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Comment Re:Crazy Ants FTW (Score 2) 127

Crazy ants are also drawn in by EM fields. So are some other species, and a couple of different kinds of insects. Palm roaches and grasshoppers love newer PC's, stuff like Roku boxes, some types of cable boxes for example. Older PC's like P2/P3's? Crickets, especially the crickets we have in the NE US and Canada. Our company lost 3 remotes in FL and TX a few years ago to crazy ants, best thing you can do is seal them up as best as possible and put a "best practices" training system into place for people who have to open them so they get properly resealed.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 273

It is the largest problem and it is all problems with Swedish society.

It create more and more of all problems.

The only "problem" I can think of which isn't due to immigration is that people live longer, have had fewer children and as such that the share of the population which are older and hence wouldn't work if it was the normal Swedish society would had grown larger making them more of a burden of society.
My solution there would had been to let each generation or individual save money for their own pension instead of relying on future tax payers.
But yeah. That isn't directly connected to immigration and is a "problem" of it's own. However Swedish refugee immigration isn't a solution to that problem regardless because of how poorly qualified they are and how long it take to get them into jobs and how many of those jobs are subsidized jobs. For the refugees to contribute positively to that AT THIS TIME they would have to job and pay in taxes and not collect welfare. However refugees will get old too and will need to be supported at that age they as-well and as such over their life-time they will just weight the Swedish system down even more.
Some news tabloid just recently bragged about how many more of the immigrants got a job here than in Denmark and Norway and so on it was just that 4/5 of those jobs was subsidized so .. Yeah.. Great! .. Tino has posted before that immigrants income from salaries and companies are 41% less than the native Swedes, Sweden have progressive taxation but that of course mean that the taxes they pay in is also at-least 41% less and since fewer of them work more of them will collect welfare.
There's also things like they being over-represented in heavy criminality with 3-4 times, some of them in rape cases 20+ times but by now I assume it's even higher but the political establishment doesn't want new up to date numbers of that for some reason .. Their cars ends up in crashes four times as often, all the smashed schools, burned cars, buildings, people who feel less safe, are murdered, are raped, people who cheat the system, feel less trust in the system, so on, all of that have a cost too.

Comment Re:Thank you, Pres. Trump, for putting America fir (Score 1) 212

H1Bs were introduced as part of WTO negotiations. When India agreed to let US sell Caterpillar backhoes and Pepsico Sugar water in India , US agreed to let India sell software services in the US and as the work permit process in the US is messed up and the L1 is very restrictive, H1s were introduced. The conflation of H1B (a free trade visa) with immigration is unfortunate and happened because of a quota which put an artificial limit on number of people coming to US to provide short term software services. Trump can put conditions which prevent Indian software companies from selling software services in US. India will probably retaliate with restrictions on US companies selling into India. If I was a Boeing, Caterpillar, GE, Coca Cola , Apple or Microsoft shareholder I would not be very happy. If I was a worker at these companies' plants I would be very worried about layoffs.

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 1) 212

You do realize that most developing countires have higher income inequality than the US. What this means is that while beginning and average salaries are lower , salaries at the higher end are higher than in the US. Cardiac surgeons from India will not move to the US as they earn much more in India than in the US. Same for folks earning 150K plus. The kind of folks who would attract those salaries in the US are getting paid much more (PPP adjusted) in India. Only people at the beginning of their careers are willing to go to the trouble of moving to the US. All this measure would mean is that companies would do more work offshore and reduce their US presence.

Comment Re:Students? (Score 4, Interesting) 212

Its for skills that cant be found locally. The latest cutting edge research is done in universities and as the majority of grad students are foreigners if companies want people with reseaerch experience at the cutting edge they need foreign students. Students are getting H1Bs because the US immigration system is so screwed that it has no specific visa for Students who have graduated from US universities to stay and work in US (every other country which has a large education industry has a student work visa post graduation) so they use the H1B which was meant for Models.
Also mostly students are now spending 2-3 years in OPT so by the time they are on H1B they have the skills and the experience.

