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Submission + - Wikipedia implicated in Climategate 2

An anonymous reader writes: A shocking look at the politics of Wikipedia. A new article in the Financial Post explains the role of one Green Party activist, William Connolly, who successfully navigated his way through the Wikipedia hierarchy and used his powers to suppress dissent of any sort, valid or not. Connolly allegedly modified 5,428 Wikipedia articles, and revoked the privileges of over 2,000 users who disagreed with his views.

Submission + - UK Prime Minister's website breaks copyright law (

cabalamat3 writes: "The British Prime Minister's website,, has recently been revamped to run on the popular Wordpress blogging/CMS software. Unfortunately, they've ripped off a Wordpress theme without crediting the author or mentioning the license. Since the theme is licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license, this is a breach of copyright law. Incidently, this is the same British government that wants to cut off the connections of people who breach copyright over the Internet. Full story here."

Submission + - Death of the consummate medical geek

NIckGorton writes: The father of modern heart surgery died this week at age 99. He was integral to the development of pretty much everything in modern cardiovascular surgery: bypass (heart-lung machines that made open heart surgery for the first time possible possible), coronary artery bypass surgery (he did the first one ever), carotid endarterectomey (again he performed the first one ever), the development of Dacron graft blood vessels, and the development of MASH units. He was a consummate geek and there are numerous surgical instruments that bear his name. He was also the first surgeon to videotape surgeries — in the 1960s. He was considered by the NEJM to be the single greatest surgeon alive until two days ago. In his career he performed over 50,000 heart surgeries and practiced medicine (though not surgery) until the day he died. Paradoxically in 2005, he underwent the Debakey procedure which he pioneered, to treat the aortic dissection he suffered.
The Internet

Submission + - How to deal with a non-responsive website host?

dirtysoccer writes: "I have recently taken over as the webmaster for a sports club at my university in England. We have a domain where we host our website, check email, have a gallery, mailing lists, etc. However, due to a mis-communication while the club's new committee started taking over last month, our website hosting company (GNHosting) has locked out our administrator account to our domain. Now we can make no updates, including changing web pages or email accounts, which is obviously a problem. Making matters worse, they use a "trouble ticket" system and have no other contact info available to resolve technical support problems (except email addresses that bounce back saying that trouble tickets must be submitted)... however, for over a month now they have not responded to a single trouble ticket that I have submitted to try to resolve this problem.

A whois query on their domain only returns the owner of the domain (a company which my host company sub-leases from and they are "unable to help" since it is a sub-leased provider). And I have been unable to find any other contact information to try to resolve this.

What else can I do to try to resolve this problem?"

Does Ballmer Need To Go? 568

Pickens notes a TechCrunch analysis wondering — after Windows Vista and the failed Yahoo bid — whether Steve Ballmer's days at Microsoft are numbered. "Ballmer has been the big driver behind [the Yahoo] deal at Microsoft — some would say to the point of obsession. After the disaster that has been Windows Vista, Ballmer may have realized he needed to redeem himself in the eyes of Microsoft's board. And the 'transformative' deal with Yahoo was the way he was going to do it... If Microsoft's board loses patience with him, it might have to ask Bill Gates to temporarily come back as CEO until it finds a replacement. After all, Ballmer has already made a strong and convincing case for why Microsoft needs Yahoo to make its online and advertising strategy work. It's not clear whether Microsoft can achieve its objectives on its own or through other acquisitions. Maybe Ballmer thinks he can still do the deal by making Yahoo's stock price collapse and come back with a hostile offer."

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