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Comment Re:Has slashdot been taken over by the poor? (Score 1) 172

I started on Slashdot many years go, back when I was making $100,000 a year and my IQ was 165. Now I make less and have started blogging on Reddit. Junk food and the stress of poverty have reduced me to taking fashion tips from Paula Dean, and cooking from Honey Boo Boo's mom.

By leaving Slashdot, I suppose I've lowered the quality on both websites. Until I make more money, I should probably stay away.

My sincerest apologies
That Guy

Comment Re:I seriously doubt this works... (Score 1) 142

I could think of a number of mechanical means to destroy a chip; a Poseidon vise, cables that you wind until they tighten, perhaps creating the substrate on a chip that has a layered meta-material that expands at different rates when a current is applied, forcing the chip to shatter as it curved.

This is Slashdot, nothing is impossible.

Comment Re:Against TOS (Score 1) 652

Do you think they wanted to create a 10-year backlog on reviewing potential immigrant social media accounts on purpose?

I mean, how many people are they going to hire to speak Yemeni or Syrian or what-not to read thousands of blog posts?

We already have good vetting, but this is deep, deep, penetrating vetting. Like a good relationship.

Sadly, most applicants pets will die of old age before the vetting finishes; "Is this your cat! Where is your cat? Where?!"

Comment Re:Because... (Score 1) 217

Well it does kind of work in a way, every business that has a few jobs to keep in USA will show up at his door; "See, this is for you!"

It will create the impression that his influence is working. The number of jobs be damned.

But 2017 will of course be an economic boom year, and we can thank Trump for that.

2018 however, the economy will tank, and we can blame Obama for that.

Comment Re:GamerGate's discussion about this. (Score 1) 760

I don't get how this is about "the left". Harassment is wrong. But someone may have created their own attacks. What one person does, isn't representative of any group. And 11 links to the same reddit thread -- I thought this was slashdot; "news for Nerds" remember? Besides, It's redundant. I have to say; "I don't give a shit" 11 times.

And as for Progressives and the Left -- I concede the culture wars. Have your pyrrhic victories but brush your teeth before bed because marshmallows cause cavities.

Comment Re:Losing (Score 1) 432

Hoover did implement tariffs and some protections -- but they were too late to steer the economy. It's not an all and or all good thing with tariffs -- it's more like the brakes on your car -- none is bad, too much and you can't go anywhere.

Stock speculations on land derivatives was listed as the main cause. Public works projects and infrastructure projects really helped pull us out. The war did cause lag (no, it did NOT help the economy. blowig up bridges does not trump building them).

Besides, trade was only about 5% of the economy at the time. Tariffs or none wouldn't have made a difference.

Comment Re:Economy 101 (Score 1) 1069

We had the Paris Climate Conference;

Oil, Gas and Coal have substantial infrastructure to support them, and the subsidies for alternative are hit and miss. Regardless, alternative energy is growing.

However, California or the United States being the premiere provider of alternative energy is going to depend a lot on Washington for trade policies and/or subsidies. We lost a great chance to be number one on climate and alternative energies during the Bush administration -- at least Obama didn't get in the way.

Bankrupting Texas' dirty energy and not whining sounds like a good plan.

Comment Re:Feminazis going after thought-criminals (Score 1) 280

Nobody intends to stop "faminazis" from exercising their First Amendment rights. We are just pointing out, their rants are wrong.

It's so big of you to allow them to have the first amendment. I wouldn't -- probably because I've got doubts about my penis.

To back a man up; you are wrong feminazis, WRONG! Someone needs to repeat it while a feminazi is debating or something. Who is a feminazi? Is it merely a woman who is saying something we disagree with -- sure. But picture Rosie O'Donnel. Or some other opinionated lesbian that plays softball.

I'm a man. A man's man. What is that? Picture Chuck Norris, or Donald Rump in a suite. or Nick Offerman when he's in character -- Cool, right?

We shouldn't let the first warning of the Feminazi blitz kreig be the burning of Rush Limbaugh's shorts -- then it would be too late. Let them have 1st amendment rights? As long as they don't take our 2nd amendment rights. Guns deserve freedom. /sarcasm

Comment Re:Feminazis going after thought-criminals (Score 1) 280

Need some context here. Don't know about the college professor, but Donald Rump is a womanizer and serial groper. When someone like that says; "pregnancy is an inconvenience for employers" -- a statement I can actually agree with. There's a lot more subtext.

The "and so we should forget about paid maternal leave" is the subtext. THAT is what people are criticizing him about.

If we waited for the Alt-Right to be honest, we'd have Kellyanne Conway explaining how that flat hand raised at an angle in the air is not a "siege heil meine fuhrer" solute.

In context, I'm not sure where Mussolini would stand on paid maternal leave or if it would change my feelings about him.

Comment Re:GB is doing it, China is doing it (Score 1) 83

Only if ghost cities count as economic growth.
They planned them well and then filled them with many thousands of potential ghosts.

It's all bullshit. Outside of some tech companies that are actual capitalist successes, it's all the world's biggest bubble.
You have to add the restaurants that feed over a billion people -- that's something.

Consumers know what they want and need better than any central planner. Thus is ever was, and thus it shall ever be.
I remember the Pet Rock. I remember Truck Nuts. Oxycontin seems to sell pretty well. Also, people buy software that everyone else uses -- not so much based on quality or trying it out.

I'm not sure if you are promoting Democracy or Capitalism. I do know that China has grown by using the opposite approach of recommendations by people in the US who promote Globalization. They have tariffs, protectionism of industries, public work projects and a command economy. Not that I'm promoting all of that -- just that this "markets are smart" notion is demonstrably nonsense.

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