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Comment Re:Umm, these internships are super elite (Score 1) 118

Getting a job at one of these place is like getting into Harvard or winning the lottery both in terms of difficulty and in terms of how it sets you up for the rest of your career.

The easiest way to get a job at Google is to get a contract support position. I never went to high school and only had a pair of associate degrees to my name when I worked at Google in help desk and data centers. Except for the roasted duck and mac-and-cheese on Fridays, Google was no different than any other Fortune 500 company I worked for.

Comment Re:Students are income tax exempt, too (Score 1) 118

During my first tour through college, I typically worked 30 hours per week at the college bookstore. I probably made no more than $10K per year and paid zero in income taxes. Mostly because the county never took out taxes from the monthly paycheck (a huge problem for the regular staff as they needed to sit aside money for taxes) and the amount fell below the threshold for taxable income.

Comment Re:Cost of Living will have some influence on that (Score 1) 118

Just barely enough to live off of in my area, if full time, but not if paying for classes at the same time.

When I went back to school to learn computer programming at community college, my education was free thanks to a $3,000 tax credit that George W. signed into law, I was working 60 hours per week as a lead video game tester and made the college president's list for maintaining a 4.0 GPA in major. It really depends on how badly you want it.

Comment Re:Offshoring (Score 2) 118

CEO earns 10x what I do but does he work 10 times as hard?

When I worked at Cisco in October 2013, my contract came up during an announced layoff period and my boss was prevented from renewing my contract. The CEO got a 60% raise for having a lousy fiscal year. I was unemployed for eight months, had 60 job interviews, and had three job offers pending when I accepted my current position in government IT.

Comment Re:news flash - income varies by region (Score 1) 118

A salary that is comfy in Kansas will have you sleeping in a van in Silicon Valley.

Not quite. I live in Silicon Valley and rent a studio apartment. Depending on how much IT contract work I do in a year, I make $30K to $50K. Silicon Valley can get very expensive in a hurry if you want a big house, big cars, big women and big kids. A modest lifestyle is doable in Silicon Valley if you don't mind your coworkers thinking that you're poor.

Comment Re:Hell no (Score 1) 349

I'm calling BS on Silicon Valley having a well-developed transit system.

I live in San Jose and work in Palo Alto. Most mornings it takes me exactly one hour from my front door to take a local bus down the street, pick up the express bus to Palo Alto, and another local bus to the front door of my workplace. The afternoon commute is one to two hours long, depending on 280 traffic. Or four hours if a gravel truck spills across all lanes like it did a few months ago.

VTA transit routes (e.g., the transit agency responsible for mess that is silicon valley) have decided that the only viable transit corridors/routes are south san jose to downtown san jose and mountain view to cisco (aka north-sanjose).

That's correct. Homes in the South and jobs in the North determined the transit lines back in the 1980's. VTA was supposed to have a half-dozen East-West light rail lines but those were never built. When San Carlos got shutdown as a street through San Jose State University in the 1990's, the county built the foundations and covered it up with 18 inches of top soil for a future light rail line. The only major East-West line being built is the BART extension from Fremont.

Santa Clara (in the heart of Silicon valley)

Santa Clara (Intel) haven't been the heart of Silicon Valley in decades. It's Menlo Park (Facebook).

[...] (unless those points are walking distance to light-rail or caltrain).

That's why mixed-developments with stores on bottom and four story of apartments on top are sprouting up along the transit lines. If you don't live near a major transit line and don't work near a major transit line, blaming public transit isn't going to fix it. I live near several major transit lines, so I'm an hour away from work in North San Jose, Mountain View or Palo Alto.

Comment Re:Hell no (Score 1) 349

Driving a car isn't hard millions do it.

I've waited until I was 37-years-old to learn how to drive. My father wasn't going to teach me as a teenager to drive stick on his one-ton flatbed that he put a million miles on in ten years. Since Silicon Valley has a well-developed transit system, I got around just fine without having a need for a vehicle. One day my father abandoned his old car in my carport. I had not choice but to get my driver license and take possession of the car. Took me three years to find out about all the repairs that he didn't tell me about. It's easier to own a car when you're more mature and financially responsible, especially if your father is DIYer who doesn't believe in mechanics.

Comment Re:Explain the downmod then (Score 1) 317

See subject: Nobody disproved my points (they're easily proven FACTS is why) so I'll do as I please & watch "your kind" RUN DRY of 'downmodpoints' as always, lol... too bad for you & "your kind" ('soros losers', lmao).

I've already told you that I'm not a moderator. I don't have mod points to waste.

* :)

I'm sorry to see that you have a bump on your head. Yes, that would explain a lot.

Also - do yourself a favor before you play "SiDeWaLk-ShRiNk of /.' - get a psychiatric sciences degree, a formal examination of myself given in a professional psychiatric environs & a license to practice it 1st before you make a BIGGER FOOL OF YOURSELF showing your "delusions of grandeur" @ being a psychiatric pro with WEAK off topic illogical ad hominem attacks that fail vs. me (just like your downmods ALWAYS do).

Let me guess... you're an L. Ron Hubbard fan.

P.S.=> You're easy to kill - you do it to yourselves everytime thinking you can "push me around" when I shit ALL OVER YOU easily negating your bs... apk

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