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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 388

as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of employment.

What the hell for? Let's get everything fully automated as soon as possible so we can get the basic income uprising out of the way and we can all do whatever we want instead of what we feel we have to do.

I agree. Ignoring the fact that it's impossible to draw the line between a robot and a machine (is a calculator a robot?, what about a self service checkout?), I think the best solution for excess labor is probably to just start reducing hours worked per week in lockstep. If we reduced hours worked from 40 to 30 then we would instantly create 25% more jobs. As jobs get automated away, we could continue to reduce hours worked until people were only working a few hours per week. It's really the supply versus demand that is the problem. There are a ton of crappy jobs right now because the supply of "unskilled" human labor is greater than the demand. For the foreseeable future though, there will still be jobs that only humans can do so if we want wages to go up, the best way to do this is to either decrease the supply or increase the demand. Increasing the demand is going to be hard. Decreasing the supply is much easier. Death or population control would be one gruesome way. Another solution is to cap the hours worked per week. Companies would still need those jobs filled and would have to pay more per hour for people to be willing to work them and also need to hire more people to fill the same number of hours.

Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 369

That actually sounds a lot like fascism. Which shouldn't be too surprising, I suppose, since Libertarianism and Fascim seem to have a lot in common.

The difference between fascism and libertarian is that libertarians want "minimal rules to create a safe environment" where fascism wants maximal rules. Fascism wants the government to control things. Libertarians want the government to control nothing. They are on exact opposite sides of the spectrum.

Comment Re:first (Score 2, Informative) 382

Well for one, ICE vehicles don't come with a shitload of radioactive byproducts being spewed into the air.

Dirty Coal can be placed hundreds of miles away from people. We could even put it inside of a giant glass bubble where nothing escapes. Besides efficiency of scale, it's much easier to monitor, filter, purify, etc... a small handful of power plants than it is thousands upon thousands of tiny little power plants. We also have the option of doing renewable, biowaste, or even off planet power generation once everything uses electricity.

Comment Re:Without even reading the $500 billion plan... (Score 3, Insightful) 401

Without even reading the $500 billion plan, I can tell that there is no way they have though of all the consequences of using 10 million wind powered pumps to bring water to the top for it to freeze.

And isn't the Arctic ice mostly fresh water? Even if you can get the salt water to freeze, it's going to melt at a much warmer temperature and will do drastically different things to the environment than slowly melting fresh water ice.

Comment Re:Surprised (Score 1) 47

* Hovering will always require more energy than driving.

A personal Zeppelin would be a good solution to solve this problem.

* Hovering will always be more sensitive to weather conditions than driving.

Maybe but having 200 lanes of traffic versus 4 lanes of traffic means that even if you have to travel a little slower, you never get into a traffic jam.

* Hovering will always have more dangerous consequences to equipment failure or operator error than driving.

Computerized flight in the air has limited obstacles. You don't have to worry about deer, road closures, children playing ball, etc... Much easier than a self driving car.

* Hovering won't solve end-point congestion, since we're all rushing to the same places. (Check out your average parking lot!)

Sure it will. Vertical takeoff and landing in a parking lot eliminate most of the end-point congestion.

Comment Re: Not Even Kidding (Score 1) 95

Americans are so backwards.

I had some visiting back in the 2000's that were amazed phones had caller ID and could send pictures !

They also couldnt understand why a phone could receive texts/calls even when disconnected.

Still, its to be expected considering the punitive system they live under.

A lot of our problems come from our shear size and our low population density in some areas and even though people rarely leave their home town, they expect their phone to work flawlessly in an area larger than Europe. Our 911 system for instance are all mostly independent system in each city. Our carriers have to spend a tremendous amount of money building out towers and then upgrading those towers and interfacing with the local system. Our other issue is that our landline system was so good. A lot of countries skipped over landlines and went straight to cellular and in many cases even skipped over first generation technologies like cdma and went straight to gsm. You combine those and you have a lot more cost per customer than most countries do.

