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Comment Is this some type of flash-mob baseball game? (Score 1) 114

I was under the impression that these baseball/concert stadiums are relatively permanent structures. Why can't they just mount a few of these on the overhang above the fans/field? Seems simpler, cheaper, and easier to implement. If the cost of the communications equipment is prohibitive, they could just have a few mounts in each stadium and move the equipment around as needed.

Comment Re:Is it any easier to program than the Tianhe-2? (Score 4, Funny) 247

...Tianhe-2 is notoriously hard to program for. ... And will USA ever catch up?

The Chinese currently have beat everyone else in this, but I believe there are several U.S. government funded teams working on developing supercomputers that are increasingly difficult to program.

Comment Classy use of Class (Score 4, Informative) 43

*10nm-class denotes a process technology node somewhere between 10 and 19 nanometers, while 20nm-class means a process technology node somewhere between 20 and 29 nanometers.

This has the stink of a marketing department on it. Does anyone know what the actual size is? I'm guessing it's closer to 19 nm than to 10 nm. Still an impressive achievement if it meets their claims.

Next year will their marketing department tout their 0 nm-class* process technology?

Comment I'll put these bumper stickers on my car then (Score 2) 192

I'll put this bumper sticker on the left side of my car:
"Attention FBI: This car best photographed from the right side."
and on the right side of my car:
"Attention FBI: This car best photographed from the left side."

Then put some other nutty bumper stickers in between, and wait for the fun to start!

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