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Comment Re:Still an early prototype. (Score 1) 59

We have a lot of rabbits living around our neighborhood that have destroyed many trees and gardens.

They would probably chew this robot and attack the garden daily unless..... I wonder if the company will create a defensive mode for this? Strobe lights and water or air gun could blast animals breaking the perimeter?

Comment Re:Don't believe it (Score 4, Insightful) 73

Garibaldi was awesomely acted by Doyle and he will be missed. RIP. Too young to die at age 60.

Time to binge B5 for my respects. I would love to see a prequel called "B4", mostly because I like puns. Any remake would be able to examine closely the tropes of POV and "anyone can die" as they reimagine the series as a space epic. Game of Thrones in space is something that could potentially get a huge audience and would definitely be welcomed by all.

Comment Re:Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 1) 407

> Any other adult? Or just one of the sex you tend to prefer to sleep with?

Should try going camping in the mountains in spring time and forget enough blankets. I lucked out and someone else couldn't find their tent (arrived late, someone else had set it up, kind of funny really) and bunked in mine.

Was not someone I would ever want to have sex with, but let me tell you we spent about 6 hours hanging on to eachother for what seemed like dear life. Seemed like every 20 minutes the night got colder.

Not sure it was a life threatening cold, but, it was certainly a much bigger concern than whether I would want to stick my dick in the only source of heat I had. Hell, I would have brought more people in if I could (or, you know... some more blankets; I would totally have replaced the heat source with like two blankets or a well insulated sleeping bag)

Comment Re:Complete overreaction, TSA style (Score 1) 170

> "The authorities" instead cry wolf.

Nah, I doubt its really them. More likely scenario is this is a solution looking for a problem and a government contract.

As a bonus, once they have tested it on wildfires, it can be used to suppress information gathering by non-approved entities elsewhere.

This is a sales pitch to despots everywhere.

"Your news organizations will buy commercial drones, with this, you can direct them away from whatever atrocity you want to hide"

Much like the sales of tools for mass surveillance are selling like hotcakes to despotic "allies" around the world, so will this. Sure, it wont stop a dedicated hobbiest who ignores it....but lets be honest.... most news orgs will buy off the shelf and compliant.

  They will be most easily controlled around the globe if this sees widespread adoption.

Comment Re:Twitter (Score 3, Insightful) 106

I donno, they seem to have gotten the news-media hooked on it, they will repeat whatever any C-lister or above says on shows like Entertainment Tonight, and if it catches enough attention there then it ends up making the actual news.

From a publicity point of view it's golden, doesn't cost anything and can increase exposure.

Why people care is what I don't quite get, but I've never really entirely understood why some things become popular anyway.

Comment Re:Emissions fix? Call me skeptical... (Score 1) 64

I just opened the comments thinking, do I even want this "fix" on my car? If I lose MPG or power then; it aint no fix in my book. MPG and power were factors I considered when buying my car. I paid a lot of money based on the MPG and power the car had when I bought it. I have no interest in seeing either reduced.

If I can, I will probably avoid this "fix"

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