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Comment omgOMGwtfWTF?!?! (Score 2) 606

How is the TV-thing making the google-thing read you the wiki-thing translating to "malware-laden advertising infesting webpages" ?

next question being, how is this not "unauthorized use of a computer system"?

And final question is... How long before the wiki-thing starts telling the google-thing to start talking about the sexy-thing instead of the burger-thing?

Comment RADIO! (Score 2) 57

Not a single responsible party thought to themselves....
"Gee... It sure would be nice if we could broadcast messages long distances over the air using already in place infrastructure"
"I sure wish we had a fault tolerant communications network already in place nationwide for just such emergencies"
"Golly, those young warfighters we keep training must be using magic to communicate with each other in all those hostile 3rd world countries we keep sending them to"

Nope, another 6.5 Billion goin out!

Hungry children in school?
-No free lunch for students..... cant afford it.
Rising sea-levels?
-No climate change research...cant afford it.

Seriously,. wtf is really going here? There has GOT to be more to this. It's like the whole country is being punked.

Comment Sometimes, the only way to win is not to play. (Score 1) 444

Seriously. Stop watching TV. Stop reading biased news (paper and on the internet) Stop gobbling up packaged entertainment news. Start watching the actual leader's speech, and form your own conclusions instead of condensed media spin. When the eyeballs dry up on the talking heads, things will change. We've been conditioned over the span of nearly 70 years to accept 8 hours of job creating value for others, followed by 3-5 hours of family screen consumption/repeat. We've allowed this to color our cultural world view so deeply that we now bicker between each other nothings like red vs blue, boys vs girls, and white vs black, every single time something important happens (or is about to happen). Its our news, our shows, our music, its all over our public gathering places, its in our schools, and our jobs.. its in our vehicles and in our communications. I can't barley pump gas without some clown on a screen trying to get me fired up over the latest non-issue, or trying to enrage/outrage me against some cause that aint even mine.

It's evident just reading through this discussion, and nearly every discussion on /. and everywhere else online since the last American election. The spin machine was cranked up to 11 for that shit-show, and it never got turned back down. Fake news is just the next thing to keep you and me bickering with each other instead of paying attention to things like the rise of our inevitable medical costs, the evaporation of our personal freedoms, and the buying and selling of our elected leaders by the very ones peddling the broken media and broken healthcare in the first place.

There is now way fake news is an accident. Its so god-damned effective its fucking genius.

Comment Re:It just means they are happy with it. (Score 5, Insightful) 90

Which freedoms have you lost? Be specific. Have you had any of your Constitutional rights violated? Be specific.

And what's wrong with storing passport and driver license photos?

I know your posting as AC, and not expecting an answer, but these are VERY VALID QUESTIONS and I don't think you deserved to be modded down....

I don't know about you, but over the last decade or so, I personally feel that my right to be secure in my person is not exactly strong. Lets not even get started on my papers and effects. Maybe you haven't been paying attention?

Or maybe since they are using my face, without my consent, it maybe doesn't count as bearing witness against myself?

I know that's not as specific as you had asked, but I think its best to leave that to the student. Call it a story problem. Which specific freedoms am I talking about?

I feel my face is a pretty big part of my person. I feel like its mine. That's what we are discussing here. The storage and use of yours and mine faces (not likenesses) against our consent, for use in automated law enforcement tools. Let that sink in for a moment. Say it out loud.

Automated. Law. Enforcement.

When you find yourself implicated in a rape or murder simply because your ID card photo from 15 years ago shares some of the features of the real villain, and the closed-source-super-classified-no-oversight-working-just-fine-thankyou-FBI-computer-system put you on the wrong side of 15%, remember how worth it the convenience of not having to stand in line for hours at the DMV was.

It could be, automating our law enforcement is best answer to modern law enforcement problems (selective enforcement, racial profiling, corruption, etc.) but only if its rolled out 100% everywhere at the same time, and simply being accused of a capital crime no longer completely ruins your life - As it does today in modern America. 15% false positives seem like pretty good betting odds, right up until you start to think about whats at stake. Maybe if we can automate our legal defenses as well it will balance out, but criminal defense is a long shot from fighting traffic tickets.

This is real. Events over the past 5 years have put body cams on the front-line of enforcement. Automation is the next logical step. We NEED to talk about this. We need to talk LOUDLY, in public, to each other, to our elected officials, to our children, and to our law enforcers. We need to set some rules, enforce some old ones, and make sure everybody sees this coming, before its to late.

Keep asking valid questions AC, and it's OK to ask them behind that anonymous mask.... for now.

Comment Re:By smashing them (Score 1) 71

Is your point that since we can't protect ourselves from every potential threat that we shouldn't bother protecting ourselves from any threat?

Oh! Thank you for asking!

If the heading was to read...

Burglars Can Easily Make windows and doors stop being closed.

