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Comment Re:Warning: Windows 10 is draining your battery (Score 1) 377

Chrome may be a bigger part of that than Linux.

I've an i5/4/128gb SP3 which is still running Windows 8.1. Recently I got annoyed at the modern IE so threw on Chrome and have been using it as the default browser for the last few weeks and have noticed a similar drop in battery life.

I noticed the same thing. If I run with ~170 tabs open in Chrome, it sucks battery life and memory.

If I run with ~25 tabs in IE, it crashes.

Comment Re:"Google works better with Chrome" (Score 1) 377

Google is the most anti competitive company on the face of the Earth, uses Youtube as a means of subverting artist's profit, and is front for the CIA/NSA

I think I like Microsoft more.

You're damn right. When I upload unlisted videos of my kids for grandma to watch, Google isn't paying me! I demand money for using their excellent hosting platform for free!

Comment Maybe I won't be buying a PS4 (Score 1) 142

Despite their godawful handling of my beloved Playstation Vita, I had been eyeing a PS4 so that I could play Final Fantasy XV this fall. I'm starting to think I shouldn't bother with a PS4 at all if they're trying to pull this cell phone upgrade every year or two bullshit.

I already have a WiiU, and with the rumors flying around that Microsoft is also thinking about these shenanigans, the WiiU might be the only console I get this generation.

Comment Re:The university has a point, there (Score 1) 363

The professor is teaching one section of a class where different sections are taught by different faculty. As all the students - regardless of which section they are enrolled in - are enrolled in the same course, they should all be studying the same material.

Yeah, and that's common. The department says that a linear algebra course should cover a list of selected topics: systems of equations, matrix algebra, vector spaces, etc. But it is straight-up stupid to require professors to all teach the same material in the same order from the same textbook the same way. The student population benefits from having a variety of perspectives. A lot of problems get solved when two people who learned the same thing in two different ways get together.

Comment Re:Dear Motorola.... (Score 1) 111

No shit. My first Motorola smartphone bricked itself after being dropped a foot onto carpet. My second Motorola phone stopped getting OTA updates a week after I bought it. My Samsung Galaxy S4 is incredibly unstable and requires daily reboots.

On the other hand, my Nexus 7 1st gen had the mysterious and completely ignored "slows to a crawl if you use more than 80% of internal storage" bug and became too slow to use after updating to lollipop.

Maybe I just won't buy smartphones or tablets anymore.

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