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Comment Re:Norton (Score 1) 27

More important is that this further highlights that the "trust" system as it is designed today is broken.

The trust system is based on that you get a default trust of a few CAs in the top, and if one is compromised the house of card suffers severely. And what happens if a CA is ordered by a government to provide false certificates? We can't know if that's the case or not because it will look identical to a real certificate unless it's inspected on a very low level and compared with the certificates assigned to the company using them.

Submission + - SixXS IPv6 Tunnel Provider Shutting Down (

yakatz writes: SixXS started providing IPv6 tunnels in 1999 to try to break the "chicken-and-egg" problem of IPv6 adoption. After 18 years, the service is shutting down. The cited reasons are: 1. that growth has been stagnant, 2. many ISPs offer IPv6, and 3. some ISPs have told customers that they don't need to provide IPv6 connectivity because the customer can just use a tunnel from SixXS. This last reason in particular made the SixXS team think they are doing more harm than good in the fight for native IPv6, so they will be shutting down on June 6.

Submission + - Slashdot poll: Should Pluto be restored to it's status as a planet?

BarbaraHudson writes: With the issue of Pluto's status as a planet coming up for debate at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Texas, how would you vote?

1. Pluto is a planet
2. Pluto was never a planet
3. Pluto is a dog and I'm boycotting Disney
4. Are you Sirius?
5. Sure, and let's upgrade he earth and moon as a binary planet system
6. Who cares, as long as we can declare war against it to increase defense spending
7. Who cares, there's no oil there
8. Cowboyneal says "I hear there might be oil there. We need more money for NASA".

Comment Re:If it's unzipping encryption it has to re-zip i (Score 1) 100

Since the certificate of the original site is very hard to re-create then the recipient would be able to detect a man in the middle attack, but on company computers it may be a lot harder since the company also controls the clients.

So don't do your private banking in a company environment.

Submission + - Move over cloud computing, the future of online storage could be fog (

drunkdrone writes: Computer scientists in Italy are working on a new concept that could reduce the risks involved with storing your files on the cloud with a new system that disperses them across multiple remote locations – and they're calling it fog.

The idea of fog computing is that rather than having all your documents, images and other files stored in a single location, they are instead broken into pieces and spread across several servers on a public or private network. As a result, no one file exists in its entirety in one place, which in turn means there is no single location for hackers to target.

The system uses standard internet protocols and works by endlessly bouncing data packets around routers.

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