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Comment Re:Googles days as the golden child for nerds is o (Score 1) 91

if you like a service they offer, they'll /probably/ shut it down within 12 to 36 months, or they'll re-brand the product, adjust it heavily, integrate it with something else or redesign it so horrifically it's a shadow of its former self.

I think we saw that in action today. I guess Google Now has been rebranded, adjusted, integrated, and redesigned into Google Assistant?

Comment Maybe I won't be buying a PS4 (Score 1) 142

Despite their godawful handling of my beloved Playstation Vita, I had been eyeing a PS4 so that I could play Final Fantasy XV this fall. I'm starting to think I shouldn't bother with a PS4 at all if they're trying to pull this cell phone upgrade every year or two bullshit.

I already have a WiiU, and with the rumors flying around that Microsoft is also thinking about these shenanigans, the WiiU might be the only console I get this generation.

Comment Re:The university has a point, there (Score 1) 363

The professor is teaching one section of a class where different sections are taught by different faculty. As all the students - regardless of which section they are enrolled in - are enrolled in the same course, they should all be studying the same material.

Yeah, and that's common. The department says that a linear algebra course should cover a list of selected topics: systems of equations, matrix algebra, vector spaces, etc. But it is straight-up stupid to require professors to all teach the same material in the same order from the same textbook the same way. The student population benefits from having a variety of perspectives. A lot of problems get solved when two people who learned the same thing in two different ways get together.

Comment Re:Dear Motorola.... (Score 1) 111

No shit. My first Motorola smartphone bricked itself after being dropped a foot onto carpet. My second Motorola phone stopped getting OTA updates a week after I bought it. My Samsung Galaxy S4 is incredibly unstable and requires daily reboots.

On the other hand, my Nexus 7 1st gen had the mysterious and completely ignored "slows to a crawl if you use more than 80% of internal storage" bug and became too slow to use after updating to lollipop.

Maybe I just won't buy smartphones or tablets anymore.

Comment Moore style? (Score 1) 307

There was a mathematician named R.L. Moore. He was an influential point-set topologist, but he's influential outside the realm of topology because of his teaching style. Briefly, the professor gives out definitions, axioms, and statements of theorems (as well as non-theorems) in class. The members of the class work out the theorems, important examples, and counterexamples to non-theorems on their own, and then present their results to the rest of the class.

I'm an introvert. I hate group projects. For one I find being with people mostly draining, but for another I always did the lion's share of the work. But I love Moore-style classes. I'm not afraid of presenting, and I felt I learned better working everything out on my own.

I'd love to see education move away from group projects and learning activities in favor of guided self-instruction (with accountability in the form of presentations or tests.) The introverts can work in their own solitary, contemplative fashion, and the extroverts can form study groups as they see fit. If the class isn't suitable for presentations, then something closer to a flipped classroom is IMO ideal.

Caveat: In my experience as both a student and an instructor this works best at the sophomore level of college and higher or graduate school.

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