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Comment Re:having more money (Score 1) 126

Having more money makes you happier!? NO SHIT!?

Possibly they may have less money because they bought a more expensive phone ;D

I would definitely be happier with a more powerful gaming PC though. I haven't considered that but I guess I should :D

I would also be it with a great beautiful house and a garden.

Any volunteers? Don't I deserve to be happy damnit?! YOU INSENSITIVE CLODS!

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 259

I too thought the controller part looked like something which could possibly wear out or get full of dirt but I don't know of any Nintendo product which has really easily break down (ok, connector on the NES possibly require a replacement) so I wouldn't be too concerned considering they have most likely thought about that.

Comment Re:first post! (Score 1) 37

I've been waiting at least that long for Natalie Portman, hold the hot grits.

I guess this isn't the time to say "fuck her" but I would had taken and waited for Alizee instead. However I had missed she had become single and I thought she had more children (but that was Jolie) and now she's found someone new again.

It's such BS. Alizee, you know I deserved you when you were young and hot, it should had been us, but chances by now I can't do better so you may still have a chance! ;D

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 886

4 People 3 meals a day 30 days thats 360 meals a month say 300 if you eat out 15 time a month. 5 dollar per person per meal is not outrageous. (1500 a month)
Plus you do need to buy laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and garbage bags.
When a gallon of milk is 4.5 dollars its not unusual to spend 2000 dollars on food and non food groceries.

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 378

Oh hey, I thought I was your favorite anti-democratic pro-fascist poster. I guess I'm only your second favorite now :(

Tell you what, I don't really have much time, so can you just make your usual claims about what I said then provide me with a long list of links, none of which actually contain anything relevant?

Well since I've never called you that, I'm sure you can cough up the links where I've labeled you that.

Sure, you want me to start with your anti-gamergate stuff, or the parts where you refuse to look at actual evidence of anti-gamergate people engaging in everything that you claim GG did. I mean you've got great company with this guy right here. Or do you want me to start with the stuff regarding twitter again that you refused to look at and ran away over?

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 2) 378

Oh boy! Everyone's favorite anti-democratic pro-fascist poster is back! I wonder if I can now count you as my own personal stalker.

Yes, expecting that people have different opinions and *not* attacking them is fascism for you. Good to see you're still so cowardly that in that same thread you haven't responded to anything else, while still claiming "I'm attacking people" when I show you the face of the modern left engaging in witch hunts. Perhaps you'd like another? Like this person who's also on the far-left, self-identifies as a SJW and openly advocating people and fire bombing business for having a different opinion.

Comment Re:Anita Sarkeesian: Destroyer of Shareholder Valu (Score 1) 313

Because a lot of people only like to hear what they want to hear. Twitter is a private company not a public service, there is no obligation to offer everyone a voice. Just like sports, religion, music, fashion or any other private venture, you create an ecosystem that you think customers want. You and I might think it's shit, but millions of others out there might think this sanitised version of Internet communication is great.

Correct partially. People enjoy listening to what they like to hear, however Twitter is a publicly traded company not private and is responsible to it's shareholders. Go listen to their last investors meeting, investors in general are livid with what the CEO has done to the company and brand.

Investors already know that the current CEO has significantly damaged the brand, possibly beyond repair. Some people though are in so deep that the only way to recover their buy in is for Twitter to sell to another company, but the CEO keeps fucking it up and the board doesn't seem to care. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if in 6mo that there's a shareholder revolt. So that goes all back to the original point, when you ban people because "reasons" it doesn't draw people in. Their number of active users continues to fluctuate between 288-315m but the number of new subscribers continues to fall through the floor. Which also reminds me of the shareholder lawsuit against them for purposefully misleading investors on future growth of users.

Comment Re:Gee (Score 1) 313

Ah OK, I see the problem now.

There's a gigantic stick up your ass, and you're so deep into it, that you don't even notice anymore.

Pretty modern hallmark of a regressive right there. Can't dispute anything, get's into a huff and stomps their feet instead of countering any point at all.

Comment Re:Retrain workers (Score 1) 886

We are now building programs which can write other programs. We have all the programmers we will ever need and the need will go down with progress. We are at peak programmer and in fact peak employment. In the 1800s when the Industrial revolution really took off philosophers envisioned by 2000 all the work would be done by machines and humans would lead lives of leisure.Now all the work can be done by machines but our economic system is not suited to use that work to provide leisure to all humans. Instead it is focussed on the ownership of capital which is just silly. Capital like money is an artificial concept. It was created by human society to serve a purpose (a store of work already done which can be used to pay for future work to be done) . When there is no more work to be done than the concept of capital is also silly after all there is no right to property in nature - right to property is a creation of society and can be aolished by society if we no longer need it. People claim with no profit motive why would anyone work but the fact is with automation we dont need people to work. The few people needed to supervise machines would do it because they find fulfillment in doing so. Similarly people would work but only at things which bring them fulillment rather than to put food on the table.

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