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Journal Journal: Jython 2.2 (Python implemented in Java) released!

After nearly six years of development a new production release of Jython has been released. Jython 2.2 is a portable Java implementation of the Python programming language. The extensive unit tests shared between all the Python implementations confirm that it includes all the CPython 2.2 features (except a few library modules); it also has better Java integration and even a number of CPython 2.3 features! See the release notes for more details. The next version of Jython is expected to entirely skip 2.3/2.4 and shot directly for Python 2.5 compatibility, in the meantime download the cross-platform Jython 2.2 installer and start playing with it, report bugs and submit patches!
P.S.: the first alpha of CPython 3.0 will be released in a few days, with a crapload of small and big enhancements. Apparently Guido is still trying to create the best general-purpose programming language in the world.

Journal Journal: Wikipedia screws up its students at Google Summer of Code

This year's students for Google Summer of Code have been selected and assigned to one of the 137 partecipating organizations or free software projects. To all of them except the Wikimedia Foundation, which asked to partecipate and was accepted and assigned five student slots by Google. But Wikimedia then failed (despited repeated warnings from Google) to assign mentors to any of their students, so the only ones of them that have been accepted are the ones that also applied for other organizations.

Google has redistributed the Wikimedia student slots to other, more responsive, projects: they have been extra-generous this year and have accepted 904 students from all the world, investing more than 4,500,000 US$ in free software. Congratulations to all the students accepted and thanks to the students that were not: try again next year!

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