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Submission + - Republic Wireless Announcement Could Revolutionize Cellular

WaywardGeek writes: Do you remember how you felt paying $0.25 per photo you downloaded from your own camera phone? How do you feel when you pay $250 for a Verizon wireless extender for the privileged of burning minutes over your own Wi-Fi? Enter Republic Wireless to save the day with today's announcement of a $300 Moto-X, and all-you-can-eat everything plans for $25/month (3G), and $40/month (4G). By using free Wi-Fi for calls whenever possible, and Sprint's network only when Wi-Fi is not available, RW cuts cell phone charges in half. With the Moto-X, RW is finally ready for big geeks like me.

Submission + - Romney Team Dumps $2M to Sway Intrade (

WaywardGeek writes: "Intrade was subject to massive political manipulation today. Starting just past 6am, someone dumped about $100,000 worth of Obama shares to tank Obama's odds from 69% to 64% within a few minutes. Only 15 minutes later, Intrade's Obama odds had recovered to 68%. Throughout the day, the huge Obama dumps were repeated over and over, to the tune of about $2M. Can you buy Intrade odds? Apparently, yes. For $2M, you can reduce a candidate's odds from 69% to 66%. Did American Crossroads find this a good use of secret donor funds?"

Submission + - Is Oracle Trashing Your FOSS Project? 5

WaywardGeek writes: Oracle has finally started gobbling up Sun. The first casualty of consequece? Oracle has decided to decimate Linux accessibility, laying off the entire Orca team, who provides the Linux screen reader. Around the world, thousands of blind individuals now have their computer access threatened. What Oracle cuts have affected you so far? Where can users go to have their concerns heard?

Submission + - Sony Ericsson Xperia X10/Android: official video!

WaywardGeek writes: Sony may try to steal a bit of Motorola's Droid thunder this week, with a blockbuster announcement of their own later today. They just posted a preview video and specs, and frankly, they nailed it! The girls are hot, and the phone looks good on them. They look smart and sophisticated using it, rather than geeky. Finally, someone has figured out the Apple magic, and looks poised to deliver a real competitor! The phone should look like sex, and this one does.

Submission + - What Filters are Right for Kids? 1

WaywardGeek writes: "My daughter is using phrases like "hot guys", and soon will have a chat about the birds and the bees. I believe in letting kids discover the world as it is, and have no Internet controls on any of our systems, which are mostly Linux based. However, it's not fair for aggressive porn advertisers splash sex in her face without her permission. My question is: What Linux-based Internet filtering solution do Slashdot dads favor, and do they hinder a child's efforts to learn about the world?"

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