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Comment Re:I don't need (Score 1) 909

They also censor artists who criticize Walmart.

This is correct. In the late 1990's Sheryl Crow had a song with the lyric Watch out sister/Watch out brother/Watch our children as they kill each other/with a gun they bought at the Wal-Mart discount stores. It was banned and to this day the album isn't available in stores (or online). It is available on their download site here. Go figure. For details on the controversy, see here.

As for the story at hand. I've learned to mostly avoid the App Store and the entire iTunes store. It isn't worth it anymore.

Comment Re:ubuntu's rocky upgrade road (Score 1) 320

Since upgrading, I've been having a problem [] where sometimes fails to start up when I boot.

Actually, X does start but I there's a run condition in their Upstart configuration that sometimes cause the the VT to stay on the VT1. You can just press [ctrl] [alt] [F7] to get to the X session for now.

Comment Re:Ubuntu Lucid == Linux Vista (Score 3, Insightful) 320

I dunno about any button issue, but a couple of versions back they pulled the very nice update widget from the system tray, and replaced it with a horrible Apple-style distracting popup and a 'notification area' which is a usability nightmare (big black popup every time my network status changes, for instance, which hovers for about 30 seconds right over my eyespace but is not clickable to say 'yes I know stop bugging me').

Lots of people flagged these 'upgrades' as bugs, explicitly requesting reinstatement of the old, working, behaviour, but Mark himself came on the bug system to say 'no, we're doing it my way'.

It's not an isolated incident. It's a pattern.

Submission + - OFFICIAL: Slashdot shit on April 1st.

An anonymous reader writes: Anonymous researchers in North Korea have conclusively demonstrated that internet users with inflated opinions of their "comedic genius", combined with low editorial standards, make the popular geek news site utterly pointless on April 1st. According to the lead researcher "One or two gags are to be expected on the first day of April, but when you are in the situation where every single story is an unimaginitive and unbelievable 'prank' then you know things have gone too far!". One of his graduate students continued: "In North Korea our resources are limited, so we are forced to dedicate time and effort to the task of crafting a small number of believable ruses. In the west you squander your ill gotten capitalist riches to produce reams of unreadable dross." Analysts generally back these conclusions, although they caution that unimaginative submitters are not sufficient to explain this phenomenon alone. Linus Torvalds was overheard to mutter: "The editors must have some pretty low standards for this crap to get through." RMS was not available to comment.

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