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Comment Re:I thought diesel ran cleaner (Score 3, Interesting) 94

I've wondered about this too. I've noticed pollutants in emissions are measured in PPM - parts per million air molecules in the exhaust. Not in parts per distance traveled. So transportation efficiency (emissions per distance traveled) gets you nothing (volume of air ingested decreases with higher efficiency), and combustion efficiency (more energy produced per cylinder detonation) actually increases PPM even though in practical terms it would be offset by needing to fire the cylinder fewer times to get the same amount of work done. Meanwhile being able to run a lean mixture makes passing these emissions tests a breeze. Heck, you could rig up a bypass to feed intake air straight into the exhaust stream (probably illegal) and drop your PPM to near-zero.

e.g. My 3.0L V6 diesel truck cruises at 65 MPHat 1550 RPM. My 3.2L V6 gas car cruises at 65 MPH at 1800 RPM. 7% higher engine displacement, 16% higher RPM, so 23.9% more airflow volume at the same speed. So even if the diesel put out 23% more PPM than the gas engine, it would actually be emitting less pollutants per mile traveled. The difference is even more pronounced at higher speeds or loads. The diesel can hit 80 MPH at 1900 RPM, while the gas engine will be up around 2400 RPM. 35% higher airflow.

Comment Look up laws on booby traps (Score 5, Insightful) 126

I doubt they'd have a hard time stretching it to over something like this. If you have a device who's only purpose is to destroy something and it goes and destroys something, well you are pretty likely to get in trouble for it.

Remember courts aren't operated by overly literal geeks who think if they can find some explanation, no matter how outlandish or unlikely, it'll be accepted. The law bases a lot around what is reasonable, and around intent. So your attempt at being cute won't work, and you'll be off to jail.

It also may very well be illegal just to have, or be made illegal if not. There are devices that are outlawed purely because they have no legit use. Many states ban burglary tools, which can include things like the cracked ceramic piece of a spark plug (the aluminum oxide ceramic breaks tempered glass easily). If they catch you and can prove intent, then you are in trouble just for having them with the intent to use them illegally.

Oh and don't think they have to read your mind or get a confession to prove intent. They usually just have to show that the circumstances surrounding the situation are enough to lead a reasonable person to believe that you were going to commit a crime.

And a post like this, would count for sure.

Comment These idiots are going to get sued (Score 3, Informative) 126

The problem with a device like this is it is hard to find a substantial legitimate use for it. Given that, they are likely to be targeted for a lawsuit and they are likely to lose that suit.

While it is perfectly ok to sell a device that gets used to commit crimes, you generally have to have a legit reason to be selling it and it can't be something that is totally made up that nobody actually believes. So for example while a crowbar can certainly be used to break in to a house to or attack someone, they are also widely used used to get nails out of things and pry stuck objects apart. As an opposed example a number of companies that sell devices to help you cheat on urine tests have gotten in trouble since their devices had no use other than said cheating.

It is very, very hard to think of a legit use for this and I can't imagine they'll get many legit sales. So it'll probably get them in legal trouble.

Comment Re:Oh boy, the media is not bias (Score 1) 80

Ha, you must be a time-traveler from the pre-SJW leftist era. These days the apeshit coming from the SJW left makes the old A.M. radio batshit coming from the right look positively sane.

It's a pretty bizarro world where liberals are now the ones screaming for banning free speech and bullying their opponents into silence. They've even managed to one-up conservatives on their conspiracy theories. I remember laughing after Obama's election when pawn shops were reporting a run on gun-buying from gun nuts convinced that Obama was coming for their guns. The I read a story recently about how there has been a run on birth control from crazy lefties convinced that Donald trump is coming for their birth control. Lol, same crazy, different day.

Comment Wish we'd come up with the name "fake news" sooner (Score 3, Informative) 30

A bit off-topic but:

Foxconn is a tech manufacturing giant. It makes a lot of things, including laptops for HP, phones for Apple, games consoles for Sony, and its workers so depressed it has to install suicide nets.

That was fake news. The suicide rate at Foxconn was lower than that of the U.S. at the time of the spike in suicides. The Foxconn suicide myth spread and persists for the same reason other fake news spreads and persists - the people spreading it want to believe it's true, and thus pass it on without first vetting it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Except in this case the people spreading it are journalists in the mainstream media, whose job it is to review these stories with a critical eye before publishing them. They want to believe factory workers in developing nations were being exploited by western corporations and thus were more prone to attempt suicide, so they recklessly published these stories perpetuating the myth, and still do. Foxconn installed the nets to try to make the Western media shut up, not because there was a greater suicide problem there than anywhere else. I have no love for Apple or Chinese assembly line labor, but this is one criticism they don't deserve.

Comment Re:As soon as we get a legitimate source like Netf (Score 1) 67

What you are saying and I am saying are not contradictory.

Netflix was $10 and included DVD's.

Netflix (from $7.99 per month) ...
Amazon Instant Video (from $8.99 per month) ...
Hulu (from $7.99 per month) ...
Showtime (from $10.99 per month) ...
HBO Now (from $14.99 per month) ...
Starz (from $8.99 per month) ...
CBS All Access (from $5.99 per month)
Warner Movie Service (From $10.00 a month)
Sling TV (for Disney) is $20+ a month

For people with less money (college students?) the difference between $10 a month and $50 a month is sufficient to spur piracy. It feels silly to pirate for $10 a month and take the legal risks. But $100 for the content now fenced off in the services above (and more- some things not streamed or even legally available for purchase) is more tempting for people of limited means.

Comment Re:He's right. (and has been for hundreds of years (Score 1) 348

"that word doesn't mean what you think it does" regarding "decimate"

I'm pretty sure Stephen Hawking knows what "decimate" means, and his use is absolutely correct.

Either definition is true. Automation has already reduced a large percentage of the jobs in manufacturing (def. 1) and has at least replaced one in ten workers in traditional manufacturing (def. 2).

That Stephen Hawking. He think's he's so smart, amirite?

Comment Re:As someone who streams, legally.... (Score 1) 63

That's probably it right there. AFAIK the streamed PBS shows do not include ads, so they're identical to the downloaded version. In that light, PBS probably isn't a good way to test the effect of streaming on sales, since a lot of the people opting to stream PBS probably just don't want to bother with downloading and saving the video first. While purchasers of, say, shows available on Hulu might be trying to avoid the ads.

In fact, try as I might, I wasn't able to find these purported paid download version of shows on the PBS website; only DVD and T-shirt sales. There are free downloads of some older episodes, but I could find most of their library only as a stream. There was one Frontline episode I really wanted as a permanent downloaded copy and was willing to pay for, but I wasn't able to find any way to download or buy it except as non-HD DVD. I ended up downloading a copy someone had put on YouTube.

Comment Re:Better up the Military Budget (Score 3, Insightful) 257

Just in case their crazy-sounding warning happens to come true.

It's all those Marxist SJWs in the US Military pushing their climate change agenda based on a Chinese hoax just so they can get money from George Soros.

Give me a second, and I'll work in a reference to #pizzagate, pedophilia, third-wave feminism and corrupt games journalists.

Comment Re:What's inside a fake (Score 3, Informative) 109

Not that video. The "genuine" Apple charger turns out to be counterfeit, and not much better than the cheap generic charger. You're only going to be able to tell it's crappy if you're an electrical engineer who's dissected these before. (I took 2 EE courses in undergrad so understood most of the terminology he was using, but his rant about it being terrible was Greek to me.)

This related video shows the insides of a genuine charger. Jump ahead to 9m 40s if you've already seen that first video showing the innards of a crappy charger.

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