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Comment Re:No drivers, just deliver-people? (Score 2) 119

The easiest and most obvious is that the vehicles will just stop outside of the house/apartment and the person will walk to the street and unlock the package with a phone.

So, they will they only make deliveries when I'm home? Meaning the bulk of the fleet would operate after hours in the window from 6PM to 9PM, when people are home, but not yet in bed. I'm not sure this approach would work well for the average person with a 8AM to 5PM job.

However, if they -do- deliver it when I plan to be home, nights, weekends, etc.. and I set the delivery time and they adhere to it, that could work.

Comment No drivers, just deliver-people? (Score 4, Interesting) 119

So, Amazon will use driverless cars to deliver goods. How do you suppose those goods get from the car, to the 3rd floor apartment, or in onto the porch of the house, or if there are special instructions, through the gate and onto the step at the back door? A drone based in the vehicle? I think you're going to have to have someone involved there to get the package to where it needs to go.

Comment Get off my lawn! (Score 1) 421

Yeah, I'm old enough I don't get it either. The only reason I can imagine my garage door being attached as an IoT, is to tell me I left it open, and to close it. Or it was opened by RF and I wasn't expecting it to. The IoT doesn't need to open my garage. Too much of a physical security risk. (RF can be the same way, but we've given up on that for a long, long time.)

I can see very limited reasons to be able to open my garage door, or front door, or side door, or whatever, remotely, over the internet. If it's an emergency, I guess I'll either have had to leave a key with someone I trust, or just tell them to bust in my window/door/etc to get in.

We tell our children: Don't share things on social media you think could come back on you later. It NEVER goes away.

If you put your doors on the IoT, it's like passing out your keys to everyone out there...and it NEVER goes away, unless you uninstall the product.

Comment Pursuits.. (Score 1) 243

In the US, if you still subscribe to the Declaration of Independence, these patent law findings potentially infringe on the 'pursuit of happiness' to tinker and modify, so long as they aren't infringing on the personal rights of others. If these are indeed, "unalienable Rights," then even due process shouldn't be able to easily wipe them away.

I'm probably wrong from a legal perspective, but it sounds like the 'right' answer to me.

Comment Re:Easy to do with an iPhone (Score 3, Insightful) 301

I thought you were being detained and your phone searched without due process, because you're in one of those legal "grey zones" not technically in the US. If you can't be protected by the laws there, why would you be subject to charges?

Customs and boarder crossing is becoming more and more the a little mini US GITMO.

Comment Re:Doing more with less.. (Score 1) 133

Additionally, all of the above isn't overly helpful (except maybe the group email address), if you start outsourcing whole departments. Even if if you document things, the chances are there will be some things, like this, lost in translation.

However, you're right, they're generally effective steps to mitigate this issue. Especially number 1, if your credit card info never expires. :-)

Comment Doing more with less.. (Score 5, Insightful) 133

I think I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that this is what happens as we do more and more with IT on less and less staff. While I understand sometimes we think of IT as a cost-center and not a revenue generator, it probably needs to be thought of as more like a utility; because without the lights, water, phones...and internet, you can't do business very effectively these days.

That being said, this happens more and more. Someone is responsible for renewing certificates, but as we renew them for longer and longer periods, that means we simply start to forget about them. Then with the certificate issuer sends out an notification to that IT staffer who used to do that, but was 'right sized' a year and a half one gets the email. So, the certificate expires and this happens. Same song, different, louder verse, apparently when it happens to DHS, and likely more embarrassing.

Bottom line: Doing more with less, isn't always in everyone's best interest.

Comment In other news.. (Score 3, Interesting) 82

And in other news today, the proliferation of social media has led to the decline of proof reading your posts, leaving out silly, little, unimportant words:

On average, we check our phones 50 times each day -- with some studies suggesting it could three times that amount.

Perhaps this might read better if it had a simple, little word in there:

On average, we check our phones 50 times each day -- with some studies suggesting it could BE three times that amount.

Yes, I did read the article. They left the word out there too. Oh, the irony of it all!

Comment International Community (Score 1) 71

With the very recent event of the US pulling out of the TPP, I feel it's unlikely that others in the International Community, will take kindly to foreign powers accessing servers in their territories. Should US lawmakers update the law and change it to allow for US laws to operate in this manner, I imagine that companies like Microsoft, will outsource the administration of those non-US servers, so they have a non-US division operating them, thus leaving them outside of the reach of US laws.

Comment What's the point? (Score 1) 123

So, what's the point of having a court system, if the truth no longer has meaning under this section of law? Why waste state and taxpayer money if the prosecution can basically manufacture evidence, then lie about where it came from? Just suspend the jury system, you're just wasting their time when one side is allowed, or even required, to lie in order to convict someone.

Why even have a public system at all? Just have "offenders" picked up by police, secret or not, and then disappear to prison, or simply disappear? Isn't that a more logical step under this standard of law?

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