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Submission + - Trimble Software follows Adobe's subscription-only licensing lead

WillAdams writes: From the license for the new SketchUp Make (which replaces Google's free version and complements the paid version) Trimble Navigation Limited ... gives you a ... license to use the ... Software for non-commercial use only. Non-commercial use means: you may not sell, rent, lease or lend the output of the Software or the Services. If you are ... engaged in commercial activity; therefore, in order to use the Software and Services, you must purchase a SketchUp Pro license. In addition to the basic $495 licensing fee, one must pay an annual $95 fee for maintenance & support.

Submission + - MLA updates references, web default, but no URL (insidehighered.com)

WillAdams writes: "Inside Higher Ed as reported the new seventh edition of the _MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers_ makes web references the default, but doesn't require a URL, operating under the assumption that readers will be able to find the referenced work using a search engine http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2009/03/11/mla — an assumption which doesn't take into consideration Google bombs &c. Ars discusses it here: http://arstechnica.com/media/news/2009/04/sign-of-the-times-print-no-longer-default-mla-citation-style.ars"

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