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Comment Re:So... (Score 4, Insightful) 97

It's a cool use of 3D Printing; but couldn't just putting the victim's finger on the phone work?

If you would have read the article, it states that the body was too decayed. Another possibly scenario would be where the body hasn't been found yet and they find the phone in the victim's apartment, along side the road, etc... There are plenty of situations where you might have a prerecorded fingerprint but not a body.

Oh, and call me cynical but my guess is that one of the reasons it's being tried in this case is to set a precedence in a "safe" case so they can later use it against living people with a search warrant.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1135

Why do you assume someone on UBI is sitting at home doing nothing. My guess is they will be doing things that will supplement their UBI, but they can be more selective. Your basically asking for a centrally planned economy vs a free market labor economy.

No, I'm asking for a safety net. Somewhere where you can go and work 10 hours to get some food. Some sort of day labourer gig of last resort for someone who can't find work elsewhere. A stopgap that allows someone to survive while they look for work. My comment was to someone talking about the life/death situation of being unemployed. It wouldn't be designed to support you long term. Society needs to figure out what exactly they want. The program we have now SNAP even has the word "supplemental" in it's name but I've read dozens of articles about how you can't feed yourself on the amount of money you get with SNAP. Social security was also designed to be supplemental not someone's sole source of retirement. That's actually one thing positive about the reemergence of the "gig" economy. It makes it easier for people to supplement their income with odd jobs like they used to 50 and 100 years ago. It's only in recent years (and even today only in certain countries) where steady employment is the norm. Even in many well to do countries, odd jobs are a still lot more common than they are in the USA today.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1135

Who's talking about abolishing capitalism? It just shouldn't be a life-and-death situation.

But there are plenty of other likely better solutions than Universal Basic Income. The public works projects of the past are great examples. Why can't we do something like that today? Today most of the unemployed are unskilled but it's still possible. A simple proposal would be to have a place that anybody who shows up gets a job at half of minimum wage. The job might be picking up trash, planting a tree, or even sitting in a classroom learning a new skills. Surely we can find something useful for people to do after the robots take all the unskilled jobs. Even if it was just sitting in a room reading a book or watching a video for personal enrichment, it makes more sense to me to pay someone to advance their skills than to sit at home and continue to struggle.

Comment Re:Companies shouldn't have political power (Score 1) 415

OK. So when it's $2500 from a single person, that's not enough to be tempting as a bribe. But what about when it's $5,000,000 from a single organization who's taking "forced" contributions (labor union dues, for example) and using them in a bundle - that's not a bribe?

In other words, why is a limit set for one type of entity and a different limit for a different type of entity? Why is an individual limited to $2500 but an organization or corporation unlimited?

I agree completely. Currently the $2500 limit pretty much makes it so that the individual has no power which is exactly what they want. I would gladly support a law that said that $2500 limit also applied to corporations, unions, etc...

Comment Re:Companies shouldn't have political power (Score 1) 415

Why should there be a limit in the first place? What's the Constitutional groundwork that supports a limit in terms of personal donations towards politics?

Because it's a form of bribery. You have to have a limit and/or ban it completely otherwise someone with millions of dollars can essentially buy votes and the average person's vote becomes meaningless. It's the same reason that we have anonymous voting and it's illegal to buy votes. Buying votes and buying political influence although it can be argued is part of free speech undermines democracy if $1 equals 1 vote instead of 1 person = 1 vote.

Comment Re:Companies shouldn't have political power (Score 1) 415

Should unions or trade associations have the right to run advertisements, lobby, or push issues?

I think that cap should be $2500 per person period and if I donate $200 to a union, the NRA, AARP, etc... and 50% of that is used for political purposes then that $100 counts towards my $2500 limit. So pooling funds is fine but it still counts towards a person's yearly limit.

Comment Re:Companies shouldn't have political power (Score 2) 415

This was going on before political donations. As long as companies (or labor unions, or other organized groups) can promise nice, fat "consulting/board" positions to politicians after they retire, they will have power.

This would be easily handled with "conflict of issue" or "bribery" laws. It would be easy enough to make these sort of things illegal. The problem would be getting the political power to do it in the first place and enforcing it afterwards. Public shaming in theory should even work but as you can see from our current crop of candidates, the public doesn't seem to care if their candidate is morally corrupt and does illegal or unethical things as long as that candidate is perceived to be on their "side".

Comment Re:you my dear fellow... (Score 1) 205

Counterfeit Meds should be life in prison.

... are far too forgiving. seller of counterfeit meds should be force fed the counterfeit product until dead, or same number of doses sold consumed, whichever occurs first.

This wouldn't help in most cases. In many cases counterfeit meds are "harmless" because they are inert sugar pills. Not harmless to the person who actually needs the medication but harmless to someone who doesn't who takes them. The other categories are watered down meds, substituting for a completely different cheaper medicine that looks similar, or actual generic knockoffs likely at a lower quality standard.
You could argue that they are all fraud but there is a huge difference between selling something completely different from what you claim and selling something that is circumventing copyrights and patents. The later category (actual generic knockoffs) still hurts companies but might actually benefit some consumers.

Comment It's a self correcting problem (Score 3, Interesting) 205

I have family members that sell on amazon and ebay. They say they can get almost double on amazon on many items. The main reason is that people trust the sellers on amazon more than the sellers on ebay. In this case, it's the exact same seller but amazon have managed to create an environment where even used items fetch a premium. If they screw it up and people start realizing that the same hucksters are on amazon (and they are) then people will start shopping elsewhere.

