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Comment Re:DEA already has rescheduled and overruled itsel (Score 1) 148

Actually, their constitutional authority to exist is that the Executive Branch calls them into existence to execute the provisions of laws passed by the Legislative branch.

It took a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol, and that amendment has been repealed. This leaves no authority for any branch of the government to prohibit the manufacture, sale, or use of any drug. Any act of the congress that purports to do so is not a law at all, it is as James Madison would describe it, a usurpation.


Comment Re:Still not ready for cities (Score 2) 178

First of all, fatalities aren't the only accidents. Secondly, you don't have to drive them a hundred million miles to get a statistically significant sample. Thirdly, it's not just trucking companies, but their insurance carriers and all of their customers who will want to see this legislation.


Comment Re:Still not ready for cities (Score 1) 178

The government isn't going to let fully automated trucks run around with nobody to watch them any time soon,

I give it a couple of years, tops. Once the data are in showing a significantly lower accident rate than human drivers, those rules requiring a human on board will look like the rule about all cars having to be preceded by a man on foot carrying a red flag.


Comment Re:What's a Trump voter to do ? (Score 2) 178

high school graduates who have been coasting through life thinking their whiteness entitles them to a middle class lifestyle are toast. The number of jobs they're intellectually capable of performing is set to dwindle.

I can say the same thing about anyone with a (whatever) "studies" degree. Making coffee's pretty easy to automate.


Comment Re:Why do these journals still exist? (Score 1) 137

Several methods I can think of. First, just leave the printing stage off, let any libraries that find that important just print off their own copies, and remove that excuse for high fees. That's like version 0.01.

After that, you can experiment (which is sort of being done) with proper reputation systems to replace the "we're a big organization with $X, no one else can play" model. Sure - the big organizations would still dominate most of those, and scoring 'points' in such a system would still require money - but that money should hopefully go more towards people doing work, and less towards organization fees, licenses, etc. That would get you to something like version 0.35.

Getting to this point would involve lots of scandals - but proper ones that really should happen. To get further, you'd want replace the flawed "because we're older and got more mentions" system with a proper interactive vetting process, where replications are worth a larger percentage, even if they don't get 'published'. You can start to bring the newer system into the hiring process instead of 'must have published in x or y' process we've got now. That would get you around 0.5.

To get further than that, you'd have to get outside parties interacting with the process better. Imagine a world where not only free access, but journalists would actually use it, because it's mostly as convenient as 'industry sources' info. That, and being able to contact often obscure scientists to ask a question without having to wait for days in administrative limbo as often.

I'm not coming at this from a 'oh, why won't they support my pet topic' perspective - but as someone whose had friends that have had to deal with the system as it has existed, and who is into proper James Randi-style skepticism (not "science skepticism"), who sees flaws in journals and journalists covering topics lead to mass public misunderstandings greater than just a few simple scandals.

Any system is going to have flaws - I just don't see the journals as useful to anything at this point, when expert gatekeeping can be done so much better in other circles.

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