And my comment was to read "With the same blunt instrument used to smash your stupid Nest thermostat"

Would my point be clearer?

Comment Avoidance, Acceptance, or other? (Score 1) 180

Avoidance: I built my own car from scratch with nothing but hand tools! It took me 20 years!

Respecting risks: I built a robotic assembly line that produces 50 cars a day. I must observe, and be aware that this is a very dangerous piece of tech, and be sure my employees understand that they are paid handsomely to do the same while working near it.

Other: My assembly line riveted my hands to my widget! It's not my fault, I never *REALLY* accepted the risks of automation....

Avoidance: I'll never trust a self driving car! Ever!

Respecting risks: I better keep an eye on road just in case....

Other: My husband was minding his own business, taking his morning nap on the way to work....

Avoidance: Moving stairs?! Witchcraft! I'll take the "real" stairs!

Respecting risks: I'll just be sure my shoes are tied correctly, and maybe keep an eye on those scary bits on the ends......

Other: My little girl had such beautiful long hair before she decided to nap on the escalator....

Respecting risks: The system goes online August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug......

Avoidance: August 29, 1997, came and went. Nothing much happened. Michael Jackson turned 40. There was no Judgment Day.....

Other: Die slow, MF......

Respecting risks: Sir, the policing capacity of a cybernetic officer far outweighs the risks that he or she may uncover the far reaching conspiracy our company may or may not be involved in...

Avoidance: I'm sorry Mrs. Murphy, we did everything we could. Your husband died a hero...


Comment Re:WTF (Score 2, Informative) 101

How does Google have our SS numbers if all we do is search? Is that legal?


Google might have *some* of that data - possibly even the MAC, if it's an Android device - but even with Google's reach, expecting them to be able to produce that data on a whole bunch of essentially random Google users just based on their searches seems a bit of a stretch. Am I missing something here, or is it just those involved in writing and granting the warrant badly need to run a few Google searches of their own?


In general, they wouldn't know SSNs. Maybe if someone was logged in while doing the search and earlier associated a SSN with their Google account for some reason. Google probably doesn't have people's MAC addresses either. It seems the police is asking for anything that would help them identify a person no matter how unlikely that Google can actually provide it.

Google has become the most powerful information broker on the planet. Gmail has over a billion users a month. Google scans the contents of each and every email sent and received. -- Are you sure nobody has ever discussed your SSN on that platform?

People lives their lives plugging info into google controlled mobile platforms, which google also scans, including a pretty good voice to text algorithm. --- Are you sure nobody has ever spoken, or otherwise worked with your SSN on that platform?

Google provides land-line calling and texting for free via their comms platform, google hangouts, which was re-branded from google+. Google had claimed 540 million monthly users of google+ in 2013. ---- Are you sure nobody has ever handled your personal business on that platform?

The google search platform has become so popular that it has entered the English language as a synonym for searching data. Google claims 40000 search queries a SECOND. Each search is scanned, cataloged and cross referenced with the rest of the profile that this giant has been actively building on each and every user. ----Are you sure nobody has googled your name and/or social?

YOU are careful and aware. Good for you, so am I. This does NOT mean we don't have a profile on googles servers somewhere connected to our names, location history (down to the minute is some cases-and spanning years), ISP history, B-day, MAC, SSN, favorite color, political affiliation, family ties, and sexual preference. This info is all worth something to somebody, and google's business is knowing both the data in question, as well as who is willing to pay for it.

It's folly to assume this is not the case... This is where Google makes its money. Once the cat is out of the bag regarding how easily google can and will respond to law enforcement...... well... nothing will likely happen.

The amount of this collected data that is shared with government entities around the world is STAGGERING, and that's only the stuff they want us to know about.

Comment Good news! (Score 1) 88

This is neat, because you no longer need to setup a cheap double-wide for living while you build your own home by hand. If your willing to deal with a flimsy plastic roof while your doing the rest of the stuff by hand, by yourself, in your spare time, you can get your home on with less money, less material, and less hassles. Here's hoping this survives the coming regulation hassles.

The big bonus is (hopefully) the awesome new opensource nature of 3D printed designs, and all the good shit that goes along with that.

I've build nearly a dozen 3D printers at this point. I've had a build going constantly for the past 5 years or so, each bigger, and more capable than the last. I suppose this is just the natural progression of those with more time than I.

It's Awesome to read good news, and I hope this becomes more and more accessible, the same way consumer 3D printing has moved in the past 5 years.

Comment How about... (Score 1) 130

Instead of giant licensing deals and flashy hardware, they bulk buy an education board... like a pi, and have the computer lab teach a class of kids how to set em up for use in the classrooms? Why is this such a tough concept? Teach the kids to help teach the kids teaching kids! Damn board is DESIGNED for this sort of thing, and at 35 bucks, its a steal.

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