All this would not be needed if the Comprehensive Immigration Reform under Bush had got passed which had basically said every student graduating in STEM would have a Greencard stapled to their Diploma.

GCs are always better than H1Bs as they have the same freedom to work for anyone and do not depress the market like H1s do.

Comment Answer part 2 (Score 1) 1432

Lameness filter encounter:
Oh, I easily found the problem. I had written "House N______" and that word was the problem. I don't see how a word can be a problem. What you express with it maybe.

Here in Sweden and I assume in many others places too the common picture is that national-socialists are the ones who risk destroying democracy through democracy / by being elected and who can cause fascism and dictatorships because that's the message they have been brought up with all along but back in reality it's those same people who are the real fascists, anti-democrats, racists and sexists who want to limit freedom of speech, don't respect democracy and elections, don't want people to have their vote, think that "he's a middle-class white male!" is a reason to ignore someones opinion / not let them speak / ignore whatever interest that person had. There people call immigrants who are pro actual freedom rather than their socialist dreams house n*, traitors of "their people" and like a few days ago our prime-minister commented about how one woman with immigrant background had expressed her opinion in some foreign magazine about Swedish immigration(?) politics and how that was damaging and it also happen that those same people claim that those who are against their political view are "traitors of the nation"... Sure they aren't fascists and anti-democratic and pro freedom .... Such great "liberal"s and "democrat"s.

by demonizing the other side. This dehumanizes them and allows you to make ridiculous statements like the above post

That's the default method to operate of the left.

The people in charge like it when you do this because it divides people and allows the people in charge to pit the people against each other to their own benefit.

The left all the time talk about how the other side turn people and groups against each other but of course they are the most active ones of doing so against anyone who don't share their socialist view of equal outcome.

Comment Answer part 1 (Score 2) 1432

Slashdot says "Lameness filter encountered. Post aborted!" - I don't know why but I'll split up the reply.

Yea right. And Timothy McVeigh wasn't a right wing Militia member that blew up a building and killed an entire daycare's worth of kids.

No-one has said they don't exist.
What he said was:

Because conservatives aren't as hateful and violent as liberals?

Which is correct.
This is the situation in the US:
"Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database"
Latino: 42%
Extreme left wing: 24%
Jewish: 7%
Islamic: 6%
Communist: 5%
Others: 16%
There is non specifically for right-wing, I don't know what others include, maybe they consider right-wing the norm/need no title and all 16% is right-wing? Even if that was the case the extreme left with 24% is more.

Here in Sweden our security police used to regard the left-wing as the biggest threat and the ratio between them and the right was 9:1 or higher. Last time I saw it they mentioned Islamic threat instead. I assume the left may be a bigger threat to the democracy but Islamic a bigger threat when it comes to deadly violence.

Comment Re: If they're smart... (Score 2) 198

You still don't get it. People don't label Trump and some of his supporters as racists and bigots.

Going by your reasoning, then democrats and people who support them are pedophiles right? After all, there are so many of them that have deep links to people like Epstein. And there's just so many articles on leftwing media sources, sites and so on in the defense of pedophiles, child porn, and so on. See how easy that works? Haven't learned a single fucking thing.

They ARE racists and bigots, it's just a statement of fact, ...

Repeatedly saying that, doesn't make it true. Then again, your definition of "racist and bigots" seems to be anybody who refuses to agree with your political ideology. Which is why the left is right there, screaming no platform. Or attacking, assaulting, or violently assaulting people for having a different point of view. It's why they're organized into groups, it's why those big "left wing" groups keep doing it too. Let's look at that "j20" or whatever it's called and what do we see? Yep, the left has an extremism problem. You know what we call that kiddies? That's right, that would be a fascist ideology.


This mistake was not countering the narrative that white males are oppressed and equality and progressive ideas have gone too far. Fear and resentment are powerful tools.

The mistake was promoting that ideology and view in the first place. The second mistake is people jumping on board to support it. The third was then implementing progressive ideas that openly supported it and claiming it was diverse. You've suddenly discovered that the rest of society really doesn't support any of the bullshit you've been peddling -- rather they simply tolerated it. Then you decided to double down, and people started going "wait, didn't they argue against this." And you gave rise to the beast that'll kill it for you, unless you do it yourself.

