audio, Portable Video

According to Zune user Joel Geddis, way back in 2006 his first gen player spontaneously reset and blasted an ear-shattering noise through the earbuds, resulting in permanent "fluid leakage from [his] ear canal, impaired hearing, and incessant ringing and discomfort." Sound like the stuff of a lawsuit? That'd be correct. Like many others, Joel is beating the war drum in an attempt to raise some awareness of his pending product liability and personal injury suit against Toshiba (who made the first Zune's hardware) and Microsoft. See, this is why we warn people to put in ear-plugs before putting on their headphones -- otherwise you might damage your hearing.

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Submission + - Some People Never Learn ( 2

Iddo Genuth writes: "German scientists recently showed what many of us suspected but could not prove — some people just don't learn. The German researchers have found a genetic factor that affects our ability to learn from our errors. The scientists demonstrated that men carrying the A1 mutation, are less successful at learning to avoid mistakes than men who do not carry this genetic mutation. This finding has the potential to improve our understanding of the causes of addictive and compulsive behaviors."

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