Comment Re:Coffee (Score 1) 229

You seem to think that someone's skill is based on how much they tell you it's worth, while in most of the world that is not the case. Only in a large corporate environment do you have such a discerning talent pool available. In bumfuck, USA, there is nothing but small developers, even the ones that charge 6 figures.

You can't magically make someone a better employee by paying them more. What you can do though is get better people applying if you pay better. If you pay high enough and advertise sufficiently then qualified people will be willing to move there to take that position. You see this a lot in school teachers especially in school computer teachers. School teachers fall into 1 (or more) of 3 categories: #1 they really enjoy teaching, #2 they don't need the money, or #3 this is the best paying job they can find. The ones in category #1 and #2 tend to be ok teachers but a *good* computer teacher can easily make double what most schools pay so if they fall into category #3, then they are almost by definition awful. If on the other hand, a school paid above average wages then they would likely get hundreds of applicants and can have their pick of them.

Comment Re:Not Even Kidding (Score 1) 95

The cheapest we have in the USA from a major carrier (t-mobile) is $36 a year and includes 30 minutes a month. There are a few cheaper options from resellers if you never actually use your phone. We also have an interesting feature that even a "disconnected" phone can still call 911, our police/fire/emergency number. Not sure if other countries do something like that or not.

Comment Re:tethering (Score 1) 95

A dumb phone with 4G wifi hotspot functionality may be my ideal device. It's not clear from the article if that'll be supported, but I'd be pleasantly surprised if it was.

I asked for this years ago. When they first started coming out with smart phones, I was annoyed that I couldn't just pick my tablet/ipod of choice and tether it to my phone of choice. A smartphone is still inferior to a dumb phone for placing calls. There are obviously people that want an all in one so they don't have to carry two devices but having the flexibility of detaching your cellular service from your screen of choice would be awesome.

Comment Re:Not Even Kidding (Score 2) 95

I do miss the $15 prepaid candybar Nokia phone. Only did basic texts and phone... but it worked well, and Nokia's UI for the feature phones is unmatched.

Cheap prepaid plans at $3/month or less can still be found:
There are even some cheap unlimited plans without data for $20 or less:

Comment Re:Another breakthrough! News at 11! (Score 2) 218

Would the Dell XPS range not suit you better then? Since Dell bought Alienware they're practically the same thing, but without all the gamer gimmickry.

One of my goals is to be able to drive 3 displays, one of which is a 4k. Most laptop video cards only support 2 displays at a time and the lcd counts as one of them. The alienware line makes 3 displays and/or 4k easy as they sell a docking station that supports 3rd party video cards.

Comment Re:Makes no sense (Score 4, Insightful) 95

If they were only quitting because of financial security there wouldn't be a single CEO still working in silicon valley.
More likely there was something wrong in the work environment.
That combined with lots of money means they will move on to more fulfilling things.

Notice how all 3 examples started their own business? There is a *huge* difference between "making tons of money *and* being able to call the shots" and "just making tons of money". I own my own business and make around 90k a year. I could likely make considerably more working for someone else and I've considered it a few times but I'm not sure the extra money would be worth losing all the perks I get from owning my own business.

Comment Re: Never (Score 0) 369

You're not one of those misguided libertarians who believe everything just works itself out so there's no need for government. No, you just dont like government that you disagree with.

Although the current libertarian party generally seems to be for open borders, there is a third type of libertarian. It's the libertarian who thinks that the government's sole job is to create a safe and stable environment. This type of libertarian is going to be for a strong military, a strong police force, strong borders, pro-isolationalist and anti-immigration. It's the same mindset of a person who builds a wall around 100 acres and a cabin in the middle. The anti-immigrational libertarian just happens to just want to have a bigger wall.

Comment Re:Another breakthrough! News at 11! (Score 3, Insightful) 218

You should look at gaming laptops, some of them are a bit thick, but they really are true desktop replacements.

Yep, I discovered the same thing. My 5 year old laptop is at the end of it's life and I will likely be replacing with with an alienware laptop not because I'm a gamer but because I actually want an upgrade not a downgrade.

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