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Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

But, more importantly, as I said: studies show that children of welfare kids do worse with regards to "not going to jail or themselves ending up on welfare". So, whether you think seeing such a "work ethic" is important, it clearly is empirically worse for the child. As, you know, being less likely to go to jail or end up on welfare seems to be ending the "cycle of squalor", which happens when mothers mother.

I really can't decipher what you're saying. How do studies showing children of welfare kids do worse mean welfare moms shouldn't work? I would intuitively expect, as you assert, that children born to welfare moms would be more likely to continue the cycle. Perhaps getting them working and able to earn something for themselves would encourage them to push themselves and better themselves, rather than believing a fatalistic lie that they can do no better.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

Even if it cost money I don't know many working people who wouldn't fork over another $20 just to make everyone else have to get up in the morning too.

Hi! I work. I have no desire to spend extra dollars on this at all.

Aside from just sounding vindictive, it would be stupidly short-sited. Making single-mothers on welfare work makes it far more likely their kids will go to jail or end up on welfare.

Or perhaps their kids will learn a work ethic and become productive and responsible citizens, instead of continuing the vicious cycle of squalor.

Comment Re:This isn't going to happen... (Score 1) 163

The energy required to fly a plane is far higher than anything that current battery technology can offer, in fact, it's laughable that anybody with half a brain actually believes this is possible today, or in five years' time, unless they have a crystal ball.

You would probably be surprised then to learn that it has already been done. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:About fucking time they came to their senses (Score 1) 240

I honestly don't know what people do with their power adapters to make them fray. I have 3 of them for spares, but I have yet to have a problem with a single one. I'm still using the original power supply I got with my MBP in 2011.

I personally *hate* the switch to USB-C, because having the magsafe jack pop out has saved me on more than one occasion. And yes, I know I can buy replacements like that doohicky griffin puts out, but it really bothers me that I even have to resort to such a measure when they had a fantastic power port design already.

Apple improved the design over the years. I ran through about three of the 2006 design for my MacBook before I started buying aftermarket.

Comment Re:I'm hungry (Score 1) 469

God forbid that someone gets off a freeway and discovers a local establishment while passing through.

Having owned a business along such a commuter route... All I can say is ROTFLMAO. You have no idea what you're talking about.

All those commuters care about is getting the hell out of Dodge and back onto the freeway and getting home. They're not even looking at the local businesses.

I discovered and patronized two businesses based on routing my commute to avoid highways.

Comment Re:Goes conservative on gun control (Score 1) 385

you mean other than food stamps, welfare, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the numerous tax credits.


Be gone, ignorant one.

If those programs actually eliminated poverty, then they could be greatly reduced. While they help keep people maintain themselves, they don't address a lot of the underlying conditions, so poverty is not truly reduced.

Comment Re:You realize that homeopathic treatments are wat (Score 1) 297

If that wasn't the quackery part, then what do they do that you call quackery?

A belief that every disease is caused by spinal misalignment, I would consider quackery. Stretching of muscles and spinal adjustments when someone is presenting with back pain I would not consider quackery.

As an example, I was digging up sod and carrying it around my yard a couple years ago to make a garden, and strained something in my back. After a few days of pain, I went to a doctor (MD), who took x-rays, and recommended resting and seeing a chiropractor. I visited a chiropractor, who did some back cracking and recommended some stretches, nothing weird. After a couple days of this I was doing much better.

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