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Journal Journal: Toshiba Creates Three-Layered Disc

Accordign to this gizmodo article, Toshiba has created a hybrid disc that can play in a standard DVD player and in a HD-DVD player. The disc has one layer of DVD on the bottom, a middle layer that can be either DVD or HD-DVD content, and HD-DVD on the top.


Journal Journal: story submission: diebold security flaw worst ever

The folks at Open Voting Foundation got their hands on a Diebold AccuVote TS touchscreen voting machine. They took it apart (pictures here), and found the most serious security flaw ever discovered in this machine. A single switch is all that is required to cause the machine to boot an unverified external flash instead of the builtin verified EEPROM.


Journal Journal: missing moderation categories 2

I was posting a comment, and actually read the text at the bottom explaining how to post (that I normally just gloss over). This bit caught my eye:

Offtopic, Inflammatory, Inappropriate, Illegal, or Offensive comments might be moderated.

So my question is this. I've had moderator access quite a lot, but I've never seen any of these moderation categories except Offtopic. However, the capitalization suggests that those are specific categories. Were they originally categories that don't exist any more, or what?

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Journal Journal: slashdot's robots.txt 3

Why is slashdot's robots.txt file allowing msn's and yahoo's indexing bots to crawl comments, user pages, and user journals, but google is prohibited? The stranger thing is that google's ad sense bot is allowed to do so.


Journal Journal: subtle shashcode change 2

I noticed today that my page was no longer generated by a cadre of elite llamas or any such today. When did that end?

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Journal Journal: ignore this 3

this is just a test to see if my updated sig is working.


Journal Journal: strangeness w/ Synaptics TouchPad and Windows XP home 5

I have a Synaptics Touchpad on my laptop. The driver is version 5.9 and my OS is Windows XP Home Edition (with SP2 and latest updates). I have my screen saver set to a short timeout, (three minutes) so if I am idle for 3 minutes, the screen saver comes on. The problem is, that if I am for instance reading comments on slashdot, scrolling down using the special area on the right side of the touchpad, it does not count as an input signal for the purposes of screen saver timing. That means that the screen saver will kick on, even though I am actually moving the page even at the same time! Is this just a bug in the Synaptics driver? Anyone else see this behavior?

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Journal Journal: Interesting discovery

It is well known that posting in a discussion that you have also moderated will cancel your moderations. It is interesting (and perhaps a bug but I am not sure) that this is still true even if you check the "post anonymously" box when posting your comment.


Journal Journal: vague moderation 1

I had a comment get moderated as "overrated". What is that supposed to mean? Was it offtopic? Was it just because it started as 2 due to my karma?

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Journal Journal: hi

hi, this is a test of the journalling system

*WOO HOO*, I'm editing my own journal entry!!! Are comments next? I would love to see that.

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