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Comment Re:Stop with the hysteria (Score 1) 73

The guns did nothing.

As a gun owner for 35 years, I can tell you that if it's loaded and you pull the trigger, a gun will do something.

Those 25k+ people who commit suicide every year while pointing a gun at themselves and pulling the trigger could not have committed suicide by putting a finger to their temple and shouting BANG!

Comment Re:Stop with the hysteria (Score 1) 73

He's adding in all accidental gun deaths and suicides, which are overwhelmingly done using guns because it's fast and (presumed) less painful.

I cited the number as "Americans killing Americans with guns". Why wouldn't you include suicides in that?

The point is, ISIS is one of the least dangerous things in the United States. More people die from toenail fungus than by ISIS. You're TEN TIMES more likely to die while on a luxury cruise than you are from ISIS.

Comment Re: Stop with the hysteria (Score 1) 73

For instance, you and your ability to spew vile bullshit endlessly, about how horrible your country is, while you rape it of it's fruits bought by the sacrifices of those greater than you.

Are you kidding? I think the US is a great country with great people. It never stopped being great. I don't see it as horrible at all. I revere the sacrifice made by those greater than myself, including my father, a first-generation Italian-American who fought with Merrill's Marauders in the China-Burma theater in WWII (and was awarded a Bronze Star), right down to the janitors and sanitation workers who have more dangerous jobs than cops. There's no place I'd rather live and raise my family. From Chicago (where I'm from) to Connecticut, California, right down to Houston, Texas where I'm writing this now, the people of the United States are just terrific.

Were there justice, you would be hanging from a fucking lamp post by your scrawny, unwashed neck, rotting like the foul piece of shit that you are.

You're a Trump supporter, aren't you?

Comment Re:Stop with the hysteria (Score 1) 73

Cops also saved tens of thousands of people like you, and keeps the rabble from overrunning our suburban house and shooting you in the fucking head. Go fuck yourself.

I don't live in the suburbs, and the rabble has already overrun my house.

Plus, cops get paid well, have great benefits and get to retire at 45, so excuse me if I don't break out my tiny violin. Oh yeah, and being a cop is a safer job than driving a beer truck, being a garbage man or a school janitor. We canonize cops way too much in this country.


Comment Stop with the hysteria (Score 4, Insightful) 73

ISIS (and other terrorist groups) killed 19 Americans last year. Total. Cops killed 1,125 Americans last year (it's actually a higher number, since the US gov't doesn't keep track of Americans killed by cops).

Americans with guns killed over 35,000 Americans last year.

But ISIS is used as the excuse to take away people's rights.

Comment Re:This has nothing to do with "skills gap". (Score 1) 129

Sure the first computers were 'simple' but they were only used on "simple" problems such as calculating artillery tables. The complexity we can handle at any point in computer history is bound by the physical limits of our hardware and our knowledge of maths. There is only one way for software to reduce complexity and that is the discovery of new maths. For instance an analytical solution to the Navier-Stokes equations would revolutionise computer modelling, in fact it would make it simple enough for a human to calculate it by hand.

Comment Pre-dug tunnels. (Score 1) 232

He basically wants the right to secretly dig a tunnel under your home, sneak in while you're not there, steal whatever they want, and leave without anyone knowing it. Except in your phone.

Even worse: he want the tunnels being pre-dug (= "backdoors").

You know how in Switzerland every house has a mandatory under-ground shelter ?

What he wants is every single house in the USA having a mandatory underground tunnel that leads to a nearby police station. A *secret* tunnel that you're forbidden to know about when you buy your house.
That's what an encryption backdoor is the equivalent of : a mandatory secret back-door built in every house in the USA.

And with the automation and international connection that is available on the internet, the real-world situation is even worse than this putative mandatory tunnel.
(Now the metaphor is getting a bit harder...)

It would be as if the police station had an nearly infinite amount of low-ranking police personal that could devote their entire time to travel the tunnel each day, sneak into your house every single day, and take a picture of you naked in your shower. And not only you personnally, but though every tunnel, available in every single home built on US soil under US building code. Each fucking day.

But said local police station lacks trained and experienced detective to do anything useful out of the photos/objects/proofs brought back from by the agents.

And meanwhile, all the people living outside of the USA are completely immune to it because their local building code either don't mandate the tunnel (and thus, the US police agents can't even use this tunnel network to peak into the homes of ISIS terrorists, although that was the main selling point of the tunnel network when it was voted in)
Or mandate an entirely different type of tunnel that the US police has never heard off (and leaves some part of the US population at risk, because they buy and install a port-a-potty from China, and never realise that these come with tunnels leading directly into their chinese secret police).

All the while the Russia mafia has trained an incredibly huge army of burglars to roam the US (and Chinese) networks of secret tunnels, stealing as much as possible from every house they happen to reach. And even sometimes using your own house as a base of operation to commit crimes while you're away for work. (botnets).

At the end of the operation, maybe 1 single terrorist happens to get caught due to random chance. And maybe due to the fact that he was bragging that he is a terrorist the whole day in the middle of the street ( = wasn't even using encryption at all. Just plain text SMS.)
At the same time there will be millions of damage due to stolen property through the tunnels network.
( = just have a look at the massive data leaks that you have *today* when hacker still go through the long round about route of actually hacking into servers. Now think how much more damage would be done when the hack don't actually even bother to hack, but just leverage the backdoors that are mandated by the various governments)

Comment Re:They want 600k (Score 1) 169

No, they're just afraid you're going to dox them and attack them online with your horde of PC lynch mobs, harass their boss at work until they're fired, then make the headlines in various news outlets about how you defended the world against oppression and bigotry of the cyginscist white males.

Wow, that's messed up. Do you really believe that? Has this ever happened to anyone on Slashdot or are you just doing drama queen theater?

Oh wait, I already know the answer to that.

Comment Correct me if I'm wrong, but... (Score 1) 51

Don't the mileage and emissions numbers come from tests performed by the vehicle manufacturer themselves, and not by an independent third party? Meaning that not only would any sane person expect them to be inaccurate, but also that the solution is obvious. Oh, and if you're going to do emissions testing, run it for an hour on a dynamometer at highway speeds -- let's see them rig the firmware to cheat on that!

Comment Re:Does anyone really use these numbers? (Score 1) 51

And, I bought a Honda Civic Hybrid. Oregon charged me $50 more to register it because "we don't get as much gas tax from it". Then I realized that the savings on gas were pretty much balanced out by paying more for the car and another $3000 every 8 to 10 years to replace the hybrid batteries. I still look at EPA mileage estimates, but I've come to realize there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Comment Re:Graphics! (Score 1) 86

Valid point. Gamers looking to win penis size contests at LAN parties will be buying GTX 1080 cards are replacing them with the latest and greatest in two years, so on-chip graphics are irrelevant and unnecessary for them. For gaming, Kaby Lake doesn't show any real improvement in benchmarks over Skylake (at the same clock speed), although it may be easier to overclock. I'm probably going to wait, cause I don't need to win any dick size contests in the near future.

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