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Comment WTF (Score 0) 248

WTF is unclear about "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press"???

I fully understand the rationale for the NY law in question, and I agree that it makes sense and is probably a good idea. But holy shit is it absolutely unconstitutional. You can't override the first amendment with state law.

Comment Re:How does one call me on a landline? (Score 1) 552

So if my kids are trouble and they need to contact me, your suggestion is that they call me at the concert or venue.

Yes, that's exactly how we did it in the old days before mobile phones. Name and phone number of the venue posted by the kitchen phone. If the kids aren't capable of making that call then they should have a babysitter.

Then there is the problem of the helpful "staff" as you call them finding me in a sea of other people.

Pause the show, make announcement over the PA system. Remember, this is in case of emergency.

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