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Comment Re:DWI arrests spike after Uber/Lyft leave Austin (Score 1) 48

"Although approximately 450,000 people now drive for Uber, there are 210 million licensed drivers in the United States -- and an estimated 4.2 million adults who drive impaired, the study says."

And I love the numbers with no context. Are these 4.2 million people driving drunk daily? Weekly? Monthly? Ever?

You can't simply compare total numbers of drivers or even drunk-drivers versus that of Uber drivers. A single Uber driver can service *many* customers. This is basic logic, which seems to escape some.

Comment Re:Time IS on Apple's Side (Score 1) 107

I actually believe it will work the other way, where popular actors and actresses will preserve and license their likeness, so they can be digitally recreated at any age and for any performance based on past works. You may see instances where actors are created digitally from scratch, but I believe that people will be more interested in seeing human performances in most creative endeavors, except in rare cases as a novelty.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 1) 129

Can't blockchain technology work to validate electronic vote authenticity and integrity? It seems this would be a pretty good application for it here, to ensure electronic voting transactions couldn't be altered. Of course, authentication is the real problem, as we don't yet have an ID systems that allows for good public/private crypto yet. And of course, there are too many forces working against actually making sure voters are properly authenticated as citizens, on both sides, but for different reasons.

So yeah, in the meantime, paper ballots by mail, indelibly marked with ink (not pencil).

Comment Point is that GPS not useful for driving, only nav (Score 1) 124

The point is that that data means nothing when there's construction, or the edge of the road is washed out, or a car (or truck...) is stopped in the road... I would expect self-driving cars to use GPS only for an idea of where they are and what roads to use to reach a destination; for actually driving GPS is utterly useless because anything about a road can change any time, you have to use some kind of sensors to figure out how to drive on the road you are on, not the road as fixed GPS data in a database somewhere imagines it might be.

Comment Re:The RX470 makes me want to try AMD again (Score 4, Informative) 41

The stability issues have been fixed at AMD for years, once the AMD team took over from ATI who were always hit and miss when it came to driver releases. I've been using AMD exclusively since the HD 4850 (currently on the R9 280) and I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a graphics driver issue, now you are more likely to get a bad Windows patch than a bad GPU driver.

One thing I have to give them credit for is when they EOLed their ancient VLIW card line they made one last driver so that if you wanted to run newer versions of Windows, even Windows 10, then you can. I just wish Nvidia would have done the same as I have a ton of hardware at the shop that I couldn't lock in the Win 10 free upgrade for (just in case the customer might want Win 10 later) because there simply wasn't an nvidia driver that would function. But just to see if it worked I decided to lock in the upgrade with my netbook which has the AMD E-350 chip which has the very first gen APU the HD 6310, a really old chip, worked perfectly fine.

So if you want a good GPU at a cheap price I'd say go for it. I'd get one myself but my R9 280 runs all the games I play at 60 FPS+ with all the bling cranked so I don't see a point ATM in upgrading but when it gets to the point that isn't the case? I'll get another AMD GPU.

Comment Re:Insane premise cannot expect an sane response (Score 1) 449

From my standpoint you are far more insane than I am, thinking Trump is hiding anything when he's been conducting public business in years.... ignoring the many, many donations the Clinton foundation failed to reveal until caught.

What's really sad is you truly think you are the sane one, when all you consume and believe are lies fed to you. SMH.

Comment Re:Wasted money (Score 1) 107

For me it's the 20 minutes of commercials, the lack of ushers to kick people out who won't STFU, the insane concession prices, the garrish, loud lobbies, and the high ticket prices.

$50 for a couple to go to a movie? It's the price of a streaming box from China.

For older films, availability is a major issue. It's hard to find anyone who will take your money... but when you do, the prices can be insane. Competitive with 'owning' a DVD which you can loan or trade with your friends, rather than the disposable watch-one-time thing. *if* you can find the content at all, normally it's just not possible.

But I don't want to over-emphasize the price. 20 minutes of commercials on top of showing up early to get a good seat... I'm more sensitive than most to stupid commercials and they make me sick of looking at the screen before the movie even starts.

Comment Re: Sounds Familiar. (Score 3, Interesting) 156

This was known and discussed. But they found microgravity to be a compounding effect of radiation exposure

This just drives home how much of a risk interplanetary flight is right now. And we really don't have great solutions that don't involve great masses of shielding. Artificial magnetosopheres for example are insufficient to deal with GCR.

Comment Re:Time IS on Apple's Side (Score 5, Insightful) 107

Actors are on the way out because of course as computers increase in capability so virtual acting bots become possible and they live forever

I was with you until you took a left turn into sheer fantasy. The most compelling stories are about humans (or analogies), after all, so I have a hard time believing we'll be discarding the human element entirely from story-driven entertainment. After all, even though we can play back musical recordings with perfect fidelity, music-lovers still flock to live entertainment.

Also, paragraphs > giantwallsofindecipherabletext.

Comment Re: M$ is following a well-known path (Score 1) 160

The code is fine, have you used .NET since 1.1? It's arguably one of the best frameworks and language sets (C#/F#) available... certainly heads and tails beyond Java. It's only getting better since their move to open source the whole thing.

I think you misunderstand. I'm not complaining about the quality of Microsoft's code. I'm just stating the reality that Windows as an OS is just a slowly evolving piece of code. There's undoubtedly a lot of original NT code in there, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially in terms of security and stability. Whether MS periodically takes a snapshot of it and calls it Windows "whatever" or just keep upgrading it as Windows 10 service packs really makes no difference from a technical standpoint. It's really more of a marketing decision at that point.

BTW, I actually really like the C# language and the .NET framework (both are extremely well-designed), but I'm talking about the core OS code (which is mostly C/C++) being slowly upgraded. I'm not sure what .NET has to do with anything.

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