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Comment Re:What about EU users (Score 1) 74

Is that some sort of misplaced arrogance, or do you really not understand how easy blocking WhatsApp/Facebook would be if the German authorities wanted to do it?

People write as if the Internet is some huge network that everyone has unlimited access to, but guess what? It's not. You have an ISP, and somewhere up the line they are hooked in to a relatively small number of pipes in and out of any given country, and those pipes are controlled by a major infrastructure provider that isn't going to argue with the national government.

The political fall-out could be a different question, but somewhere like Germany the people are very cautious about excessive surveillance and profiling for obvious historical reasons, so I wouldn't bet on WhatsApp/Facebook winning the PR battle either.

Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 5, Informative) 213

*if* you didn't already use those services.
I found that my kids and I almost never watched broadcast TV, but we used Netflix (and Amazon Prime to a much lesser extent) more than TV. It was so bad that we lost the remote control and no one cared. so I turned it all of, data only. Totally worth it. The only real difference is now when a series I really like hits one of the streaming services I don't get enough sleep because I binge, rather than DVR and watching (roughly) when it was broadcast.

Comment Re:Goal-focused CEO (Score 1) 124

While I can respect your points, I *have* to disagree with you.
What she did was not putting the company's interest first. What she did ensured that there would be a security *and* PR nightmare. Things like this never stay buried, they always come out eventually. That she denied a PWD reset because of being afraid people would leave is inexcusable.

Comment Re:Aha, so here's the problem: (Score 2) 307

Well, YouTube and the record labels did figure this one out a while ago. They have various forms of advertising along with the content when it's served from YouTube, they're all getting some cut from it, and listeners are free to enjoy the music.

It's reasonable to claim that the ripping tools are undermining that, reducing YouTube usage by promoting illegal copyright infringement as an alternative, and that they are doing so on a commercial scale for profit. So the businesses who have the legal rights are suing, and I can't imagine any likely ending for this that doesn't involve an injunction and significant damages being awarded.

Comment Re:How do you know? (Score 1) 277

I don't know about OpenELEC's setup, but...

Your first two points are erroneous.
You can have a readonly filesystem and still store user/pwd and congfigs.
Since we're talking about embedded devices here, the flashrom with the OS is readonly (you can simply tie the WE# pin to Vcc and that flash is not writable *ever*. Config and other variable data can be stored in serial eeprom memory. Now obviously this gets into very constrained options. Assuming a 2048byte eeprom you have very little to work with, but it does allow the filesystem to be RO while allowing updateable configs.


Comment Re:Commercial "education" generally fails (Score -1) 329

Nonsense. Your entire comment is nonsense. Education is just a service and fine best for profit. The problem with the USA system I'd government in student loans - issuing then or backing them, thud removing risk from lending. Government removing risk from interest bearing loans creates a perverse effect of banks dropping lending standards, the same thing that happened with every other bubble created by government money and involvement. Housing, stock, bond bubbles are no different from this student loan bubble. It will burst but before it does the colleges will raise tuition (and they have and they are) all the time much above what a free market would bear.

The reason for the most expensive 'education' today as compared to any time before now is the ocean of money pushed into it through the student loans, by the banks who are guaranteed a return by the taxpayer or the Fed printing (doesn't matter).

There shouldn't be any government money in education, today education can be provided cheaper than ever before in history of the world, do the prices do not reflect the reality. The reason of course is that all the price signals are removed from the system by government manipulation of the money and interest, by the Governemnt violent control.

The actual free market is not allowed UB education and it should be allowed. Government should be removed from it and actually from everything.

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