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Comment Re:Losing (Score 1) 432

Hoover did implement tariffs and some protections -- but they were too late to steer the economy. It's not an all and or all good thing with tariffs -- it's more like the brakes on your car -- none is bad, too much and you can't go anywhere.

Stock speculations on land derivatives was listed as the main cause. Public works projects and infrastructure projects really helped pull us out. The war did cause lag (no, it did NOT help the economy. blowig up bridges does not trump building them).

Besides, trade was only about 5% of the economy at the time. Tariffs or none wouldn't have made a difference.

Comment Re:Economy 101 (Score 1) 1069

We had the Paris Climate Conference; http://ec.europa.eu/clima/poli...

Oil, Gas and Coal have substantial infrastructure to support them, and the subsidies for alternative are hit and miss. Regardless, alternative energy is growing.

However, California or the United States being the premiere provider of alternative energy is going to depend a lot on Washington for trade policies and/or subsidies. We lost a great chance to be number one on climate and alternative energies during the Bush administration -- at least Obama didn't get in the way.

Bankrupting Texas' dirty energy and not whining sounds like a good plan.

Comment Re:Feminazis going after thought-criminals (Score 1) 280

Nobody intends to stop "faminazis" from exercising their First Amendment rights. We are just pointing out, their rants are wrong.

It's so big of you to allow them to have the first amendment. I wouldn't -- probably because I've got doubts about my penis.

To back a man up; you are wrong feminazis, WRONG! Someone needs to repeat it while a feminazi is debating or something. Who is a feminazi? Is it merely a woman who is saying something we disagree with -- sure. But picture Rosie O'Donnel. Or some other opinionated lesbian that plays softball.

I'm a man. A man's man. What is that? Picture Chuck Norris, or Donald Rump in a suite. or Nick Offerman when he's in character -- Cool, right?

We shouldn't let the first warning of the Feminazi blitz kreig be the burning of Rush Limbaugh's shorts -- then it would be too late. Let them have 1st amendment rights? As long as they don't take our 2nd amendment rights. Guns deserve freedom. /sarcasm

Comment Re:Feminazis going after thought-criminals (Score 1) 280

Need some context here. Don't know about the college professor, but Donald Rump is a womanizer and serial groper. When someone like that says; "pregnancy is an inconvenience for employers" -- a statement I can actually agree with. There's a lot more subtext.

The "and so we should forget about paid maternal leave" is the subtext. THAT is what people are criticizing him about.

If we waited for the Alt-Right to be honest, we'd have Kellyanne Conway explaining how that flat hand raised at an angle in the air is not a "siege heil meine fuhrer" solute.

In context, I'm not sure where Mussolini would stand on paid maternal leave or if it would change my feelings about him.

Comment Re:GB is doing it, China is doing it (Score 1) 83

Only if ghost cities count as economic growth.
They planned them well and then filled them with many thousands of potential ghosts.

It's all bullshit. Outside of some tech companies that are actual capitalist successes, it's all the world's biggest bubble.
You have to add the restaurants that feed over a billion people -- that's something.

Consumers know what they want and need better than any central planner. Thus is ever was, and thus it shall ever be.
I remember the Pet Rock. I remember Truck Nuts. Oxycontin seems to sell pretty well. Also, people buy software that everyone else uses -- not so much based on quality or trying it out.

I'm not sure if you are promoting Democracy or Capitalism. I do know that China has grown by using the opposite approach of recommendations by people in the US who promote Globalization. They have tariffs, protectionism of industries, public work projects and a command economy. Not that I'm promoting all of that -- just that this "markets are smart" notion is demonstrably nonsense.

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 1) 360

There were plenty of escapes from the fallacies presented by the performers that would've made a solid public statement after the performance. If the performers weren't the snowflakes they were,

As soon as I parse that sentence I'm going to be triggered mightily. A snowflake might presume that the Alt-Right is projecting their own shortcomings on others -- but you know, I'm trying to escape the fallacies I've presented.

Comment Re:Very flawed legal analysis (Score 1) 1321

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Russians hack the DNC email server AFTER Clinton moved the emails to the correct server?

The DNC computers and emails have been hacked a few times now, and I wouldn't be shocked and surprised who did it. I think Hillary used a private server to PREVENT man-in-the-middle manipulations like creating an email that said; "Tell ISIS that we need to kill all the witnesses..." Also, it probably performed much better than the DNC server.

I doubt even 5% of the emails were even interesting so I doubt that Hillary wanted to prevent emails being released under FOI act.

I'm not sure if the emails she destroyed were personal or not -- I'm sure if it were a big deal, the FBI would have said so.

There's no proof that Hillary under oath -- she just gave an answer you don't like.

Not a big time Hillary fan, but after 30 years of lawsuits and legal hassles, I'm fairly sure if she were in the least bit dirty, something would have stuck by now.

Comment Re:You're a "fake" newspaper (Score 2) 667

I think Trump is coming to the realization during his briefings that he is the dumbest person in the room. He can't stand it if one person doesn't respect him. George Bush probably went through the same thing and he seemed defensive every time he spoke in public.

9/11 saved George Bush, but he still created a layer of Yes Men between him and the people. The only thing that would save Trump is an opportunity of a big war and drumming in the flag wavers. Such are the dangers of weak men.

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

> The effect of sustained identity politics has driven a generation into a new kind of "white" identity

I think we've "identified" that haters are bad, and feeling insulted by this, they've mystified their language, cleaned up their image, and rail about political correctness. They still seek the same goals of elimination and marginalization of the "other".

Now I do think some go overboard with PC -- but a lot of the outrage is just about having to be POLITE to people of difference.
For instance, calling people Klan Members and Nazis is insulting, It's the same with calling people retarded, so we started calling them mentally challenged -- through association, that word is becoming impolite. I am pretty sure in another 10 years, calling someone "Alt-Right" will be considered reprehensible.

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

> Alt-Right != Nazi.
Yes, but there is a jackboot in their size. I mean, put up their list of likes and dislikes and the biggest difference is an accent.

>What is an alt-right? He's someone that took the left-wing-identity-politics and applies the principles to European history.
If you are going to go into historical geopolitics, at least do some name-dropping. Is this something about what an alt-right is not, or are you saying that the Europeans do a lot of identity. I suppose a King is an identity.

> The Alt-Right is an unintended consequence of the modern progressive's university curriculum.
Damn. I never saw that on the curriculum. Of course Education is Progressive, unless it's stupid. They don't take knowledge OUT of my head after all.

> If the Alt-Right is racist then so are proponents of identity politics.
And by extension then Poodles is racist. But less racists than them fucking Beagles.

> I, for one, think that identity politics is racist.
You just said that, like some dogs. Not all dogs, but you know a lot of them are. And some of them are not rapists.

> Only that the broad brush denunciation is inaccurate
They aren't all Nazis, but other than hating, outrage and pointing out that all problems stem from people not being them, well, what else is there to do at parties? Barbecue -- I forgot about the foods and drinks.

I think I'm not being geeky on Slashdot, but I just wanted to clarify and speak out about hateful Beagles.

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