You enjoying your self-created extremism yet? You know what the real kicker is? You're now going to experience what it's like to be demonized, just like you've done to conservatives for decades. And it's going to be the moderates lining up to take shots at you.

Comment Re:Da fuq?!! (Score 1) 79

That's exactly what it is. It's not happening in just a few places, if you want to see how bad this gets, look at Vancouver in Canada, or Victoria in Australia. Housing prices are way-way-way above what the average person can afford. In the case in Vancouver something like 60% of them are empty as well. It's so bad, that they instituted a "foreign buyers tax" to try and stop it from happening. It's worked, kind of but not very well. If anything it's simply pushed the problem to other markets. Even here in Southwestern Ontario we see it. People get priced out of Toronto, then they go move to Woodstock, Ingersoll, Aylmer and so on. The same problem starts to happen again, except that those folks in Woodstock, Ingersoll, Aylmer and so on are earning around 1/2 to 1/3 what those people in Toronto earn.

Comment Re:Daily dose (Score 1) 62

Yes, specifically the part where it was investigated by multiple people and you rejected their findings because they didn't fit your existing narrative about senior Democrats being paedophiles.

You mean the part where it wasn't investigated by multiple people. Even to the point where a NBC investigative reporter asks the same question "why aren't police investigating this" and it's suddenly scrubbed off their website.

This is your problem every time. You reject things that contradict what you want to believe. If something doesn't support your desired truth, you just google a bit more or find a reddit board that will give you the correct evidence.

This coming from the person who holds on to the belief that gamergate is a harassment group, refuses to believe that the people he supported were the actual harassers. That nobody can tie a single GG supporter to an actual case of harassment type of stuff that you refuse to believe. That even the most ardent feminist "safety" groups who've looked are unable to find any proof. Oh the irony of that entire quote.

Comment Re: If they're smart... (Score 4, Interesting) 198

Because his supports have an IQ of a retarded ferret?

You'd think that after ~15-17 years of identity politics, labeling people as "racists, nazis, retards, bigots, sexists, etc, etc, etc" that the left would learn something. Seems to be a NOPE on that one. And it's only cost them in the US ~1200 seats of power. It's only cost them brexit. It's likely going to cost them Germany and France too. And with the shit that Trudeau and leftists are now pulling in Canada? I wouldn't be surprised if we see the death of the Liberal Party within the next 5 years. And I'll bet that instead of being introspective, people on the left are gonna double down. Just like the democrats in the US are, just like political parties, and media are in the US and Europe.

Just a FYI: The left are overrun with extremists. Whether it be people who claim they're anti-racists being racists, claiming to be anti-bigots, while engaging in bigotry. Engaging in general shitty behavior that enables a literal cultural desert because "cultural appropriation." Engaging in sexist or anti-sexual liberation ideologies. It doesn't matter. You are, where the right was ~25 years ago, when you were out there screaming about the "crazy religious right-wing nuts." Get rid of the crazies, dump the identity politics. In short: Get your shit in order.

Comment Re:Da fuq?!! (Score 3, Interesting) 79

Isn't Snapchat valued at ~25 billion?

Yep. And people don't think this dotcom bubble is going to burst anytime soon either. Then you've got stuff like Uber valued at ~68B, and blowing through 2-7B/quarter in losses. Think on that one, at 68B, they have a higher market valuation then the big-3(GM, Ford, Chrysler) automakers. And they manufacture physical products, own their own credit financing divisions.

My guess? We'll see that pop around the time that Canada's housing bubble pops. And anyone who thinks Canada isn't due for a massive housing price correction doesn't realize just how bad it is here. Here's a good kicker too, in Vancouver one of the really overly priced markets. The provincial government sets property taxes based on the "possible future valuation" of your property. There's people in industrial areas, who are going to see their property taxes go from $160k to over $1m this year and are looking to get the hell out.

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