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Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 64

The stock images should be more comprehensive?

I can't imagine any malware could detect a stock image taken from a year of use.

Yep. Even if it was taken from a few weeks of use in a student lab the amount of effort needed for a virus to determine the false positives from the false negatives would become astronomical. It would either still infect some honeypots or greatly reduce the number of systems it could infect.
Basically the honeypots made it too easy as a real computer in use shows many signs of use like facebook access, random google searches, random cruft on the hard drives, etc.. This is a simplistic version. I could see a more advanced one making sure there was at least one facebook post in the last 24 hours before releasing it's payload.

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 279

Science and physics once said fusion and fision were impossible and the sun couldn't possibly exist as it produced more energy than physically possible.
It also couldn't explain how the honeybee flew or heavier than air travel.

One thing that helped with these was that we had working examples that proved it was possible even if we didn't know how but just because we don't have a known working example of ftl travel it doesn't make it impossible.

We already have working theories on bendIng space. Currently they require an enormous amount of energy and likely destroy stuff in it's path but that doesn't make it impossible. It would be simple enough to stop before your destination and travel the last part of the journey the traditional way.

Comment Re:Drop in the bucket (Score 1) 161

Or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with $44 billion

The Gates Foundation as well as several of the other ones you listed tend to mostly focus on distributing existing cures rather than trying to find new cures. I agree that it's pie in the sky idealism but $3 billion is still a considerable amount of money that could go a long way if focused in particular areas. I'm also not saying that the Gates Foundation is not doing a very good thing but discovering new cures is not really a huge focus of theirs because there are plenty of people already dying from know diseases with known cures.

Comment Re:Drop in the bucket (Score 1) 161

Dear Mister Zuckerberg,

We think that you're grossly underestimating the size of the effort.
But thank you for diverting a bit of your fortune to our cause.
It's a refreshing change from counting on big pharma corporations to divert a bit from their marketing budget....

- The scientists in the life-science field

The one advantage that a not for profit has is that they can look for cures that might not be profitable. It's more profitable to treat a chronic illness than to cure it.
A not for profit also has an advantage over a government entity in that it can look for cures instead of spending its money on treating the existing ill.
Most of the money currently spent on medicine is either looking for a profit or taking care of already sick people so it's not necessarily a bad thing for some money to be spent on pie in the sky ideas without worrying about treating the chronically ill.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 185

Don't you realize that no one service is ever going to even possibly approach that? Even Amazon will probably never get over a meager fraction. There is way too much out there. You're asking for something that's never going to happen, because it's way too much work and would be ludicrously expensive. (Peoples' cable bills are tiny compared to the bill you're asking for!)

Netflix by mail already does offer this service. The only problem is that because of current laws it's stuck to using snail mail.

I want almost the opposite of what you do. I want extremely-narrow (1 show) "channels," and dozens of them, all accessed via a standard interface (so that my user agent can show a unified list and play whatever I subscribe to or buy)

In some ways this is the same as what I am asking for. Get 100% coverage and charge me if you need to for certain titles but at least make it available. It's stupid that streaming is crippled in a way that redbox and netflix by mail have titles that streaming can't offer.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 185

Considering I already don't care about and don't watch probably 80-90% of the current selection anyways, dropping what I do care about in order to become Netflix Channel is not something I care to support and might actually make cable look like a good option again. Don't do that.

They've publicly stated that "Netflix Channel" is their goal where they are curators of content. I find this disappointing. I really would like some company to try for 100% coverage even if it is a pay per hour type situation. Amazon is the closest so far with some unlimited content and alot of rental content mixed together. Amazon would be almost perfect if it's subscription also included X hours of anything in its library so that I didn't have to be nickled and dimed for all their premium content. They've recently started adding additional channels like Starz which improves their coverage even more but it's still a patchwork of services. I really want VidAngel to win so that you can rent physical dvds without shipping as netflix by mail still has the best coverage but so far noone has successfully won a remote DVR or remote physical disk case.

Comment Re:At&t doesn't even try to pretend it isnt ex (Score 1) 160

When I turned my Uverse equipment in, the guy at the UPS store and I had a good laugh about the huge surge of AT&T equipment getting turned in. I was content with my 12Mb/s internet. It wasn't the fastest, but it was fine. Now I have 50Mb/s cable with a $4/month VPN service and things have been running great for a few months now.

