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Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 370

When I do my taxes, I take advantage of every available loophole and write-off

Really? I doubt that. I mean sure, with write offs. That's what they are for, and that's their intent. Loopholes are all the unintended bits. So unless you've created an offshore corporation in a tax haven which gets paid when you render services, the chances are you're not remotely using every available loophole.

Comment Re:You are the one with the fantasy (Score 1) 370

In te real world, there are Democrats (increasingly irrelevant),

The Democrats got very substantially more votes than the Republicans in the recent elections. I'm not sure how winning by a fluke of the electoral system makes your opponent "irrelevant".

Oh I know how. You are incapable of discussing politics. You put yourself forward as a conservative, but you're not. You're simply a republican cheerleader.

That aside, the Republicans won, but by a negative margin. Voter turnout wasn't all that high. A *lot* of people have cover under the ACA. Thing is the Republicans much the Democrats really do like being voted into office. It's from their point of view a complete no-go to piss off 5-10% of the electorate when their margin is within those bounds too.

So basically, any forward motion now on anything is a compromise between Republicans and Trump supporters.

That seems unlikely to happen then for a while. With Obama in power the republicans adopted the attitude of never giving an inch, never compromising on anything. That way they got exactly what they wanted which was to stop whatever Obama doing. The trouble is that tactic doesn't work when you're in power and you want to have things rather than merely block things. The republicans are going to have to learn to actually compromise again before they can get anything of substance done.

Comment It figures (Score 0, Flamebait) 370

The republicans have set themselves up as the party of "no". When the Democrats were in their attitude was to block everything, no compromise, no middle ground. Well, it still seems they're using this tactic now, except it's between themselves, not aimed at the democrats.

Unless they can figure out how to compromise rather than merely impede then they will find themselves utterly unable to govern. Trump is the same. His bully style tactics work as a CEO because you can fire anyone who stands in his way. The president can't do that. I look forward to the fireworks.

Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 1) 208

All of the printer companies have a history of abusing the legal system. Lexmar just happens to the worse offender.

Really? I'm aware of Lexmark's abuse. HP abuses users in more subtle ways, but not through the legal system. I'm not aware of anything even remotely similar from Brother, Konica Minolta, or Canon, all of which IMO make much better printers than Lexmark and HP.

Frankly, I don't even understand how Lexmark is still in business.

Comment Re:I know (Score 1) 250

Gosh, you finally figured out that judging something "offensive, sexist, and bigoted" is a matter of opinion?

OK, the problem is that you're incredibly thick.

You can hold an opinion that something is sexist. That doesn't make it sexist. If your opinion is demonstrably false, then holding that opinion makes you stupid. If your opinion is based on a continued and intentional misunderstanding of a word, then that also makes you stupid. \You holding a misplaced opinion that Sarkeesian is sexist does not in fact make her sexist, it simply demonstrates that you have flies buzzing round inside you skull and little else.

Now apply that newfound insight to FeministFrequency itself: "it's just like her opinion".

Well done! You finally understand!

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 252

I'm pretty sure the first one is mostly dead and buried in the western world, at least I've never met anyone that has hinted to a natural order where doctors, engineers and mechanics are men and nurses, secretaries and hairdressers are women

Clearly you've never met my uncle.

The second kind, well IT tends to attract people who are short on social antennas. Not that they're particularly wanted, but they don't get work in "people jobs" but as long as they can operate a computer they can do a tech job. That often means they haven't bonded on an emotional level and only think about women as objects for sex.

Being socially awkward isn't an excuse for being a raging wanker. Thing is, only thinking as women as objects for sex is pretty much an even worse version of the first one.

Then there's the whole man-woman dynamic, for the most part men want sex and women relationships so the proposal is likely to be far more sexual.

I am not convinced that's the case. Less and less so as they years go by. I know plenty of guys for whom settling down into a nice relationship with kids is/was very high on their list. I think this whole "men want sex women want relationships" thing is bad for guys. For many men it puts a whole heap of social pressure on them to go against their nature. And oh boy is the whole thing tied up with truly VAST amounts of social baggage. Until you can untangle that massive hairball, I don't really think you can make a definitive statement in that regard.

Basically I think women in general are far more sensitive about unwanted sexual attention or objectification than men are.

Women can be creepy stalkers too. I gather it's pretty unpleasant to be a victim of that.

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