Comment Re:From my cold dead hands.... (Score 1) 110

image the drive. Install windows 10 as update. If things work fine after this, image the drive. If things are screwed up install win 10 as new install at this point you should already have a key that the previous install created. If the computer is functional image the drive and restore the windows 7 from image. I have dual boot 7 and 10 on one of my computers.

Yeah, funny. There is a good chance that the average non-slashdot user isn't even going to know what "image the drive" means much less be able to do it.
My aunt thought that the windows login was her "logging on to the internet". There are plenty of other people out there who can barely connect to wifi on a fully functional computer. These people are screwed if an update hoses their computer. Their only real option is to buy a new computer (which is what my mom and dad usually do if even something minor breaks). This is possibly acceptable when it's a hardware problem or virus but seems all the more ridiculous when it is a "software update" forced on you that hoses everything.

Comment Re:From my cold dead hands.... (Score 1) 110

4 years is a long time, and considering that Windows 7 still has about 50% market share, Microsoft has some serious work to do to convince businesses and home users to switch to a service that does not offer significant advantages to Windows 7 users, and has lots of downsides. None of the features added to Windows 10 are of any interest to me at this point. Even Direct X 10 isn't a draw yet. I have 6 machines running windows 7 and none will be upgraded until Windows 10 offers me more control, rather than less. I don't want a service, I want a functioning OS. I am using Windows on computers, not phones, and I don't need it on phones. Microsoft has hundreds of millions of Windows 7 users to convince, and they are doing an exceptionally poor job of convincing them based on "features" (like forced updates).

It is going to be a tough sell to get the other half of Windows users to switch when the new, service based OS has so much baggage.

Not to mention that they are soon going to be expected to pay for something that was previously free. Yeah, good luck with that.
I upgraded my windows 8 box to get the start menu back. Luckily it went ok. I also upgraded a windows 7 laptop I had. It took about 10 attempts before it finally completed successfully. My mom and my aunt's boxes both auto upgraded and both died a horrible death. My aunt's computer flashes every second as soon as she logs in and my mom's computer only shows a cursor after she logs in. Not sure what the real percentage is but in my small personal sample that is a 50% failure rate (75% failure rate if you include my windows 7 box that failed multiple times before being successful). I can't imagine it really makes 50% of the computers out there unusable but even if it's 10% that's a huge amount of dead computers and pissed customers. I worked on my aunt's computer for over an hour and tried several supposed "fixes" with no luck. My guess with my aunt's computer is that it is the windows manager that is dying and restarting over and over.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

When I did the math a while back, I believe I calculated that the average car lost about 20% (of that year's current value) every year. It didn't really matter whether it was new or used. A $30k new car and a $30k used car both lost about the same $6k in a year and it continued that way. The advantage of owning a 3k car vs a 30k car isn't that it doesn't lose value but that because the car is worth considerably less, the actual dollar amount of lost value is also less. 20% of 3k is only 600 dollars vs 6k for 20% of a 30k car or 12k for 20% of a car currently worth 60k.

Comment Re:planetary protection (Score 1) 131

Being in space for years, with extreme temperature variations, vacuum, and radiation, isn't sufficient to guarantee sterility? I know bacterial spores can be pretty tough, but THAT tough?

Unlike morons on Earth who are happy to fuck with our air, water, and food supply for profit, NASA understands that you can't fuck this up even once, and it simply isn't worth the chance...

Once even a single anything gets down there, you're screwed and can never remove it...

If a spaceship that has been in space for years can transport life from earth to jupiter then in all likelyhood it has already happened from the many asteroids that have hit earth in the past and blasted rocks into space.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 265

And not all dinosaur species died out. The avian dinosaurs survived. So we have most mammal lines dying out, and most dinosaur lines dying out. In short: "giant meteor killed most, but not all, species on Earth"

Avian dinosaurs and mammals have several things in common. They both have some form of covering (fur/feathers), they both have a lot of smaller species, they both have a lot of omnivorous species, and most importantly all mammals and many avian species can regulate their own internal body heat. My guess is that the fur/feathers combined with being warm blooded is what gave mammals/avians the biggest lead. With wildly fluctuating temperatures, being able to self-regulate would be a major advantage. I don't think the immediate heat is the problem. The problem is that if you survive that then the dust has now blocked out the sun and temperatures drop for the next several years. Dinosaurs had evolved for a tropical environment and would have had no way to deal with several years of cold weather. This also explains why most of the reptiles that did survive are aquatic. Water would have helped the aquatic species regulate their body temperatures better.

Comment Re:More than you can possibly consume.... (Score 1) 43

No, only if you're following more people than you can possibly think about.

Please, for the love of all things holy, show me _everything_ my friends post. Let me filter out which of them I don't want to see. Hell, I don't even mind if you stick an *obvious* advert in the middle of the damn list, just give it me _ALL_.

Exactly. Why try to guess? Why not ask the user? I want to see everything person A posts, nothing person B posts, and only the most interesting things from person C's post. Oh, and give it to me in chronological order please. And while I'm making demands, what about allowing me to click on posts that I've seen so that I only see new posts. A message "no new posts" would be great to see. I wouldn't even mind an ad or two under it.

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