Its costing me less, and I'm getting better service. I should actually be thanking AT&T for making me get off my ass and finally switch.

It's pretty bad when cellular service actually offers better service than landline. I know of at least 3 people (including myself) who completely ditched both dsl and cable because I can get faster, cheaper, and more reliable internet using a hotspot in my home.

Comment Re:Trying to convince Obama? (Score 5, Informative) 343

He's about to leave office. The elections are in less than 4 weeks.
They're targeting the wrong president.

They should be targeting Donald Gump or Hilary Pneumonia and trying to convince them to make an election promise.

Except that it's become tradition for presidents to pardon a bunch of people on their last day in office. If your political career is basically over then noone can do much if you pardon all your friends.

Comment Re:Misleading headline (Score 1) 87

But results can't be inferred to be the same as outside, which is why it is the headline that is misleading.

It shows how bacteria can quickly become superbugs in the right environment. Even in a less than ideal environment, it only has to evolve once to jump to the next person and unlike in this experiment, they are generally going to be surrounded by lots of environments(people) with no antibiotics in their system.

Comment Re:In other words. . . (Score 1) 314

Better to give your money to someone else than someone who "dislikes your type of people".

But there is a vocal group of people going out of their way to MAKE people who dislike them take their money even when it's something personal like a wedding. Why would you want someone who hates gays to be your photographer, cake decorator, or officiant? But people are suing for just that. I understand if a core function like a grocery store or restaurant refuses service but I think certain smaller personal activities especially professional creative types should be allowed to choose their clients however they want.

Comment Re:In other words. . . (Score 5, Informative) 314

the company is telling its employees what policies to implement, instructing their employees on how to behave, and overall exercising control over its employees. Just like a hotel does.

Except that training staff and setting diversity goals for recruitment is not going to do anything when it is the *hosts* that are discriminating. In most cases, if the host also lives there, it is not even illegal to discriminate. Most places have rules that let you discriminate on gender and other random requirements when dealing with roommates or in some cases even sharing a close dwelling like a duplex.

Comment Re:Possible solution... (Score 1) 299

They DON'T prevent crime.

They prevent crime the same way that a single bullet in a revolver prevents people from wanting to play russian roulette. The odds of getting killed from russian roulette is pretty low on any given round but cumulatively it's not a game anyone wants to play.

Comment Re:Possible solution... (Score 1) 299

Which is exactly what I said. But then again considering the fact we still have crime, it doesn't seem to be working too well now does it?

You are never going to eliminate crime. That's not really even the goal. The goal is to minimize crime. The thing about crime whether it is stuff like speeding, tax invasion, shop lifting, or something serious, the chances of getting caught for a single crime is extremely low but if you continue to break the law then you will eventually get caught. This has two effects. Because people know they have a small chance of getting caught, they are less likely to speed, illegally park, etc... Combine that with the fact that most people who do continue to commit crimes eventually are locked up and you have a fairly stable society where you don't have gangs busting down your door to steal your TV every night.

Comment Re:HD-Traffic vs. SD-Traffic (Score 1) 75

Sounds like the solution to tmobile's binge on throttling is an always on VPN session on your phone.

But that kindof defeats the purpose. If tmobile can't detect that it's video then yes it's not throttle but it also counts against your data so if you wanted zero rated video then tmobile has to know that it's video.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 2) 66

The fact on the ground is some packets do get priority.

Do you even think it's reasonable to prioritize your torrent packets the same as your neighbors VOIP traffic?

I have no problem with a "fast lane" and a "slow lane". I have a problem with my ISP deciding which of my traffic gets to go into which lane. This control should be given to the consumer. They should let the consumer mark their VOIP as fast and their torrent as slow and if I want to flag all my bittorrent for the fast lane, I should be allowed to do that and they can charge different rates for the different lanes. Free nights/weekends would be another way of encouraging non-realtime traffic to offload to less busy times but just as my utility company doesn't charge me differently based on how I use my electricity and water, ISPs shouldn't be allowed to charge me differently or throttle me based on how I use my connection.

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