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Comment Re:Why is this different from traditional classes? (Score 1) 66

Okay enough with the self-serving lies.

Donald Trump is not relevant to this discussion.

You are a post-middle aged desktop tech making 30k less than average for where you live.

Based on the various job titles I have, I'm actually a computer engineer doing system admin tasks at a desktop technician pay rate. When I requested a cost of living adjustment, I got a lot of hemming and hawing. But, hey, that's government IT for you.

You complain about this often while lauding yourself with grandeur like reading a textbook at 36 seconds per page while an average A student takes 5 minutes [...]

When I was in the eighth grade, I had a college level reading comprehension. By the time I turned 18-years-old, I had personal library of 800 books. If I can read ten novels a month (note that the average Americans reads five books or less per year), reading 100 pages per hour isn't out of the question.

[...] never mind calling HTML a programming language [...]

HTML was a requirement for a programming degree. You can't learn web programming without knowing HTML, CSS and XML.

not being able to handle spelling "meet" correct two times in a row

I'm not perfect. If I was, I would be Jewish.

Lies and more lies to cope with your failure to thrive in life.

You're jealous because I have a life. You might want to try it someday. It's more satisfying than tearing down successful people on the Internet.

Comment Re: traditional colleges don't test to if there o (Score 1) 66

Anyone who denigrates you for missing the "high school experience" is a selfish idiot.

I had trouble getting entry level, minimum wage jobs because I didn't have a high school diploma and an associate degree didn't count. Once I got established in my technical career, no one cared about my lack of high school diploma.

Comment Global development can be painful... (Score 1) 125

As a lead video game tester for Accloade/Infogrames/Atari (same company, different owners, multiple personality disorders), I was responsible for a Nintendo GameBoy Advanced title. I was in California, the producer was on the East Coast, the developer's management team was in London, and the developer's programmers were in Australia. I didn't like this arrangement because I was answering British emails at 6AM, East Coast emails during the day, and Australian emails at 12AM. This around the clock development cycle drove me nuts for four months until the game shipped.

Comment This happens to dumb cars as well... (Score 3, Informative) 73

Back in the late 1990's, I had a roommate who owned a red Toyota Corolla. After we did some Christmas shopping at a busy mall, we were confused as to where the car got parked. My roommate found a red Toyota Corolla, unlocked the doors with his key, we got in and he started the engine. We immediately knew that something was off. For example, the interior was too clean. My roommate checked the registration to discover that we were in someone else's car. We got out, locked up the car and found his car a few rows over. I read somewhere that car manufacturers make a dozen unique car keys for any particular model, making it possible for any car owner to drive off in someone else's car by accident or on purpose.

Comment Re: traditional colleges don't test to if there o (Score 1) 66

Now I'm faced with choosing how to raise my own children: home school or high school?

I'm not sure what the right answer is for you. What I've seen in my own experience is that kids want to learn but that desire to learn is often snuffed out by the school system. Society has too many adults who stopped learning once they get out of school and then get stucked in life because they can't learn their way into a better situation. The desire to learn as a kid and keep learning as an adult must always be paramount.

Comment Re: traditional colleges don't test to if there ow (Score 1) 66

Why? Are you a Mormon or something?

I was misdiagnosed as being mentally retarded due to an undiagnosed hearing lost in one ear, spent eight years in Special Ed and got tired of being treated like a well prized idiot by the school system. Especially since I blew out the annual evaluation on the genius side of the scale, which my teachers always called a statistical fluke. My parents let me stay home during my high school years as I taught myself. I had a personal library of 800 books when I turned 18-years-old.

Comment Re: traditional colleges don't test to if there ow (Score 1) 66

And why he's a fat fuck

Because I was born big. No diet can fix bigness.

He never did any sport.

Not in grade school. Rode my bike all over the place in college. When I had a restaurant job and lived ten miles away, I road my bike 20 miles per day for three years. I still do cardio at the gym.

Comment Re:I wish they would... (Score 1) 66

If I'm dropping $3,500 on a 16 week course, I don't want extra credit for improving their quality of the product I just laid out $$ for - but I'll take a $500 rebate my tuition!

When I went back to community college to learn computer programming, Uncle Sam picked up the tab with a $3,000 tax credit that George W. signed into law after 9/11. I don't mind getting extra credit on a free education. ;)

Comment Re:Why is this different from traditional classes? (Score 1) 66

Students who try to cram in their learning in a short time, like to prepare for an exam, generally don't learn the material nearly as well.

That depends on the class. I had a biology class without a lab to meet the requirements but I wasn't interested in retaining that knowledge once I meant the requirement. I quite literally slept through that class since the content matter made me queasy. On the day before the exam, I read a 1,200-page biology text in 12 hours. I got a B for that course — and a hell of a headache after the final.

Comment Re:I wish they would... (Score 1) 66

Yeah, I've been to my fair share of technical classes where the self practice projects were broken to the point where they couldn't be completed.

The CIS dean that taught most of the programming courses at my community college gave out extra credit for anyone who identified that the self practice assignment was broken, explained why the self practice assignment was broken, and then complete the self practice assignment with a fix in code. Most students didn't bother. Since my day job at that time was being a lead video game tester, I got the extra credit because I could identify, explain and fix the problem.

Comment Re:Why is this different from traditional classes? (Score 1) 66

When I went back to school to learn computer programming, I took some online courses to fill out the requirements. Some instructors were very insistent on meeting virtually every week to go over assignments. Other instructors gave out the material and wished us good luck. My HTML class was the latter. Since I already knew HTML, I waited until the day of the final exam to complete all the assignments in six hours, upload them to the website, and then take the final exam. Like all my programming courses, I got an A.

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