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Comment Re:Bad idea (Score 1) 671

You have to wonder if the Russians one day will decide they get a better deal turning you over to the Americans what they get by protecting you

Historical trivia: The Russians have done that before. When Hitler came to power in Germany, hundreds of German leftists fled to Russia, assuming they would be safe in a communist country. The Russians turned 600 of them over to Hitler as part of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

You might as well blame Georgia (majority of the leadership at the time) or Ukraine (another of USSR republics, which also was the birth place of Russia) for that. It was Soviet Union at the time, not modern Russia. Yes, the capital was the same as now - Moscow, but the country and its actions were shaped by many other nationalities besides just Russians. For instance, capital of Russia used to be Kiev, which is the capital of Ukraine now, but we can hardly say that Russia and Ukraine are the same.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 4, Informative) 557

Cause it's large Tartar population...

Large compared to what? To population of Tatars in Boston or New York? They are a minority in Crimea.

... and 25% Ukrainian population wouldn't oppose...

Not all ethnic Ukrainians are pro-Ukraine.

...Heck, how many Russians oppose Putin in Russia...

Only the vocal minority in the bigger cities. Most of Russia, which is mostly rural, supports him. Those who like Putin, just go about their lives instead of wasting time campaigning against him.

... Just can get the guy unelected though.

Can't unelect a democratically elected president when most of the country actually likes him.

Comment Re:Crime (Score 1) 599

If Ford knows people are committing crimes, aren't they legally required to report it, otherwise they become an accessory..?

They didn't say anything about "crime". Ford probably knows only your location and speed you were going, i.e. they know if you are speeding and breaking the law. Most likely they put in that system, so that people who get into accidents cannot claim it was Ford's manufacturing defect that caused the accident.

Comment Re:Finally a flat playing ground (Score 1) 293

... Anyway, I'm not aware of states with 10% sales tax - usually it is about half of that, and the highest seems to be 7.5% in CA. To get to 10%, I have to scroll down the list and find the highest state taxes and combine them with the highest local taxes.

In Illinois it is 6.25% which can have an additional 8.25% tax for "prepared foods", bringing total tax to 15.5%. Alaska has flat 12% sales tax for everything.

There is about a dozen states that have sales tax of over 9%. This is just state sales tax without additional city/county specific sales taxes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_the_United_States

Comment Re:How is this a protest? (Score 1) 120

China's Single's Day on November 11, which started out in the 1990s as a protest to Valentine's Day.

Considering the fact that Valentine's day is a Hallmark holiday to get people to buy trinkets, how is setting up another Hallmark holiday to get people to buy even more trinkets a protest?

By protesting in this way they want to draw attention to single people, who feel left out during usual holidays, especially during Valentine's Day. People participating in this so called protest are trying to show that they are an important demographic, who wants to be mentioned during other holidays and during marketing campaigns.

Comment Re:Check the ticket: she was doing 80 (Score 1) 638

The judge will ask the cop how fast you were driving, he'll say 88mph, you'll say 65mph, and the judge will believe what the cop said.

Supposedly cops are trained to gauge your speed using nothing more than their experience, training, and a stopwatch. Cop's testimony is usually the main "evidence". Radar data is secondary supportive evidence. From my experience in traffic courts, cops always have printout from their radar. On top of that, judges often start out their initial question towards you with words that basically mean "why should I believe you instead of this respected police officer?"

Comment Re:Dumber and dumber (Score 2) 233

Presumably every driver has the skills to park because they passed a driving test. Maintaining those skills is a different matter, but that's an issue for all drivers, not just ones who choose to let their car park for them. I'd love the feature, personally.

Some states do not require you to park to get your driver's license. In some places just driving on a dirt road for 5 minutes gets you your license, which later can be changed to another state's license without another test.

Comment Re:The truth is (Score 1) 251

PAY MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had mod points to vote you higher.

It seems like 80-120k is a decent salary range; however, it is not high enough to pull someone from another company who's got a decent job that they like. Part of CEOs' high pay is a "talent retention" bonus, since companies are worried that skilled CEOs will go somewhere else. In IT, on the other hand, very few companies pay "talent retention" bonus, because nobody is worried about IT workers leaving for another company. It all must be due to good market conditions for employers, which is directly opposite of their need for more qualified IT workers.

Comment Re:also force them to give HB1 full benefits at a (Score 1) 251

They usually get the same benefits, if you are talking in terms of 401k and insurance. However, the benefit of being able to say "I quit" to your boss is not quite there, since they have to go home right away if they do it. If they are allowed to have freedom to switch jobs and be unemployed (w/o the unemployment benefits), then they might start applying for jobs with higher pay, thus pulling the average pay rate up for all.

Comment Re:Switzerland does exactly this (Score 1) 251

They've no fixed value like $100k, but must prove they're paying more than the average pay for that job.....

Right now companies just have to prove that they are capable of paying it. They don't have to prove that they intent to pay it. They don't have to prove later in the future that they are paying it. You don't have to be a highly paid lawyer to see ways around this requirement.

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